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Watching My Wife with her Stepfather

My wife was excited when her mother and stepfather invited her and I to spend two nights in Mumbai with them. They had just opened up a new semi-legal betting company. Sakshi just turned 25 in November and although I’m 28 I’ve never been to a betting den. I was glad that they extended the invitation to me as well. Sakshi and I have been going out together for over two years and plan on living together when she finishes her MBA. I’ve always gotten along well with Bob (her stepfather) and Minakshi Ji (her mom). I especially liked Minakshi Ji because like Sakshi she was beautiful and playful and had a great sense of humor. Dinesh ji was cool too and he had some money (not rich, but comfortable) and Sakshi and her mom were afforded luxuries they never knew before their relationship started 3 years ago. Dinesh ji and Minakshi Ji were married this past summer in a simple ceremony, it’s both of theirs second marriages.

Anyway, Sakshi and I were excited to be going but we would all be sharing a room. It was a large room with two queen-sized beds but nonetheless the idea of a good fuck before bedtime seemed out of the question. Sakshi had just returned from school that previous Friday and we had great sex for hours. We usually couldn’t keep our hands off each other but now that I graduated and she was still in school the separation time just made us hornier for each other. I loved Sakshi because although she had little experience before we met (one lover) and neither did I (two lovers) we explored many new things together. Some we liked, some we tried and chalked off do experience and never tried again.


Sakshi says she loves my body and I make her hot. I’m 6’2″ and 90 kg and in very good shape. I was the third string QB at college when we met. Sakshi always says my tight buns and my 7″ cock are perfect and since we mutually decided to shave off our pubic hairs, we enjoy oral sex as often as possible. Most of you probably don’t care about me though.

Sakshi is an angel. She has an innocent face which makes her behavior in the bedroom that must sexier. She has big, brown eyes, a cute nose and beautiful lips. She’s 5’7″ and weighs about 120 lbs. Her tits are awesome too. While they’re not the biggest at 34B they are well shaped and she has long, responsive nipples circled by pretty, pink areola that get puffy and swollen when you play with them. Her ass is tight and nicely rounded and she has a smooth shaven tight little pussy that milks my cock every time we fuck.

The first day there we were excited and wanted to see so much so we ran around with Dinesh ji and Minakshi Ji and her mom played slots with us later in the evening when Dinesh ji went to play the tables. We were both excited to be there but we were also feeling a little horny. We always held hands and touched each other and I noticed Minakshi Ji looking at us and smiling a few times and she mentioned once that we made a sexy couple. I thought that was an odd thing to say but we nodded and accepted the compliment.

Sakshi looks a lot like her mom as far as her facial features. Minakshi Ji dyes her hair blonde and she’s a couple of inches shorter then Sakshi but what she lacks in height she makes up for with an ample set of boobs. I’d noticed them the first day Sakshi brought me home and just about every time since. Plus as I said earlier, she has a great personality and to me that makes her even sexier.

So we ended up back in the room around 2 AM and I know I was horny as hell. Dinesh ji and Minakshi Ji slept on the bed closest to the door and Sakshi and I were five feet away in the other bed. I guess they trusted us since they were only a few feet away. It wasn’t like we were going to fuck or anything. I was however spooning up close behind Sakshi and I knew she could feel my cock pressed against her tight ass through my sweatpants and her pajama bottoms. We all fell asleep soon after we shut the TV around 3 AM.

I heard whispering and it woke me up. The room was still dark and the clock on the table between us indicated it was only 5:45 AM. It took me a few seconds to make out what they were whispering and when I did I was totally shocked.

“Their sleeping hon. just let me have a little taste.” It was Minakshi Ji and I heard Dinesh ji quietly tell her she was crazy and that we were right next to them. My eyes were open and I was staring into the blackness towards their bed. I didn’t dare move because I was not only afraid of them hearing me but also of Sakshi waking up or tossing and turning. I was curious to see if Minakshi Ji had that much balls on her to have sex right next to us.

“Just keep an eye over there and I’ll be back in a jiffy.” I could sense movement and I assumed Minakshi Ji was moving under the covers. My eyes were adjusting enough to see the outline of only one head above the covers.

Then I heard it. The wet sound followed by a deep “Mmmm” from Dinesh ji. Holy shit! Minakshi Ji was actually sucking her husband’s dick right next to Sakshi and I. My cock got so hard so quick that it ached and it was killing me not to be able to grab a hold of it. So I listened to the quiet sucking sounds, Dinesh ji occasionally gasped a bit and as my eyes adjusted further I could see that Minakshi Ji was definitely under the covers. Then I heard her moaning, it was all very quiet but in the otherwise silence of the room I could hear everything. Then there was more movement and Minakshi Ji’s head popped up from under the covers. “Your cum tastes so good in the morning.” I swear I was about to shoot off without even touching myself.

