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Rahul laughed and plowed his cock deeper and harder as my wife started
Cumming on his cock again. She put down her head on the bed sheet
crying in ecstasy as she clenched the bed sheet of the bed.
Rahul was still pounding so hard into her pussy the whole bed was
rocking back and forth. My wife’s hips were driving forward to meet
his monstrous thrusts. My wife was screaming and throwing her head
back and forth as the tale signs of the veins in her neck stood out as
she came hard on Rahul cock.
She started moaning calling Rahul by his name and ejaculating her love
juices over his cock. I saw all her love juices were dripping from her
thigh and also seeing few drops falling on the bed sheet directly.

Rahul laughed -“You should see how much you are Cumming for my
After coming for a minutes or two, My wife with tired voice-“Are you
done, Rahul?”
Rahul”No babe …. we are not done yet. Your lover Rahul has a
gallon of cum for you. You got yours and now I am going to get
Bani-“Please Rahul…dont cum inside me…You promise me…”
Rahul-“Don’t worry Babe”
Now Rahul made my wife sit on his lap and again inserted his penis
deep inside her vagina and started fucking my wife with Bani facing
him. He locked my wife by his strong arm and muscular chest with her
body getting sandwiched between his arm and his chest.
He continued his fucking on my wife full wet hole. There was sense of
desperation and discomfort again on my wife’s face as he continued
his prolong fucking.
Bani-“Oh God!!!..when you will be done…it seems there is no ending
to this…My inside is hurting now”
My wife was getting equally strong thrust again on her pussy from
Rahul’s cock from bottoms. Her ass globe was dancing and her hips
getting raised with each blows that she was receiving from Rahul’s
iron rod.
My wife breathing heavily said-“You are not a boy…a monster..”
Rahul held my mom’s cheek and put his tongue inside her mouth and
gave a full mouth to mouth kiss-“monster like me deserve a woman
like you…you are my woman…”
He continued his fucking. At this point, Bani face expression seems
that she is praying for this torture to stop.
Rahul-“I am going to cum …”
My wife screamed-“But you are supposed to pull it out,…”
Rahul laughed and throw Bani on the bed with him on her top and his
penis glued inside her vagina-“I lied, darling…”
My wife panicked. She tried to push Rahul away from her body but she
could not do that. Rahul holds her tight and pressed his hips against
Bani was crying-“No..No..” and then her eyes went big-“oh..
God.. you are really Cumming inside me…oh God.. oh…I will get
pregnant. .please don’t do that with me…I beg you…”

Rahul started grunting like a beast and cum inside my wife for almost
five minutes. Bani was sobbing all the time he was filling her belly
with his seeds. Rahul moved away from my wife with a big smile on his
face. He looks satisfied.
Bani was crying with her leg spread and Rahul curds rolling down from
her open bottom lips which were finally running down to her ass and
falling on the bed sheet. Rahul“I never cum like this before…It is
the best experience I had…tell me truly Bani darling. Did not you
like this?”
Bani answered nothing. She lied there for some time with her closed
eye. Rahul also get tired. After 15 -20 min Rahul is sleeping. My wife
slowly raise from the bed totally nude. Collected all her dresses and
underwear and directly go to bathroom. After around 30 to 40 min she
came out from bathroom, she got ready to leave. She can’t walk
normally. But she slowly leave that flat without informing Rahul,
without making any sound. She closed the door and left behind sleeping
Rahul and a mobile camera, in which recording is still going on.
Friend this is the end of my first part. Second part will be coming
soon, If I got feedback from you. My email id is