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She is sobbing with pleasur but still she weekly try to stop me. Her
knee becomes week.
Already I cupped her left boob with my right hand and start fondling
and at the same time licking her neck and shoulder, she is moaning
with my name…” No rana PLsease No ….. ufff…
rana……auooo…uffff ahhhhhhh.”
I stop licking, and directly look into her eyes. For a moment we stop
all our activities. We are not uttering a single word but our eyes are
Suddenly I grabbed her tightly and start biting her lips with full
force, before she could under stand I hold her night gown and tore it
apart in one go. Here is my dream woman standing in her red bra and
panty only. Her fair color and red bra makes a perfect contrast.
I am looking at her. She can see lust in my eyes.
She is trying too cover herself with her hand, which makes her more
I hurriedly open my t shirt and trousers and came into boxer. She is
frightened to see the bulge in my shorts.
I came to her and feel her whole body with my two hands. I must say
that her skin is very smooth like butter. I feel every part of her
body still not open her bra and panty, because it’s a devil plan.
She is pleading to leave her. But when she understand there is no way
to escape she start requesting me…
Ranu : Rana please leave me.
Me : please ranu don’t leave me like this. I will die.
Ranu : Ok rana I will fulfill your demand but you have to promise me
that you will not penetrate me and not fucked me.
I remember that my wife said the same thing to Rahul earlier.
I agree and took her to the sofa, but before that I put my mobile
camera on the table and start recording. Ranu don’t know about this
I slowly took my lips and put on her lips and slowly sucking her lips.
At the same time I am pressing her both the boobs alternatively over
the bra. Her nipples stood erect , and I can see a wet patch on her
I entered my hand into her bra. Hold her left boob and pressing. She
is gasping for air. Slowly I circling her nipples with my two finger.
Take her nipples in my two finger and rotating. It is fully erect and
large in size. I pinched her nipples. She is moaning. I circled my
left hand and take it to her back. I open the bra hook. She
reluctantly allow me to remove her bra. I was mad to see those lovely
melon. I forgot every thing in the world. Her fair soft boob with a
red cherry. I tickling her both nipples , she closed her eyes and
I take my mouth and encircled her nipples with my tongue for several
min then I suddenly start sucking her right nipples and at the same
time scratching her left nipple with my finger nail. I start chewing
her entire glob. Every here and there I leave my bite. She cant handle
this any more. But I am not in a mood to leave those sweet boobs. I am
pressing very hard. She is shouting in pain and pleasure. I am
continuously sucking her both boobs. Biting her nipples with my teeth.
She is moaning and asking me to leave her. But those sweet jug make me
mad. I put my all energy and sucking her boobs madly. She is jerking
with ecstasy and finally she had her first orgasm. She lied on the
sofa, and taking rest. But I continued my invasion on her boobs with
my lips and tongue. Few min later she opened her eyes, and directly
look into my eyes.
Suddenly she hold my penis over my boxer and said “ I will give you
a nice blowjob but you have to promise me that you will leave me after
that and don’t try to fuck me.
I nodded in infirmity and said that “ ok .”
I remember that same story is repeating what was happened to my wife
I opened my boxer. Ranu take position in between my two legs. She
start sucking my enter dick. Also licking it. Some times she is
playing with my balls. She is deep throating my entire cock in her
mouth. I asked her to take my rod in betwwen her boobs and give me a
nice boob fuck. She obeyed me and give me a boob job and also licking
the tip of my cock. Around 10 min I fucked her boobs, than again she
take my shaft in her mouth, and give me a lifetime blowjob which I
never experienced earlier. I am in seventh heaven. I never experienced
such pleasure. She is a very good cock sucker.
What a seen. My dream girl is totally naked except a panty. boobs,
face, neck all are glistening with my saliva, Her boobs are hanging
down, and my rod is circled with her lips inside her mouth.
My hand also busy fondling her buttery boobs. Some times I also
pinching her nipples.
Almost good 20 min over she is kissing, licking, sucking my balls and
my cock. I am the verge of ejaculation. I hold her head tightly and
spray my cum in her mouth.
She is swallowing all my fluid.
She is now resting her head on sofa and try to catch her breath. Her
boobs go up and down with her every breath.
I slowly pressing her boobs. I held her hand and bring her up on the
Now this is my turn. I slowly running my finger on her vagina lips
over her panty, and sucking her nipples. She is clutching the sofa
with ecstasy. Slowly I put my hand inside her panty and touch directly
her pussy lips for the first time. Her juices are flowing from pussy.

I put my one finger in her pussy and start finger fucking her. My left
hand is busy fondling her both boobs roughly. I am trying to plucking
her nipples from her chest. Some times she is crying with pain and
sometimes she is moaning with pleasure. I start messaging her cunt. I
start finger fucking her pussy with full speed. She cant control her
breath any more. She is jumping with lust. Her waist came up from
sofa. Her juices are flowing over my hand. After 10 min she is
shivering with pleasure. She bite her own lips and tweaking my back
with her nail, finally she meet her 2nd orgasm.
She is now lying naked on the sofa, with eye closed, and try to catch
her breath.
