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Watching my sister doing lesbian stuff part II

Saba’s reply to this mail was also hot but the most important thing was last part of her reply. As I have already told you that she lusted for my sister. So knowing that my sister had surrendered to her sexual advances, she was jumping with joy.


She told that she was in Lahore, and just in couple of days she would come back to Rawalpindi and then she’ll come to our flat. My heart raced. I could envisage a very HOT live sex treat for me. Although my own sister was to be part of it,
but I comforted myself by thinking that I’ll only see the rusty busy naked body of Saba. But how could I forget that there will also be my sister, Nangi and sexy and at some corner of my mind, I knew that there is every possibility that I may not only love watching Saba
fucking my sister with her finger but I may also start lusting for my own real sister. But I was ready to take every chance. Afterall my sister was also HOT as hell. She was only bit younger and had little breasts, but soon when she’ll be grown up girl,
I knew my sister will definitely raise thousands of DICKS with the single jiggle of her GAAND or a single bounce of her BOOBS. You guys are HARD just reading it?? Have pity on me, I was living with that hot girl.

Anyway, back to the story. I knew a hot sexual treat was about to unveil so I had made arran Saba ents for it. My room had two doors, one opened in the TV Lounge, while the other door was common between my and Nadia’s room.
Same goes for my sister’s room. So in the door that was common between me and my sister, I managed 4,5 tiny holes to accommodate a full view of the room. I was ready and was waiting for the time to come.
The very next day, Nadia told me that Saba was coming to the place and she wanted some snacks for her. I brought those with pleasure I’ll skip the unnecessary details to go directly to the point when they went into the room and locked it.
Both were looking stunning and sexy. My sister had again worn the same sexy shirt which she once wore infront of her tutor and Saba was in more modest dress. She was wearing Shalwar Qameez, But her dress was stitched a bit too much at all the RIGHT places.
Her thighs, her hips, her waist and her boobs, all were prominent and sexy. Normally I don’t lust for girls as young as they were, but they were Hot Bitches. My sister Nadia, was bit shy and flushed (thinking about the time to come) and Saba was bold and seductive.
They were so hot that as soon as the servant left the room after bringing the snacks and cold drinks they put those things on table, and locked the room and hugged each other. My sister was bit shy so she was just hugging Saba,
but Saba’s hands were all across my sister’s body (her back) She rubbed her hand all over her body and then her hand went down to my sister’s GAAND. She placed her full hand on her GAAND from her jeans and squeezed it.
And my sister, whose innocence was losing, made such a cute and innocent move that nearly killed me. She pushed her face in Saba ‘s neck and hair in order to hide herself But didn’t object to it at all and was enjoying it. It was only the start of it and my LUN was hard as rock.
I had also locked my room and had stripped out of my clothes. I was playing with my LUN watching the scene infront of me. Then still during hugging Saba asked my sister to unhook her jeans, which Nadia did with shy moves.
Once the jeans was unhook, they again hugged each other, without first putting off her jeans. The movement of Saba’s hands on my sister’s body was the same, except that this time when her hand went towards her GAAND,
Saba pushed her hands in my sister’s Jeans. My sister accommodated her hand by wiggling her body. Saba ‘s hand went in my sister’s jeans fully. Man it was too hot. You guys may call me a jerk, a pervert but it was really a very sexy sight,
My 14 years old real sister was enjoying a girl’s hand on her GAAND. As the jeans were pushed down a bit, I noticed that my sister was wearing a baby pink underwear and her sexy GAAND was looking very firm in it. It seemed to be bit smaller than her GAAND.
Then Saba tried to put her hand on my sister’s GAAND from inside her underwear but this time Nadia became bold and released herself and Saba from the hug and with a big smile asked Saba to first show her body first before proceeding to make my sister naked
and play with her GAAND. Saba smiled back and took my sister’s hand in her own hand and placed it directly on her stomach and asked her to move it either up (towards Saba’s rusty busty BOOBS) or move it down (towards Saba’s wanting and waiting PHUDDI).
My sister wanted to take it slow so she rested her hand there and first started kissing Saba on her face, and then on her lips. It was a hot scene. Two underage girls, one 14 and other 15 were kissing each other. My sister then started moving her hand onto Saba ‘s big Boobs.
Saba was bolder of the two so she didn’t shy even to the least and welcomed the first touch of my Sister’s hand on her BOOBS with a soft moan and more forceful kiss on my sister’s lips. I was watching with more interest as it was not my sister’s BOOBS
which were being fondled rather the busty Saba ‘s boobs which had always aroused me a lot. My sister kept on changing from one breast to the other and then put her hand in Saba ‘s shirt. It’s when Saba asked my sister to get naked. AGAIN a problem for me.
Although I was loving the scene infront of me yet she was my sister. Which brother likes to see his own younger sister NANGI?? But my sister was not being NANGI to take shower, she was already having sex so I put all MORALITY issues behind and watched with interest as Saba
removed my sister’s shirt. Nadia’s back was towards me so I could not see her breasts immediately. But the glow in Saba ‘s eyes was quite visible. There was some treat for her. After playing with my sister’s breasts for few moments she removed my sister’s Jeans too.
Although Naida was not wearing a Bra, but she was wearing an underwear. My goodness. I could not imagine that a girl of 14 years of age could look so sexy, so ripe and so bitchy. Her GAAND was quite of a good size and I could well foresee that the crack of my sister’s GAAND
was quite deep. I though what a lucky chap he’ll be who’ll fuck my sister in her GAAND for the first time. Her flesh was glowing coz of her white complexion. Then Saba, who was sitting on bed, asked my sister, who was standing facing saba, to turn so that Saba
could play with my sister’s GAAND. It was the moment. Nadia turned around and I was treated with a pair of most innocent breasts on the most sluttary and bitchy girl. Her boobs were small, with relatively big areola and large nipples.
Surely Saba ‘s mouthing of my sister’s nipples had made them hard and long. As Saba started putting her face in the crack of Nadia’s GAAND, there was a look of satisfaction on my sister’s face.