Then BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ, shot a hole in the quiet. It was 6 AM and I guess we never turned the alarm clock off from yesterday morning. Dinesh ji shut it quickly but Sakshi jumped up with a start and in a flash the light on the bedside table was on and the moment was broken. At least Dinesh ji got to cum, the lucky bastard. We all managed to shut the lights and return to sleep. Sakshi, who woke us all up completely when she turned on the light was soon breathing deeply. After sitting there for ten or fifteen minutes I heard Minakshi Ji tell Dinesh ji he was going to have to give her a good fucking. For a minute I thought they were going to fuck right then and whatever hardness I had lost returned and my cock was pounding away again in my sweatpants. I could feel a case of blue balls coming on.

“Today at high noon mister.” I heard Minakshi Ji whisper.

“What about the kids?” Dinesh ji asked her, he wasn’t as good at whispering as Minakshi Ji was.

“I’ll take care of them, don’t you worry. Now rest this cock. I have big plans.” They both giggled quietly and then I was woken by our 8 AM wake-up call.

Minakshi Ji was already awake and after she hung up the phone with the automated wake-up, she called to room service for a pot of coffee. The sun was coming into the room now and Minakshi Ji looked so good standing there in her pajama bottoms and a green t-shirt. I don’t remember ever seeing her braless and her tits hung down and moved around a bit, that along with the fact that her thick nipples were poking out was enough to make her look damn sexy! Sakshi elbowed me when she realized I was checking out her mom’s tits.

We all took turns showering and when Dinesh ji was in the shower and Minakshi Ji was doing her hair I told Sakshi what I heard and how out of control horny I was. She made me promise not to jerk off in the shower. I never would have agreed but she promised to make it worth my while. Eventually by 9:15 we were all in the elevator and going down for breakfast. At breakfast Minakshi Ji gave us two passes to the lunch buffet and told us we had to try it but to make sure we were there by a quarter to twelve or else we’d wait for hours. Sakshi asked why they weren’t joining us and Minakshi Ji said they had previous plans and would be tied up for a few hours. I knew of their previous plans but I hadn’t told Sakshi yet.

Sakshi pulled me aside after breakfast and told me that would be the perfect time for us to sneak up to the room so I had to tell her what I had overheard in the darkness that morning and that Dinesh ji and her mom had plans for a “nooner”.

“That’s so hot” she smiled. “I guess we should disappear before then.” I smiled this time and told her how my poor cock was aching for her. She told me how wet her pussy was already just thinking about it.

We couldn’t break away from Dinesh ji and Minakshi Ji until almost 11 AM but we finally did and we giggled and kissed and made out on the elevator up the 9th floor. We practically ran down the hall and into our room. We stood in the middle of the room making out and touching each other. Sakshi was wearing something like a schoolgirl’s outfit and my hands were under her skirt and rubbing her ass through her leggings. Then she dropped to her knees and took down my zipper. I was already hard and she smiled while she pulled my jeans down to my ankles. She kissed my cock through my underwear (she enjoyed doing

That as a way to tease me and I loved it) before she lead me to one of the chairs in the room.

Sakshi and I enjoy oral and sometimes we do just that. We end up getting each other off orally and then we leisurely 69 until we build into another climax. Sakshi doesn’t have multiple orgasms like I read about so often, she builds and builds and finally releases but it’s always intense and often leaves her breathless. I moved the chair slightly so that I could look behind Sakshi at the mirrored closet door. I loved her ass and right then she was on her knees with that tight, round butt slightly angled upward. She had just taken my cock out and was licking it and my balls as I reached behind her and pulled her leggings down to mid thigh so I could see her naked ass and her peach in the mirror. I’m not sure how long she was blowing me but she had taken me to the edge and then let me ease back several times. I was reaching over her back and spreading her ass cheeks and sliding the tip of my finger in her pussy and she was literally dripping wet. Abruptly she stopped and said she had to pee really badly. I looked at her shocked? “Now?” and she just smiled and said it was either in the bathroom or on the floor and she doubted her mom and Dinesh ji would take kindly to her pissing on the floor.

I watched her get up and scoot into the bathroom. After about a minute I pulled my pants off the rest of the way and went into the bathroom. She was just wiping herself and I told her to sit back down. She flushed and giggled as the spray from the bowl tickled her but now she was at the perfect height. I stood in front of her with my cock throbbing and leaking pre-cum and she went back to blowing me. Again, I didn’t know how much time had passed but it was several minutes and I was close again. That’s when it happened.

“I was wondering where you two had gone.” I looked up and there was Dinesh ji standing in the bathroom doorway. He was smiling but I still already felt my cock shrinking and the sudden shock of his intrusion. He had one hand rubbing the front of his slacks and he said we were putting on quite a show. Sakshi struggled to cover herself up but Dinesh ji came in a little closer and told us to relax. That’s when I saw Sakshi’s nervous eyes shift from his face to his hand, which never stopped moving on his crotch. Her eyes seemed to lighten and that lusty, slutty look returned.

“Were you two planning on fucking? Your mom’s going to be up here in a little while so you better get to it.” I wasn’t sure we were planning on fucking. I thought this was a quick cum to hold us over. I also knew I didn’t want to fuck in front of Dinesh ji. As nice as he was there was just something so wrong about it. “Well?” he asked again and he and Sakshi were having this intense eye contact.