Her leg is open apart and her juices are flowing from her vagina. What
a lovely seen. Again my dick got his power and stand straight, as if
he is saluting the beauty.
I move closer to her belly button. Planted a kiss there. She is just
enjoying the moment with close eyes. I start licking all over her
belly area. She put her hand on my head and moving slowly. I again
caome to her boobs. I start licking the lower part of her mound. I
took one ice cream cup from the table. Take some ice cream and put on
her nipples. She is shivering with cold. I bring my face close to her
nipples, and blow hot air from my mouth. She is getting both the hot
and cold feeling on her nipples. Her nipples stood erect. Some
muffling sound is coming from her mouth. I place my tip of the tongue
on her nipples and slowly clean it. Ice cream become more tasty. I am
sucking her both boobs again. Also pressing it hard. I am not ready to
leave her beautiful boobs. I loved them. I licked and sucked every
inch of her milk jug.
She is now again become horny. I messaged her pussy lips and planted a
kiss. I start licking her pussy lips and some times sucking her g
spot. Some times I am licking and bitting her clit. Her labia also get
same treatment. Again she is excited slowly. She become restless and
super horny.
I continue my love on her pussy. Kissed her pussy lips. Sucking her
pussy sometimes enter my tongue in her love hole. She held my head and
try to push it out. But her weak protest is not recognized at all.
After 10 min she is restless again. She start shouting “ rana lick
me, lick me hard, eat my pussy,” she is despo to meet her 3rd
Suddenly I stopped my action. She cant control herself. She start
fingering her pussy with her own finger. But I cant allow this. I held
her hand tightly, so that she can not meet her orgasm. She is jumping
violently, but helpless.
Now I am sure that I can fuck her. I jumped on her and take my
I pinned her both hand and slowly insert my dick in her love hole. It
is so tight. Half of my cock enter her. She is not in a position to
think or protest my act. In that position I remain for sometimes and
start sucking her lips, and fondling her boobs. Side by side I am
giving slow stroke.
She is sobbing, “ rana please leave me, don’t fuck me , you
promise me, uffffffff… no rana,… please I will give you another
blowjob but don’t fuck meeeee…… I am married, please don’t
ruin my life…….. uffffff rana please no …. No …. Ahhhhh….
I slowly bring my dick out , my cock is glistening with her love
juice. I kept my lips on her lips, held her boobs very tight and give
a full thrust and my cock enter fully in her pussy. I just tear her
pussy. She almost jump up in the air. She is trying to shout but I
held her lips tightly with mine. Some muffling sound came out. I can
see tear is rolling down from her both eyes. I stay like that for few
moments. And start sucking her lips and pressing her boobs very
erotically. Slowly her pain has gone. She is now starting fro and back
motion in her hips to meet my cock completely. I start fucking her
vigorously.with every thrust she is jumping up from sofa. I
mercilessly rammed her tight pussy . I am pounding her love hole for
good 30 min, already she release her love juices no of time. She is
now deadly tired. She has no power to stop my action. Her hand lying
on the sofa like a dead log.
I fucking her with full force. After few min later again she open her
eyes, and taking part actively. “oh rana you are too good. Fuck me,
fuck me hard but don’t cum inside me.”
I am smilingly nodded my head fucking her vigorously. I am trying to
extract all her love juices from her body. I reach the climax. I fixed
my lips on her lips, take her two globe in my hand and fixed my cock
deep inside her vagina.
I am Cumming inside her love hole. She tries to push out my penis, but
she failed. I am cumming for 3 to 4 min and fill up her love hole with
my seeds.
I lay there by the side of her. She is sleeping in semi conscious
Now it is 2 pm night. From last 2 hrs we are fucking. Still my wife is
sleeping in front of us on the bed.
Ranu is lying naked on the sofa. Her whole body is glistening with my
saliva. Her boobs become red. Our mixer of love juices flowing from
her vaginal lips. Her lips are little bit swallowed. Here and there
biting marks. Tears is rolling down from her closed eyes.
Ranu get up from the sofa after few min. directly went to bathroom and
cleaned herself. I am still seating there. She came out from the
bathroom, wear her clothes.
I went to her take her into my arms and kissed her forehead. She is
not protesting not trying to escape. I murmured in her ear “from now
on you are my woman, I love you.”
She answered nothing. Directly look into my eyes and slowly put her
lips on mine. She gave me a small kiss but I can understand it is
nothing but a thanks from the bottom of her heart.
“You are very naughty. Bahut jiddi ho tum. Mujhe apna banakei chora
tumne. Maine jo bhi mana kiya o sab kiya tumne. Mujhse love making bhi
kiya or apna seeds mere andar bhi choda.Acha hua tumne starting mein
thora force kiya nehi to main jaan nehi pati ki mere sarir ke ander
itna sukh chupa hua tha.” she said.
“Any time my sweet heart. Whenever You want me , I will always be
there for You.” I naughtily smiled and planted a kiss on her lips.
She leave me behind and headed towards her cottage.
I took my mobile and see the recording. It is crystal clear video of
our fucking session. I am happy that at last I am able to fuck my
dream girl ranu and also complete my first step of my master
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