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Wife Sharing with Friend True Story Part 02


Well believe it or not over 7 years had passed since we got married and Sanjeev had married Megha and then split up. The split came and Sanjeev was feeling pretty down about life in general, we felt bad cause we were so close to both of them. Megha had apparently, to our surprise fallen in love with someone from work right before their wedding but went thru with it anyway, of course it lasted just a year and it seems like she was having an affair for almost the whole thing.

We decided to get our friend cheered up a bit so we rented a room down the shore and invited him to stay with us.

Well this would be the first time that we would spend this much time together without Megha and I couldn’t help thinking about a few sexy things that could happen like before. Well Friday night was pretty uneventful. We were tired after a full workweek and a long car ride so we unpacked and went to the boardwalk to eat and play a few stands before retiring for the evening.

Saturday morning started with my wife making coffee and breakfast in a nightshirt. It was great as she reached for cups and dishes a little panty would show and as she bent over table to serve food the loose fitting nightshirt would allow a great view down her blouse. I thought she hadn’t noticed me looking but after serving us our plates she stopped while bent over and gave a little dirty look to both of us saying, are you guys thru looking down my shirt, then saying something about us being like 2 high school boys, We laughed and finished eating.

We lay out in the sun all-day and hung out and then took showers got dressed and went out to dinner. Preeti wore a little short skirt and top with no bra. She looked great not sultry or anything just great. Her tanned legs, perky breasts looked very arousing. After dinner as planned we took off for a club were we danced and drank a bit. She took turns dancing with me and Sanjeev and had us both gasping for air, so much so that we actually convinced a guy next to us at the bar to dance with her for a while (not that he need much convincing). It was late and a slow song came when she was dancing with Sanjeev, he motioned to get off the floor but she said something and he stayed. I had seen them dance before but something about tonight made it so sexy, her little skirt and breasts pressed against him and her head resting on his shoulder. After the dance we all agreed to call it a night. On the walk home she held both our arms and I commented to Sanjeev that well at least we both scored, as usual she was always ready for a comeback line saying that neither one of us or both were enough for her tonight. The kidding continued as we said that we would fix her when we got home, Sanjeev saying at one point that I needed to control my woman.

We arrived home in great sprits and broke out a few beers, at that point Preeti said she was going to get dressed for bed, I of course fired back that she wouldn’t need any clothes for bed tonight. She laughed and said something like well the same goes for you two then. When she left Sanjeev was saying how great Preeti was, saying its like hanging with one of the guys cause she can take the abuse and dish right back out at you. Well I agreed but wanted to get her so I suggested that we strip down to our underwear at least and wait for her to come back, we both figured that would get a good laugh out of her and she would call us to jerks. So we did it quickly stripping down.

Well out of the bathroom came Preeti but not changed yet as apparently she had gone to the bathroom first and was coming back to the living room to ask if we wanted to take a walk on the beach before we changed. When she walked in still fully dressed she did laugh as she looked at us saying that she didn’t really see anything she liked. Well we laughed back and I said that she was the one that mentioned that we wouldn’t need many clothes for bed and that in fact she had just chickened out. She gave me a pretty stern look saying that she was going to ask if we wanted to walk on the beach since she wasn’t yet tired but if it was naked I wanted I would get it. She pulled the shoulder straps of her dress over her shoulders and the dress dropped to the floor as she stood there in her panties. She looked at me knowing I enjoyed that and said okay now at least maybe you guys won’t have to eye me at breakfast, so now what. Well I didn’t really know what to say at that point cause I didn’t know what was next or what I wanted next, then she gave me another look and it was a look like, okay lets see how far you go before you get jealous. She walked over to Sanjeev and said I love this song on the radio lets dance, well Sanjeev was looking pretty awkward at that point but he started. She held him close as her naked breasts were pressed against him and his penis rubbing her naval. Well I couldn’t believe it, it was so hot. They danced for a couple of minutes and a different song came on, she kept dancing, she looked at me and said have you had enough of our game. I didn’t say anything part of me didn’t want to blink for pride sake, part of me loved it but part of me also felt a bit threatened about what was happening.

to be continued in Part 3