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Veena Aunty my real fantasy woman-3


I said
“Aunty you and me were in the house, as all the time, I came back from
the school and you were sleeping, you were looking
so hot, you had worn a back less pink sari, you hairs were opened,
spread up completely on your pillow, You didnt worn a
blowz and was only on your red bra. You were laying on your back and
your belly was completely openeds and your boobs were
going up and down as you breath. I watched you for a minute and then I
wake you up, and you say you had a back pain,
And asked me for a massage. I brought the cream and so you lay on
stomach so that I get to massage the back. You had worn a back less
sari again and so it was easy for me to massage.
I applied bit cream and started messaging but your bra clip was
disturbing me and was a main obstacle in the massage, so I
told you to remove these. You smile and unhooked your bra. I started
messaging and I was so horny and happy that could
touch your curves, and stated pushing my hand bit more lower towards
the edge of your ass. As I got down you said, I have
bit more pain downwards so why dont to go even deeper and lower. I got
exited and pushed my hand even further into you. I
almost reached your ass hole. I was so exited to feel it, And so I
started massaging your whole butt area. Then I use my
left hand to massage the upper part of your back and slowly slid it
towards the left edge of your left ribs, where your left
boobs had a starting position. now I have my right hand massaging your
buttocks and my left hand slowly started to massage
the edge of your left boob. Suddenly you turned and got on your back.
You look into my eyes and get up. You stand in front
of me, as soon your unhooked bra get off your boobs and you start
pulling your sari off. You removed all you clothes and
made me see your assests. We kissed and had lot of fun playing with
each others sexual organs. Thats it”

She said “That’t it??” “What happens then, dont you know” I said “No,
what happens then, story is finished”
She was wet and was ready to be fucked. She asked “do u want to know
what happens then?” I said “I would love to, but
if its you who is teaching” She smiled and kissed me on my cheeks and
said she would be so happy to guide me.


Now we both were on her bed, and she tells me to look into her eyes,
Veena’s eyes said all of it, she was just as horny as I.
She asked me to get closer and she got up and sat on me. She said
“Close your eyes” n do I closed it. She slowly came close to me
I could feel her warm breaths, she didnt kiss me as yet, but I was
aware she was just a milicentemetre away from me.
SHe touched her forehead to mine and I could feel her. Veena’s soft
hairs fell on me. Slowly mine heartrate and hers started
increasing. Our breaths were increasing. She put her hairs aside by
one of her hand, so her hairs doesnt get in betwee.

She slowly moved even closer, and licked my lips by her tounge. I felt
like heven and opened my eyes, she put her hands on my eyes and said
“dont open your
eyes until I say so” I closed my eyes. I didnt see what she was doing
but I almost felt her near me. She get even closer by
leaning on my cheast, Her boobs where now firmly placed on my chest
and I was able to feel the softness of her boobs. Her
warm hands cought both my hands, Veena was so close to me, I felt like
I was drowning in her. Her boobs feld warm and I could
now literaly feel her heartbeats which were raisig constantly.

THen she softly kisses me on my lips. She had a lot of talent and it
was all good for me. Veena put her tounge in my mouth and
we kissed so deep that i almost forgot where were we, She was kissing
and sucking my lower lips into hers and I was beyond every
feeling that I had ever got. She licked my ears and neck and it was
the best feeling ever. She then told me to open my
eyes and she got her body from me and got back to her normal position,
sitting on me.
She said “Maza aaya?” I couldnt have any more fun, but this was just a

She took my right hand in her both the hands and asked me “Do you want
to touch your aunts boobs?” and I nod my head and said “yeesss”
SHe took the hand and kissed it and put it on her boobs, from the out
side of her nighty. I pressed it, it was tender and soft
It was so soft and big I just couldnt get my hands off them, she
looked into my eyes and moaned “AAAAH ooo”. I kept caresing her boobs
suddenly she took my hand off her nighty and put it inside her bra.
Ohhhhh I could now touch her boobs, here skin. Her bare boobs were now
in palm of my hands. I pressed them and I put my other hand
inside her right boob without asking her and started caresing them.
Veena was moaning “Ohhh yes, mmmmmmmhhh” and enjoying my
little soft hands pressing and caresing her big soft tits. She had
closed her eyes and was already leaned back. Her both the hands were
behind her supporting her,
and her head was falling back too, her thick hairs were flying on her
back and I could see the real Veena as opened up flower.

