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When my uncle came home from abroad one day

Hi boys, this is a great story of my mom got fucked when my uncle came home one day. The story starts here. We are 5 in family, mom, dad, 2 elder sisters and myself. My dad passed away when i was age 4, mummy was working hard as all were studying and suddenly she planned to go abroad for work and we were left in our granny house and were well studying, she comes once in a year spends time with every one and go back after a month.

She was almost there in abroad for 7- 8 years. As days passed we were all matured my sis started to work and we didnt like mummy going back to abroad. Things went like this she is back from the country and i was 14 little matured and knowing things. We all forced mummy not to go back as we all bit settled and want to be with us and decided not to go again. My both sisters got married and settled well. Let me describe im now 25 my mom she is now 55 i know she is little old lady, but no never think like that she is a sex bomb with a beautiful body i can tell u 32 30 38 the attration is her sexy inviting ass which will be lifted top like a 2 round football for a man to think and masturbate.

I have observed some boys and uncle see my mummy top to bottom and turn to see her beautiful ass, as if they are ready to jump on her. She wears a saree when she is out with all branded bra and panties which she had brought from abroad she had all the underwear above 20 different colours suit her dress. I never had a sexual thought of my mom i know she is my own mother, but here was a twist she gave me. I started to work in a company and come home time after my shifts i take rest and play mobile games. Once i was playing game in my mummy mobile i saw the cal list it was from abroad i thought it might be her friend, then i could see the same number atleast 4 days in a week with 1 hour call duration.

Its time to suspect my own mother i want to know who was calling my mom . One day it was a week off for me i was at home she got a cal from the same number i can see she is happily speaking on the phone and i asked who was that mom, she said its ur uncle and even i spoke to bleady bastard. I had a doubt on my mummy thought she had already spread her legs in abroad and kept quiet because we know why she went and thought she went in a wrong way. Once that uncle came home i was shocked to see him i didnt know who is he and mom invited him as i was at home not to leave mom alone i knew something ll happen if im not at home, he had an idea he got pissed off and went. The sad thing was my sisters know the uncle before itself and i was unaware. I know mom was hungry at that time and missed that.

One day she was wearin nighty and cutting vegetables sitting down, she was above to get up oh god i saw her beautifut pussy covered with her hairs and her brown thighs i thought y mummy is not wearing her panty as she had a lots of sets and thought because she is at home, but i couldnt stop imagining her from that scene and first time i masturbated thinking my own mummy who had brought me to this world from that day i thought why not me give that happiness satisfy my mom. For my luck i still never got a chance till now. I peep my mom when she goes to take bath i see her naked nude bare body masturbate near bathroom rubbing my penis in hand or her dirty smelly underwear and while changing her dress i keep my hidden cam without her knowledge and masturbate seeing that video, i have almost seen her naked body and chang dress for more than 200 times but no courage to take this chance from mummy.

Days n years passed she usually gets cal from that bastard and i never cared because he was not here in country and i knew he wont come. I see my mom outlook structure the ass her boobs and masturbate every day. After 3 year he came home once and i was at home i think mom invited him for lunch. We spoke normal and had lunch. After that i didnt want my mom to be left alone what if that uncle fucks my mummy. After some time i had an idea to keep my hidden cam in bedroom and see what they both do. As planned i kept my mob hidden cam without knowing them and i went out telling my mummy i ll come in 1 hour she was happy to hear that and said ok and ride slow. What would have happen in my home and that video.

Cant believe my mom was nude and see her beautiful round boobs her tummy and her wide spreaded legs with lifted hip and ass getting fucked by uncle 3 times she had a back shot also and gave a nice blow job to bastard within that 1 hour gap. Then i thought my mom ass has swollen because of that great fuck only. I want to enter into the same pussy and ass where i can show her heaven and kamasura is hunting me. I want to tear her pussy calling her sweet name and blow her ass still big. I have a plan of showing that video and ask or blackmail her for sex and what my mummy thinks about me. I WILL SURELY FUCK MY MOTHER AND FILL HER WITH MY CUM DAYS ARE NOT FAR. WILL THIS WORK OUT FRIENDS.