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Now Rahul open her pant . bani is now giving full co-operation. Rahul
open his t-shirt and pant and seated only with his vest. His bulge
clearly indicate that small Rahul is ready for action. He put his hand
on her panty just above her vagina. He start messaging above her
panty, and licking her navel. He put his tongue inside her belly
button and tickling. Slowly he opened her panty. Now bani is
completely naked in front of rahul . Rahul slowly lower his face and
kissing her upper thigh, again go down and directly kiss on her feet.
Rahul shifted and bani lay back on the sofa. He change his position
and start licking her feet. Next 20 min he is only licking and kissing
bani from head to toe. Her full body is glistening with his saliva.
Finally he comes to pussy. He kiss the lips of pussy. Start kissing
and licking with full force. He try to eat her love hole. The whole
room was echoing with their sound ummmmmmmmm….. ahhhhh…
uffffff…. Oh…….god…… oh lovely…… how beautiful. She
tried to grip his hair and pushed dipper in her pussy, again she start
shivering, and sobbing, she got her second orgasm. She is heavily
satisfied. she is lying there with her close eyes. Now Rahul open his
vest, his dick sprang out. O Ghosh ….. What is this? It is about
10/9. He went closer to bani and take her hand, and put on his dick.
She surprised by its size and opened her eyes. She saw the cock with
its full glory. She start giving hand job. But Rahul stop her hand and
said pls only blowjob. Bani hesitate to take his penis in her mouth
because of its size. But ultimately she takes in her mouth. She is
sucking the whole shaft. Licking it entire length. She stop sucking
and asked Rahul if I give you blowjob you will not penetrate me,
promise. Rahul smilingly nodded his head and said that’s why I am
asking to do it such a nice manner That I will not ask you for real
penetration, fucking. Bani smiled and take his cock in her mouth
again. Rahul take his mobile and silently filming it . Her face is
clearly visible . it has been seen clearly that bani is willingly suck
a dick when she is completely naked. Now Rahul put his mobile in a
stand from where every thing is now recorded in a camera. Bani don’t
know that Rahul is filming their fucking session in his camera and
they both don’t know that I am continuing watching their each and
every activity and also recording. Rahul start kneading her both
boobs, sometimes licking her nipples with his tongue. Bani some times
sucking his balls . licking it . she is playing with her ball. Rahul
start fucking her mouth with full force. Now bani is going to choked
but she somehow managed. Rahul continuously sucking and licking her
nipples and at the same time mouth fucking her and finger fucking her
pussy. After some about 10 to 15 min Rahul is stiffing he held his
cock deep inside her mouth. With some 6 or 7 jerk he emptied his ball.
Bani is taking all his milk and swallowing. Rahul look satisfied . he
sat beside and playing with her boons. Bani is taking long breath. To
avoid suffocation. Rahul are you happy now. Then please wear your
cloth. I am going to bathroom. bani stand up from sofa take her bra
and panty and going to bathroom.
Rahul is seating there and watching bani. He also standup and go
straight to bani, and held her by her waist. Bani is trying to free
herself, “ Rahul now please leave me I did everything what you have
asked.I satisfied you completely.”
Rahul smile and said yes my cutie bani you have satisfied me a lot but
not 100%. No rahul I cant give you that. Rahul is in no mood to hear
any thing. He pickup bani in his arm take her to the bed. He lied her
and directly take position on her. He pinned bani completely. His two
hand gripped her both hands above her hand. He is kissing licking
biting her face and lips . bani is trying to escape from his grip but
all effort had gone in vein. Her soft boobs are pressing under his
chest. Rahul put his dick in position. Give a light thrust . dick
entered a little. Rahul is sucking her lips. Now he start fucking with
small thrust. After two three minutes he bring his dick out and thrust
with full force . bani is shouting in pain. He closed her mouth with
his lips. Now he start humping her in full force. With every thrust
the whole bed is vibrating. Bani is trembling and sobbing in pain and
pleasure. Rahul sucking her lips, pinned her both hand down and give
full thrust. Oh Rahul I cant .
Rahul did not listen to bani -“I know you can…”.He gave a
tremendous push from his hips and then he was inside her full.My wife
was crying like a child with her pouting lips. Rahul“My sweet
babe…you have done it..see…you have taken me fully…you are so
hot and tight inside…thank you, babe..for giving your pussy to me. I
can tell you one thing my darling…your hubby has a small dick
because you are virgin tight. I think I need to fix this problem”.

My wife did not respond to Rahul. Still, she was in the discomfort of
taking the whole meat of Rahul inside her.
Now Rahul pulled his cock out until I could see the whole head of it
before he shoved hard with his hips and buried that huge black log
halfway up into bani wet hole. He did it quite a few time with his
lips locked with my wife’s lip and his hand strongly gripping her
soft breast and I could make out a strange painful noise coming from
my wife’s throat as Rahul hold her mouth tight with his lips.
I could make out my wife was trying to move her body under Ravi uncle
and she looked so desperate but Rahul crushed her with the bed and his
cock slowly moves in and out of her. He was very slow in his movement
and his cock appears like a knife cutting my wife’s meaty hole. His
hand was still on my wife’s breast pulling it hard.