She get back to her position and told me to remove my hands, she then
romoved her nighty, leaving her with bra and panty.
She was looking so hot, and while moving her hands through her thick
sexy hairs she
said “DO you want to go ahead?” and she got off me and slept beside
me, adjusted her hairs and told me to get on top of her. I got on top
of her.
veena was had her curves on now, Her big boobs were so attractive, she
also brought some of her hairs on her tits as she know
I like her hairs. She had bit fat in her belly but it only made her
look even more sexier. I removed my tshirt and was on my
shorts and underpants. I slowly fell on her boobs and kissed her lips
and neck. I did exactly what she did to me. Not as
accurately but I tried. I hold both her hands tightly by mine and
kissed her and sucked her lips entirely into mine, she had
closed her eyes and so was enjoying a lot. I burried my face into her
boobs and licked the bare part of her boobs which were
visible from her bra. I try to remove her bra by my teeth but it was
hooked from behind, so I told her to unhook it.
She took her hand and unhook it and I cought her hand again.
Veena without her bra, her boobs were finally opened in front of me,
she was looking a real sex godess. Her boobs were,
round and tender, after opening her bra, her boobs fell loose a bit,
but it was natural as she had huge tits.
Now Veena opened her eyes, she was looking into me, looking into my
head through my eyes.
I licked her neck and slowly and slowly kept moving down. I licked
upper part of her boobs and then
I got down and sucked her boobs and nipples. I licked all the edges
and nipples. Veena was moaning “Ohhhh mmmmhh” I was
listening to it, and looked into her eyes, and she was just so fucking
horny, Veena wanted all, she gave me a noughty
look and I started sucking her nipples again.

Aftersome time, I got off her, leave her hands and fell on bed beside
her. She was looking into my eyes, and she came
closer to me and wishpered “Lets go ahead” I Looked into her eyes and
it was full of lust. She put her hand on my righ cheek
and kissed me. then she got up and pulled me up too. We both were
sitting near each other and then veena puts her
hand onto my underpants. I was so hard. Veena grabbed my tiny dick and
stated jerking it. She also started kissing me
and wispering in my ears, “Do you want to see your aunt naked” “You
would love to put this into you aunt” I was loving it.

She then told me to get on my knees, so did as she said. She slowly
removed my shorts and underpants at the same time,
and here was I, completely naked in front of my own aunt. Veena loved
to see my little hard dick, but surely it was enough
for her, that she had sparkles in her eyes. She said “You have a sweet
dick”. She pushed me and made me lay on my back on
bed, she came close to my chest, licked my nipples and then moved
downwards. Her hairs were spreaded on my chest and stomacj
and everywhere. I cought her hairs in both my hands, and she looked at
me and said “are u ready to be sucked by your aunt”
and then she started sucking my dick, it was red and was going to
burst. She sucked and her mouth was leaking my precum,
she was just sucking it in a manner that, I dont get exausted by
cumming, but she enjoyed at the same time. She moaned while
sucking “Ummmm hhhhmmmm aaaaa”
She did it and I hold her hairs, Some of her hairs fell from my hands
and they sticked to my dick, as it was covered
with veena’s saliva and my precum. She removed those hairs and kept
sucking. She moved her one of her hand and careas my balls and
other hand to cearase my stomach. Moving of her hands on my stomach
and belly was really interesting. I felt so good.
After some time, she stopped and came to my face and kissed me with
all that sticki saliva in her mouth, she kept kissing
until she passes some of it in my mouth. We both swallowed it.

