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Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff – Part I

The chain of events that I’ll be narrating here in parts are absolutely correct, except with the change of names. Not only the events are true and real, but also there is an extra bit of eroticism attached to it as these events in involve the most Taboo of all sexual activities……INCEST…..The Brother-Sister Incest. Yes it is a fact that I have been involved in debauchery/sexual intercourse with my REAL YOUNGER SISTER.

Not only did I have sex with my sister literally hundreds of times, but also on many occasions we invited a third (an in some cases even a fourth) person to join us. We were involved in both types of threesome (me, my sister and a GIRL; as well as me, my sister and a BOY).

However here in the first part of the story, I’ll confine myself only to the very first incident which ushered us into the forbidden land of Brother-Sister Sex. The events which made me look at my sister in a way a young boy looks at a sexy bitch. The events which told me that my sister was not a decent, sweet, sober and respectable girl whose conscience tells her to keep her pure and safe for her husband, rather she was someone who cann’t ignore the desires of her pussy.

It was year 1999. I was 18 years old then and my younger sister was only 14 years old by then. Our family comprises of 5 person in total; my father, my mom, myself, my younger sister and a brother (youngest). My father is an Army Officer. And he had inherited quite a wealth from his father that’s why we were enjoying quite a luxurious life. In 1998 he was transferred to General Head Quarters Rawalpindi. But within a year he was promoted as Brigadier and was transferred to a lesser developed city of Sindh.
Rawalpindi, being a big city had all the luxuries of life. For my fellows outside Pakistan who are reading this story let me tell you that Rawalpindi is also adjacent to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. And adjacent really mean adjacent. There is merely a Ring Road separating the two cities. So the two cities have the modern look, the color, the attraction in those. It had branches of almost all the famous brands of world, be it sports wear, food, garments etc. Also the two cities have very good, prestigious schools.
So when my father came to GHQ Rawalpindi, he got me and my sister admitted in well reputed institutions. He was expecting his promotion as Brigadier but was not expecting his posting outside GHQ. So when he was ordered to take command of a brigade in Sindh, he decided that me and my sister would remain in Rawalpindi, and he alongwith my mom and younger brother would move to Sindh. As I have told earlier that we are rich enough so he got a small flat on rent and managed a young Pathan pair of Brother and Sister as servants.
They were 15 and 14 years old respectively. So life was easy for us. So we started living in that flat without any elder to look out for our activities but our parents trusted us as we never compromised on our educational standards.