Sakshi stood and took my hand and led me past Dinesh ji and back into the bedroom. She told Dinesh ji how horny him and her mom had made me and she wished she had been awake to hear the morning festivities.

“You were spying on us in the dark, Jeff?” he asked me. He had followed us into the room now but was still standing in the bathroom doorway. I just nodded. “Did you fantasize about maybe Minakshi Ji sucking your cock?” I was silent but Sakshi was pulling her leggings off all the way and unbuttoning her blouse. Dinesh ji’s eyes never left her. “Well, while Minakshi Ji was sucking my cock I had my eyes closed and I was thinking of Sakshi here sucking my cock. Wondering if she would be any good at it. I can see now that she knows her way around a cock.”

Sakshi was silent but her actions spoke in volumes. She got up on the bed kneeling near the edge and looked at me and told me to fuck her. My cock was beginning to come back to life as I got over my initial shock of being caught by Dinesh ji. This was Sakshi’s and mines favorite way to fuck, doggy-style. I hesitated and Dinesh ji told me to go ahead and give the girl what she wants. I moved behind my wife and rubbed my cock over her wet, smooth pussy a few times. I knew how much she liked to feel my cock head rub her clit so I did that for her. All this was making me rock hard again.

The thing about Sakshi and I was that since she went on the pill a year ago, I don’t last very long inside her. I still can’t get over how good her pussy feels milking my condom free cock. So I slid in easy and slow. Sakshi wasn’t worried though because my cock never went soft, usually. I hoped today would be no different because I already felt my balls stirring.

“Dinesh ji, it’s only fair if you’re going to watch me fuck that you let me watch you stroke your cock.” I stopped and nearly gasped out loud hearing Sakshi say that to her stepfather.

“You want to see it? You want to see what I use to fuck your mom?” This was getting even more out of control. Their conversation alone was going to drive me over the edge, not to mention the burning hot pussy that was dripping on my cock and squeezing it harder and harder. Sakshi was already close to cumming, judging by the way her pussy was beginning to spasm.

Dinesh ji started walking slowly towards the bed and when he started to unzip his pants I lost it. “Oh sit!” I groaned. Sakshi didn’t like me to cum in her because even though she was on the pill she preferred it this way. I pulled my cock out and was ready to cum all over her ass but she turned around quickly and took hold of my cock and started to suck it. It was literally dripping with her juices and she slurped it for about ten seconds and then I started to blast off. Sakshi was moaning with my cock in her mouth, her hand pumping the shaft and milking the contents of my balls out and into her mouth. She kept sucking hungrily until my cock finally stopped spraying and had calmed down.

“Now, you should be ready to fuck me really hard and really fast, the way I like it.” She kissed my cock and turned over and resumed her position on the bed.

We both froze momentarily because while I was busy cumming and she was busy drinking my cream, Dinesh ji had removed his cock. It didn’t look that long but I swear it was the fattest thing I had ever seen. The head looked like a plum, swollen and purple and the same size as a plum. I bent down and tasted Sakshi’s pussy for a minute before I stood back up and started rubbing the head all around her slit again. Dinesh ji was only inches from Sakshi’s face; at least his cock was only inches away. “Let me see you balls too” Sakshi said in a tone of voice that I had never heard before. She seemed possessed by demons.

Dinesh ji unbuckled his pants and let them and his boxers fall all the way to his ankles. Sakshi reached her hand out for his cock and that’s the exact moment I rammed my cock back into her pussy. She gasped as the air escaped her momentarily and she started to moan. She wrapped her hand around Dinesh ji’s cock and her fingers couldn’t close around it. He had to be as thick as a beer bottle. Sakshi was jerking his cock when her orgasm hit which came on a lot faster then what was normal. After she managed to regain her composure she tugged on Dinesh ji’s cock pulling him closer. He had a set of balls to match that fat cock and Sakshi had her mouth on his sac while I continued to fuck her hard and fast. Finally I watched her stretch her jaws and take his cock in her mouth.

After a few minutes he was telling her she sucked cock almost as good as her mom. I think the “almost” inspired her to try and shove that entire fat dick into her mouth. I was doing my best to help the cause, fucking her harder and harder and pushing her further down on his cock. She gagged a few times and her spit was dripping from his cock. He pulled out of her mouth and told her to lick his balls and she obeyed like a cock hungry little slave girl. I felt her pussy grabbing at me again and she was beginning to spasm like she was about ready to blow again. She never came twice from just fucking. Usually she needed her clit strummed while we were fucking but today was like no other day in so many ways already. I was getting closer to but she looked over her shoulder and told me not to cum yet, “just a little longer baby” she said breathlessly.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” That’s right, for the second time in less then an hour we were busted. This time Minakshi Ji was standing there with her hand on her hip and her eyes glowing at us. “Oh fuck.” I thought to myself but we were all frozen. Sakshi had stopped licking Dinesh ji’s nut sac but still had his shaft in her hand. I had stopped pumping but still had my cock buried to the balls in Sakshi. There was the kind of silence you only read about, that utterly dead silence where absolutely nothing else outside of that very moment existed. “Well?” I think my heart stopped beating for a second or two, the moment or the feeling I had would never be forgotten.