It’s when Saba started removing my sister’s underwear. My dick was bursting, almost. As the underwear was removed I was blessed with a delightful sight. The pure and natural look of a young 14 year old girl’s PHUDDI, which was covered by a reasonably thick layer of hair.
It’s when I could not control and my LUN started releasing jets after jets of hot sperm on the door. It was orgasm of immense force and even more immense pleasure. I admit it’s bizarre, it’s taboo and it’s dirty that a brother got orgasm while watching his own real sister’s naked body.
But the fact is fact. I thought that after having released tension of my LUN, I would start having angry/bad feelings for my sister. But astonishingly I didn’t lose any bit on interest in watching the scene.
Then my sister asked Saba to DO IT. Nadia suggested, “Yar let’s first finish our first ORGASM coz I’m too much frustrated and hungry for a finger, either my own or yours but I want an orgasm right now. Forget about the romantic lovely sex advances.
First bring each other to orgasm and then we’ll have romance for the next orgasm.” Saba approved the idea and then she also got naked. It was fun watching her undress as she was a buxom girl even at the age of 15. She had really big breasts considering her age.
And as her shirt lost touch with her breasts, her boobs bounced a bit and my dick started becoming erect again. Saba kept on removing her dress unaware of the watching eyes. My sister too was watching Saba with lot more interest and sex desire.
Soon Saba was totally NANGI. She had opted for a more clean look. She was clean down there. Seemed like she had removed all of her Pussy hair just hours ago. My sister instantaneously put her full face in Saba ‘s Pussy and inhaled the smell of her pussy.
It surely was nice coz she spent good amount of time on Saba ‘s PHUDDI. Saba then asked my sister to lay on bed in a relaxing mode as the REAL time had come. My sister, totally NANGI and sexy, lay down on bed, and exposed her totally naked body to Saba (and to me too).