However I realized that soon after our parents had left for Sindh, my sister who was just growing up at that time (14 years old) had started wearing clothes that my parents would not allow had they been there.
She started wearing very tight fitting jeans, trousers and despite the fact that she had little breasts at that time, she started wearing body hugging shirts. These shirts were so tight that whatever little breasts she had developed by then, her boobs were exaggerated in it. However, I being a young, open minded fellow had no problem with it at all. Our circle of friends were all modern and open minded so it was not a big deal for me. I still took it as a “Fashion Sense” of a growing girl who just wanted to look modern. However once I felt little embarrassed when she came to the tutor in a similar dress. This time her shirt was plane yellow. As she had little breasts so she had not started wearing Bra, but the printed designs/textures of the shits hide many a things, But that day, as the shirt was plane, her nipples became way too prominent through her shirt. It didn’t show anything but the tiny tents on her shirt were too visible and I noticed that the tutor (being a young boy who had just done his masters) was constantly looking at my sexy young sister’s breasts and nipples. However I still thought it was innocent on her part. Although we were very frank and friendly siblings, yet being an eastern brother it was not easy for me to talk to her on the subject and tell her, “Little sister, your shirt makes your breasts too prominent and as you don’t wear bra, your nipples are also visible so please stop wearing such stuff, or go with a bra”. I thought that in a year when she’ll gain more flesh and fats in her breasts, she’ll realize that she’ll have to hide her breasts from the ogling eyes. However my perspective towards my little innocent sister changed one fateful day. She was having summer vacations (2 months off from her school). One day I was using my PC and I had to go to “Temporary Internet Files” to search for a webpage. (remember it was 1999 by then and we were having Windows 98 with few security features). Me and my sister were using the same login and we didn’t know much about computers at that time. While rummaging through different pages I opened a Hotmail page. It was a mail that Saba, best friend of my sister, had sent to her. I suddenly got curious for nothing. Except that I had hots for Saba. She was a year older than my sister but had development of a 20 years old girl. The statement may seem exaggerated but believe me guys she had HUGE breasts. 34 I would say. 34-B Breasts on a 15 years old girl seems too hot to handle.
Anyway back to that email. It was one of the sexiest email that I can imagine from a young 15 years old girl for her best buddy who is just 14 years old. As the mail was reply to my sister’s mail so I could rea both, my sister’s mail and Saba ‘s reply. From the contents of the mail it was quite clear that Saba had lust for my sister, lesbian lust and she had been seducing my sister for some time now. I came to know that Saba had touched my sisters Breasts and Gaand many a times on the pretext of a joke, and I also came to know that my sister didn’t mind it at all. However my sister had not yet surrendered to her lusty advances. So does it mean that my sister was a nice girl??? …….I wish I could say it. But it was not so. My sister had little interest in lesbianism, but even at the age of 14 she lusted for boys. My sister, named Nadia, told Saba in that mail, “Yar saba tum ne to mujhe bohat hi hot ker diya hy, mein to ab agar 3 din tak fingering na karon to ajeeb
si frustration hone lagti hy” (Dear you have made me so hot that now I’m in a state where if I don’t finger fuck myself, I feel strange frustration) and then she went on to tell her very mischievously, “Yar, mene to fingering karte waqt kisi bhi larkay ko naheen chora, Bhai k dost, street k sab cool boys aur mere tutor bhi J ” (Dear while fingering I have not left any boy who fucks me in my imagination, my bro’s friends, all the cool guys of our street and even my tutor too J ) I was stunned, My sister Nadia, who was just 14 years old girl was fingering her pussy thinking about the boys in the neighborhood, my friends and thinking about even her tutor too. My goodness what a bitchy slut she was at the age of 14. But interestingly, I was more aroused while reading it, that I was shocked, and if you talk about anger???? Well let me admit it was not there at all. I was not angry at my bitchy sister, rather I was enjoying it. I had a stiff dick in my trouser. Now I knew that my sister’s choice of dress was not innocent, rather it was on purpose. Nadia was trying to seduce her tutor to fuck her PHUDDI. I looked at the sent date of the mail. It was about couple of weeks ago. I knew that my sister would have surely contacted Saba in the meanwhile. So I frantically searched for other mails. And soon I got one It was just a day ago and it was even hotter. It was again reply to my sister’s mail. So I first read my sister’s mail and then it’s reply by Saba. In this mail, my sister had written, “Saba, mere teacher ab mujh me interest to lena start ho gaye hain, lekin problem yeh hy k meri breasts itni choti hain k shayad iss mein un k liye koi charm hi naheen, ya phir unko mein choti si bachi hi lagti hon. Agar meri breasts bhi tumhari tarha bari hoti to main unko bohat kuch dikha deti ” (Saba, my teacher has started taking interest in me, but the problem is that I have little breasts. He has either no interest in smaller breasts or looking at my breast size, he thinks I’m still a little girl. Had I got bigger breasts like YOU I would have shown him A LOT) And then my sister went on to write, “Tutor bhi budhu hy, usko itna naheen pata k zara si mehnat kare to yeh problem solve ho sakta hy. 2 weeks regularly ager meri breasts choose aur pakre to breasts ka size definitely increase ho jae ga” (My tutor is a goof. He doesn’t know that with little effort this problem (of smaller breasts) can be solved. If he works on my breasts for just 2 weeks by sucking on these and playing with these, surely my boob’s size will increase”. And in the end she typed, “Yaar tumhain hi shooq tha mujh ko nangi karne ka aur mere jism k sath khelne ka, to phir aao, kuch karte hain because mein to bohat zyada hot aur frustrated ho rahi ho, koi program banao. Tum bohat gandi bachi ho ” (Dear you were interesting in making me nude and play with my naked body, so come on, come to my place, We’ll do something because I’m way too hot and frustrated by now. Make some program. You are BAD GIRL )