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Watching mother fuck

Hi, I am Ajay Patel. I am 21 and this story happened two years back. My family was poor and dad was always working very hard but we just managed to pay the bills and rent on the house.
My dad was 46 and my mother was 38. She was very fair was large breasts, 36c. Her legs were very light in color and so smooth. But their shape was amazing, they were not fat but just large enough to be so shapely. The story began when my dad was out on business.

It was my cousins engagement party. But I had exams on so I was working. It was my mothers sisters daughter who was getting married. My mother had gone alone. To drop her back home from the engagement, my mother’s sister husband (my aunty’s husband) dropped her back in his car.
During this time we were very tight for cash and the house was very close to be taken away. Our close family knew this. Well my mother reached home and aunty’s husband Vikesh also entered. They both thought I was not at home but at college. Really I was in my room working. I peeped from my room and saw that my mother had gone into her room to get changed when Vikesh came in. He presented her with an envelope of money. My mother was grateful to him for helping us out.
But then he said “what can u give me in return?” He then touched my mothers breast. My mother was furious she shouted at him. He then took the money back and was about to go. then my mother begged at his feet to give the money. He said only if u let me do what I want. My mother cried “yeah but we need the money”.
Then vikesh laid my mother on a bed. My mother was dressed in a nice red saree for the engagement party. He said just be my dulhan for an hour. My mother was silent. He lifted her saree to knee level and I saw those lovely legs and I got a hard on. He then started undoing her blouse hooks and took it off to reveal the breasts. Vikesh was 53 and there was lust in him. My mother covered her breasts with her hands but he just pushed them aside…and started sucking and biting into them. After 10 mins of this…he pulled the rest of her saree off til she just had her black knickers on and he ripped them off. My mothers thighs closed and her legs. This was her last chance, her dignity being protected. But Vikesh pulled them open to reveal her virgina…his prize…the honey between her legs. He undid his trousers and quickly pushed his penis inside her.
My mother had her eyes closed and wanted to get the humiliation over with. He pushed harder and harder, he was moaning and moaning….while my mother just kept quiet…her shiny smooth legs open wrapped around his waist. His thighs pushed deeper and deeper. She was closing her eyes. As he reached the his high of pleasure my mother couldn’t take it any longer and she let out a silent groan ” gaaaaaa” was all she said. She had reached orgasmic point. He just smiled. At the end my mother looked away. He rested by her and said that her husband was lucky, he said that she had given him pure pleasure. My mother asked how he could cheat on her sister. He said that he was desperate for her. But no one should find out. My mother had seed all over her virgina and her juices were everywhere. He then pushed his head between her legs and licked her out and sucked her out for another hour. My mother was being used for sex because she needed the money…she had sold herself for sex.
He used her properly and took full advantage. He then asked for oral sex…my mother was totally tired now and said ” but I don’t even do that with my husband” But she had no power and he persuaded her that this will be the last act. He slid his penis in her mouth and she sucked till he ejaculated. My mother then just lay on the bed. The red saree underneath her..and her naked, with red marks over her body around her breasts and virgina. Her clitoris was swollen and she just lay there. He put his clothes on and left the money and went off.
Afterwards my mother limped a little for 2-3 days then recovered and no one knows about this to this day. I have masturbated over this for so long. And as a result I am very aroused by my mother.