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R : Jo yeh baat puchney ka hok nehi hain mere ko to main apko kiss hug
aur apke sath sex kabhi nehi kar paunga iska yehi matlab hain..
R : Ao mere pass dekho perfect kiss milta hain ki nehi.
B : ?????ea tum
B : ??????
R : kya hua, abhi tak nehi bataya na aap ka bra ka number?
B : 34B . Ab khus ho.
R : wahhhh….. kash main apke pass hota abhi to na jane kya karta.
B : abhi so jao . Goodnight.
I was spellbound. I decide that I will not tell her any think but I
will watch how far she can go? Then I will decide how I will take my
Next day I came back to my house from my official tour. I can not
believe that she is behaving very normal in front of me. I also act
like normal.
From then continuously I am following them in all social media and
phone. What they are texting, talking , video chat every thing. But
they don’t know any thing.
One day finally bani disclose her vital stat to Rahul. Rahul was
pleased and want to kiss every part of her body. One day she send some
of her sexy photograph like in saree , with a very horny look. Few
days later she send her a pic of her above portion in her bra only.
One day I came to know that next month Rahul is coming to Kolkata for
one day to meet Bani. I was anxious. I remembered last night when
Rahul confirm about his Kolkata trip he also mentioned that he wants
to talk to Bani, and also want to see her, because he loves her very
much and bani also love him a lot. My wife is ready and she also
eagerly waiting to meet him. I cant understand that a young boy who
love her a lot and also talk nasty with her, know her vital stat, saw
her picture where she is wearing only a bra , how they will only chit
chat and do nothing else. But I want to see their activities. So I
managed a cordless spy cam and fixed it to her bag handle which she
always carry with her, and connect it with my wife’s mobile phone
which is always online. So that I can see the view of the camera in my
mobile through internet. Also I hear the sound very clearly through
spy cam.
Finally the day arrive. My wife Bani is ready at 9 o’clock as usual
for her office. Today she is looking very very godgeous, hot, and
sexy. She is wearing a red colour shirt with denim blue jeans. She
also wear a red lipstick. After she leave for office I call to my boss
and take leave from office . My daughter also went to school and she
will return after 5 pm. That means I am now alone in the house . I
quickly shut our main door and attached my mobile with our 52”
colour tv so that I can saw everything very clearly.
When I switch on the TV I see the camera view extremely loud and
clear. My wife is walking through the pavement toward the bus stand.
Suddenly one car stop beside her, and here I see Rahul sitting in the
steering and open the front door for Bani. “Hi Bani Good morning.
And You are looking so beautiful” said Rahul. Thank you Rahul and
what a surprise how you managed a car? It’s belongs to my friend I
take this from him for today. In the mean time Bani already get into
the car. So Rahul tell me where we are going? We are headed to a flat
which belong to one of my friend. No Rahul we are not going to any
flat because I know why you are going to a flat. Rahul is smiling but
he told that he will do nothing what bani will tell no. At last my
wife bani agree to go . In car they are simple chit chat. After
reaching there Rahul open the door and they entered into the flat.
Bani put the bag in a side table. From there I can see the entire
drawing room. One nice and big sofa set is there along with a center
Already Rahul locked the door. Bani is seating in the big sofa. Rahul
came and seat by the right side of Bani. Well Bani tell me how are
you? Said Rahul.
B : I am fine
R : Bani You told me that When I will come to meet You I will get my
perfect kisses.
B : ( smiling) Yes Rahul but see I am married so I can not physically
involved with any body other than my husband. Please understand, I
love You But I can’t allow You what you want to do.
R : Bani at least I can kiss you?
B : No Rahul please
R : ok can I hug you as a friend.
Bani smilingly noded her head, Rahul came closer and tightly hugged
her. After 1 or 2 min they apart but not fully. Her right hand under
his back and his left hand under her back. In that position again they
are talking . Rahul time to time tickling her back side by his left
hand. Bani is not encouraging but also not protesting his act.