I felt pity seeing my wife situation. Her face shows how much pain she
is going through with Rahul activity and she was not able to say
something because Rahul was hungrily eating her mouth.
My wife finally was able to escape herself from Rahul lip lock and
finally screamed looking at his intruding cock-” stop it you are
killing me!” She screamed
Rahul-“Oh you are going to just love it when the pain stops bani.
Hold on tight now!”
My wife with her lips fully glistening with Rahul saliva looked at him
with frightening eyes. rahul hips drew back and when he did I could
see the moisture of her wetness on his cock.
The thrusting seems to be easier for Rahul with time as his cock shows
more of my wife juices. Rahul continued with his action. He shoved all
the way inside of her pussy until his balls slapped against her clit
when he bottomed out.
He grunted as he reached the bottom of her pussy and he held himself
inside of her without moving.
Oh god, oh god, No more no more. Please stop, please don’t!” My
wife kept crying over and over.
He was methodical in his fucking for the next ten minutes.
He drew his huge white cock all the way out and slam it all the way
inside her again and again. There were slurping sound coming with this
continuous action. Eventually, Bani body started responding to him.
Her screaming reduced and finally, it changed to grunting and
My wife’s hands were now gripping the sides of Rahul chest and
holding on and his hand had left her back and now both of his hands
were gripping the sides of her hips and his cock pistoned in and out
of her pussy.
There were juices running from my wife pussy and It looks to me that
Rahul is pumping oil from my wife pussy well using his shaft. Rahul
said-“You are loving this now aren’t you sweet cutie pie? Your
pussy is sloppy wet and it is pulling on my dick now. You better not
cum without telling me, babe. I want to hear you, scream it out
With that said he began to fuck her harder and faster. My wife grunts
and moans were coming faster and quicker
“Tell me, bani! Tell me you are Cumming on this cock!” This
fucking had a fruitful effect on my wife bani.
Bani was about to shower her love juices for a man who is not her
husband. Her head had lifted off the bed and she was gritting her
teeth trying to keep her mouth shut. Each time the hand would come
down on her ass she would jerk hard and shake her head as if to say
Bani totally lost her sense and was shivering under Rahul chest
holding him tightly.
Rahul continued pounding my wife pussy. The veins on her neck stood
out as she came. She screamed it over and over and he pounded her
pussy without mercy. She must have cum for over three minutes and when
it was over she collapsed on the bed with her legs dangling like a
puppet and his hips pounding her all the way through her orgasm.
He stopped fucking her and pulled his cock out of her used pussy. He
did not allow her to take rest and make her sit like a dog with her
boobs hanging. He moved over her hold her with hair and pecked her on
her cheek-“wake up bitch..”
My wife finally cried-“I can’t take it anymore.”
Bani-“Please rahul…leave me now…”
“No, my cutie pie” He chuckled as he pushed the underside of his
cock up against her clit from behind. Bani gasped.
Rahul made her sit like a dog again with his body over her back. He
made her position in such a way that he could see her face from the
dressing table mirror. My mom with her big beautiful eyes looked at
Rahul from the mirror
He placed his monster cock inside her pussy, held her hips with his
arm. He started messaging my wife fair ass globe as he started pushing
his cock inside her. My wife lay her head on the bed raising her hips
and moaning as she started feeling his flesh going deep inside her.
Rahul caught hold of my wife’s cheek from behind and told
her-“Look at the mirror…I want to see your face when I fuck
Mom continued watching Rahul through the mirror with her mangal sutra
hanging between her boobs.I saw Rahul stuffed the head of his penis
over my mom engorged labia.
Rahul-“Now look at me …. one two three…”.
Rahul gave a huge push from his hip and his full cock went inside my
My wife cried and closed her eyes, holding the bed sheet with her
hand. Rahul started massaging her ass globe with his cock fully inside
her and said-“Open your eyes…and get ready for round two…”
There were tears in my mom’s eyes and she looked at Rahul from the
mirror. Rahul again pulled his cock till the head and counted one two
three and pushed it back to my wife pussy. My wife was not struggling
anymore and I watched as her hips swaying with each and every thrusts
that she was receiving from Rahul. Her grunts were more moans now and
her eyes never left his as he was fucking her.
She stared him straight from the mirror reflection as he fucked her
mercilessly. Her nostrils were flared and her breathing was labored
like she had gone through a lot of physical work.
“Oh..Bani !!!…you are so fucking tight and hot inside…A really
good fucking cunt…tell me how you feel” He said as he leaned
closer to her face and began to fuck her in earnest.
She hesitated for an instant and his hips started slamming her faster
and harder. She lifted her head off the bed meeting his every thrust
and turned her face towards him.
he brings his face near her mouth and then both of their lips met.
Bani opened her mouth full to welcome his tongue inside. There was a
lot of passion and wetness in their kiss. In between kissing him, she
began talking as her mouth came free from him.
“I hate you, Rahul! …I hate you very much…I hate what your cock
is doing to me…I am going Crazy…Your cock has explored the places
which have never been touched…Oh God….! I hate you for making me
cum…oh god…!”
Rahul pulled my wife nipple downward from her hanging boobs with his
rough finger.