I watched as my sister closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Saba started off by making love to her legs. Sister enjoying the soft touch being applied to her legs. Saba ‘s hands moved slowly upward, caressing and rubbing the silky white skin of my 14 yearls old sister’s legs.
Nadia’s breathing grew deeper, and a soft moan came from deep within her throat. Saba smiled, as she knew Nadia was completely a puppet in her hands now. She had taken time in seducing my sister and it was the reward day for Saba.
As the contents of her mail revealed For five months now they had been flirting with each other without going this far, and without being way too serious. Howerver credit goes to Saba who saw the Bitch in my innocent looking sister.
Saba became more daring, rubbing higher and higher. Her fingers were now rubbing my sister’s inner thighs only inches from her hairy PHUDDI. She looked at the treasure that presented itself to her and stopped for a while. Probably wanting my sister to demand for more.
My bitch sister didn’t disappoint Saba. “Higher Saba, please, move your hand hight. I want this touch…” murmured my sister. Her soft plea caught Saba off guard. She momentarily stopped what she was doing and looked at my sister who had lifted her head and looking down at Saba.
Saba smiled softly up at My sister as their eyes met. My sister’s hand moved down to touch Saba ’s cheek and pulled her closer to her excited pussy. My goodness folks, just imagine it, a 14 years old naked girl was forcing her friend’s face towards her PHUDDI
so that her friend could satisfy her. It was way too hot. Saba ’s tongue lapped happily at my sister’s clit. My sister’s hands ran through Saba ’s short hair, every now and again pulling her tighter into her wetness. Saba greedily sucked and licked at My sister’s pussy,
the sounds of wetness echoing in her ears. My sister’s body quivered and shook as the first orgasm hit her. She held Saba ’s face between her legs with her hands with her legs tightly pressed on either side of them.
She rocked back and forth, letting each wave flow through her, coating Saba ’s lips and chin in her cum. It was the first cuming of my sister infront of my eyes. However it was not her first. I knew from her mails that at the age when almost every girl play with dolls,
she would play with her pussy. My sister started fingering her pussy when she was only 12 yearls old. Again strange but true. As the orgasm passed, my sister released Saba ’s head and pulled her up on top of her.
My sister’s lips hungrily devoured Saba’s, tasting her own sweetness on Saba ’s smiling face. “Would not you return the favor to me, atleast I’m clean shaved unlike you…” said Saba. My sister readily accepted.
Saba had been long waiting for this moment to arrive, and not wishing to waste another single minute. She straddled My sister’s face, leaning forward over the edge of the couch. My sister licked Saba ’s pussy, tasting the juices that flowed freely from it.
Her hands moved over Saba ’s bottom, pulling her closer to her face. Saba ’s soft moans bounced around the room. My sister, in order to make her friend more happy, darted her tongue deep into Saba ’s Phuddi, and tasted the first full climax erupt against her face.
Saba collapsed on top of My sister, her legs wobbly from the sensation she had been given. Her lips found one of My sister’s nipples, and she lovingly flicked it with her tongue. My sister’s hands reached between Saba’s legs, and slightly touched her swollen clit,
sending Saba into another frenzied orgasm. She pushed wildly against My sister’s fingers, her second orgasm as intense as the first. Saba ’s head rolled back and then forward, her tongue licking My sister’s nipples savagely.
They both stopped for a few moments, letting Saba recover and come up for air. He breathing had grown shallow and deep. Sweat poured out of her, and she could barely speak. “Oh my god Nadia, Mujhe naheen pata tha k agar fingers kisi aur ki hoon to kitna maza aata hy”
she said in between breaths. My sister was in mood again. She was super hot. She asked Saba to spread her legs. Saba did so, her legs spread, one over the back of the couch, the other dangling over the edge.
My sister lightly spread Saba’s legs a little further, and gently blew on Saba’s pussy, making Saba raise her bottom to her. Oh god, the 14 year old bitch was experienced to the maximum. She knew everything Kamasutra told.
She would have surely seen plenty of XXX movies even at that very tender age. My sister stood up and looked seductively at Saba, who was so easily excited that she would do anything My sister would ask of her. My sister sat closer to her now, her own legs spread,
intertwining with Saba ’s. She rested her own pussy against Saba ’s, their juices mixing with each other’s. Saba instantly bucked against My sister, feeling not only the fire in her own pussy, but that of My sister’s also.
My sister responded in kind, and moved up and down, grinding into Saba. The two girls moved rapidly against each other, their pussies slick with wetness smacked happily together. My sister reached her second climax just as Saba was experiencing her third.
Both girls pulled each other’s legs, bringing the two of them closer and tighter against each other. They both moaned loudly as the passion took hold of their bodies. They lay in this position for some time, their pussies wet and sticky against eachother’s,
not wanting to stop the feeling of joy they both had just experienced. My sister reached for Saba ’s hands, and laced her fingers with her own. Both girls continued their sexual exploration for some more time, inserting a finger each in each other’s PHUDDI.