Suddenly Rahul bring her face closer and kissed her lips . Bani is
just jumping out before she could understand Rahul is succeeded. Bani
face became red. But Rahul directly see into her eyes. Bani very
silently telling him no no ……no……no……
Rahul take back his left hand and gripped her hair and held her left
hand by his right hand. Also bring her right leg and wrapped around
her waist . So now Bani in such a position that she can not move. Now
Rahul slowly bring her lips near to bani face. Slowly he planting a
kiss on her lips. Blow hot air from his mouth on my wife’s face
cheek chin, eye and now on her lips. I can see that Bani lips is now
shivering. Rahul now came closer and they went for a lip lock. Rahul
is slowly sucking her lower lip, Bani,s eye is closed , Rahul take the
full advantage and sucking her both lips alter natively. Now they
going for a deep kiss.
Now he tried to open her mouth, she opened her mouth and Rahul
forcefully enter his tongue into her mouth. He is sucking her tongue.
Now bani is also taking part actively. They both kissing, sucking,
chewing each other lips and tongue. They are kissing passionately each
other. They are in that position for 15 to 20 min. In between Rahul
also licking and kissing her neck .
Now Rahul hold her left boobs with her right hand above the shirt.
Bani is suddenly shivering and removed his hand from her left boob
with her left hand. But again after some time Rahul is pressing her
left boob with her right hand and simultaneously trying to kiss her
lips. Again bani tried to remove his hand but before that Rahul held
her lft hand with his left hand. Now bani is totally tied up by Rahul
with his hand. Rahul slowly put his right hand again on her left boob
above the shirt. Bani is now trying to escape from his hold but she
failed. “No Rahul pls no Rahul” that much word she can mutter.
First time anybody else other than me hold my wife’s boob. I am
R : pls bani just once , I want to play with your booby…
B : no Rahul pls no…
By that time her face ,neck all are shining with his saliva. Her red
lipstick was no more on her lips.
Slowly Rahul unbuttoned her shirt one by one. At first bani do not
understand what he is doing . but when she understand she tried to
escape from Rahul grip. But she could not. She tried hard to free
herself but again she failed.
Rahul already open all the shirt button. He held her tight and looking
at her cleavage. I can see the excitement in his eye. Two beautiful
globe covered with stylish black lacy bra. He put her hand on her
boobs one by one above her bra. Bani still say no, no, but her
physical resistance became lower and lower. Now Rahul also understand
bani is also excited now. He suddenly put his hand inside her bra and
gripped her boob in her hand , and start pressing. Oh my god his hand
is now inside the bra .A boy put his hand inside my wife’s bra, his
hand directly touching her smooth skin directly, fondling her sweet
lovely boobs . by the movement of his hand any body can understand
that he is pressing her boobs very vigorously, some time also pinching
her nipples. Bani does not utter a single word only I heard the sound
ummmmmmm…. And tightly bite her own lower lip with super duper
Now Rahul is kissing her lips and pressing her boobs.
R : bani I want to love you. I will not penetrate but at least allow
me to make my self satisfied a little bit….
Bani is not answering but I know that the situation is beyond her
control. Rahul open her shirt completely throw it to the floor . and
very swiftly opened her bra.
My wife is seating naked from above with a stranger. Rahul slowly
cupped her boobs one by one. Bani already closed her eyes. Rahul bring
her face lower and kissed on her cleavage. Licking the valley with his
tongue. But he never ever touched her boobs with her lips or tongue.
Bring his face to her left boob. He start kissing and licking all over
her boobs but never touched her nipples which is erect already. For 5
to 10 min he continuously kissing, licking, sucking her boobs but
never touched her nipples. Bani become frustrated and try to put her
nipple in his mouth. But she failed …. Rahul please I cant bear it
anymore. Rahul is smiling and asked what bani? Oh Rahul please suck my
nipples , bite my nipples. Rahul is just waiting for this moment .he
want to heard this from her mouth. He put his mouth on her nipples and
start sucking very intensely. Pressing other boobs with his rght hand.
Alternatively he sucking, licking , bitting her both boobs and
nipples, and simultaneously pressing her both boobs very hard
alternatively. After 10-15 min bani reached her 1st orgasm. Still
Rahul is busy with her both boobs. actually anybody become mad because
her boobs are very lovely. Still tight very very fair with a pair of
pink nipples. After birth of our baby her booby are even more
beautiful and sexy.