She then got off the bed, and said “Now see, your aunt is going naked
in front of you”. She called me towards her, and took
my hand and slid it into her panty. She had some hairs down there, but
oh man she was drippinng and leaking a lot of
her juiced down there. I rubbed my fingers at her clit and removed it,
it was filled and covered with her liquid. She
looked at it and removed her panty.
Oh hhhh wow, Veena was nacked now, my own aunt was naked in front of
me. She was wearing nothing. Her hairs were open, some of hairs were
wet by sweat or my precum, her boobs we shining as I had licked her,
her curves were purely visible now, and her pussy had
little hairs on them and it was dripping lot of her juices. She was
the lady of my dream and a respectful woman of a respectful
family. She had lost all of it and was standing naked in front of her
own nephew. Veena took my hand and licked it, and
put back into her pussy and told me to rub it. Her pussy was so warm
and soft I loved rubbing her down there. She was
standig and started moaning “AAAAHHHH uuuummmm OOOOOhhh, keep doing
it” and she stated falling backward, I saw this and supported her by
holding her waist. She was out of control and so, she decided to get
on bed.

She got back on bed, fell on her back and spread her legs, she folded
her knees, raised her head a bit and told me to play with her pussy.
I got between her legs, put my hands on her knee and thighs and got
close to her pussy. She was smelling strong.
veena pussy was wet for more than 5 days now, and it was dripping. I
rubbed her stiff thighs and caresed it,
I licked her inner part of thighs and bit her very sofly, she moaned
“OOH yeh”. Then I slowly moved towards
her pussy by licking and kissing and biting on the way. Soon as
reached her pussy I kissed her pussy lips slowly and
then started licking it, exactly as she had directed. She held my head
tightly by her hand and her left hand was pressing her boobs.
She started feeling it and laid her head back on bed in a very relaxed
SHe found my hand on her knees and took my hand
and kept it on her boob and made me press it. Now I was presing and
caresing her boobs and her thighs.
I was licking and sucking her pussy and she started moaning “Ohhhh,
ammmm ,mmmm
aauuuuu Omg” She was breathless, and I could feel her heart beats
rising. Her face was getting red and she was completely
out of mind. She started moaning lowder “AAAAAHHHHHH UUUUMMMMM
OOOOHHHHHH” and I knew I was doing the right thing. I didnt
increase the speed of my sucking her but it totaly worked in my
favour, she moaned and moaned “AAAAHHH OOOHHH FUCK hhhhhee”

Veena had a perfect time with me, as after some time she told me to
stop and come up to her and kiss her. I kissed her and
she sucked all her juices from my mouth to hers and said “THanks” I am
sure she didnt got to orgasm and but she
certainly did enjoyed it. Veena was now ready to take a cock of her

Veena told me to get on top of her (mercenary), She called me close,
hold my head and explained me to put my dick into
her pussy. Veena hold my head, and looked in my eyes, She was looking
like a real angel now, she had that spark in her eyes
and her boobs were so big, round and tender. I put my one hand on her
boob, & pressed it, other was supporting me on her.
She let go my head and put one hand on her boobs and other to hold my
dick and direct it into her pussy. Now she was ready
and we were looking into each other’s eyes and she signaled me to go
I slowly put my hard dick inside her, and I could see the change it
caused in Veena’s eyes. SHe didnt blink but her
joy and bit pain was visible in her eyes, she moaned slowly “aaaaahhhh
mmm”. She didnt look anywhere, we both were looking
into each other. veena and I were now one body. I could feel the
warmth of her pussy and she could feel the warmth of my dick. Yes we
were Aunt and
Nephew but we enjoyed it. I pulled it out and pushed again, even
deeper this time. Veena’s eyes were telling all the
stories, She moaned and “UUUMmmmmmm aaaa uuuuuhhhh”. I repeated this
again and again and kept pressing her boobs, and she
looked into each other’s eyes and I kissed her
deep, licked her lips and sucked her tounge, till I fucked. Soon as I
ready to cum, I pushed one last strock into her, and I cummed, not
much but I did cummed.

I took my both hands and layed on her naked body, I held her face and
hairs and kissed her so so deep. after kissing and licking
each others lips I got off her, and fell beside her. Veena was still
looking at me and said “Did you enjoy fucking your
own aunt?” I said “a lot” We both smiled and had a shower together and

I had sex with Veena which was unforgeteble and beyond anything.
If I get time I would write what happend next…