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Wife Sharing with Friend True Story Part 03

Part 3

As I thought about what to say she mumbled guess not yet, with that she told Sanjeev how when she danced she liked to get her neck and ears kissed and took his hands off her back and on her panty covered ass. He just held her ass for a bit but I guess not getting any stop from me and being very aroused at this point himself he started to gently kiss her neck. She noticed his arousal I am sure and started to grind him more.

Meanwhile I was in another world, all different emotions were going on in my head. My brain was saying that I it didn’t want him doing this with my wife while my cock was saying, wow I have masturbated to this scene before. I just sat there and said nothing and I am not sure whether because she was proving a point and wanted me to be the one to stop it or she was getting aroused herself but she took the next step. She broke the dance and looked at me briefly as to give me a second to stop her and when I didn’t she peeled off her panties and then grabbed Sanjeev’s boxers pulling them off his waist. She said something like this will make dancing nicer and went back to the dance. I didn’t even realize it then but thinking back they were now dancing slow to a fast rock song but anyway the dance continued only now it was skin on skin. That was the last time she looked at me as from that point on whether out of being dared or sheer sexual desire and arousal she began to kiss Sanjeev and massage his chest. He returned her kiss but was very hesitant to touch her anywhere but she continued the dance and after a few minutes reached down and started to stroke his cock. I was frozen in time, Sanjeev would later tell me that he looked at me but I didn’t return his look and he was too hot to hold back anymore. He started to massage her breasts and quickly started to kiss and suck them as she continued to stroke his cock.

This went on for a few minutes more and then she stopped grabbed his hand and went towards the bedroom almost as if I wasn’t there. She brought him in the bedroom and he was no longer being shy, she lay down pulled him toward her and reached down to insert him inside her. I had followed and stood at the edge of the bed, as it was obvious by her purrs and moans that she was hot. Sanjeev started fucking her and she quickly started to squirm, I figured Sanjeev would cum in an instant also but I was in for a surprise. She came hard lifting herself and Sanjeev off the bed at times with her legs as she came. She had always had great orgasms but this one of the best I had seen, the amazing thing to me was Sanjeev didn’t cum. It was like the guys in the porn flicks that seem like they can fuck for hours and not even come close to losing it. He continues to fuck her and within 5 or 10 minutes she again came. Her sounds were unbelievable as she did.

Then she broke there kiss and said something to him, with that they flipped over and she got on top. Again they fucked, this time much longer as she rode him, she was in heaven, for the first time I came over to the bed and started to stroke her hair. She looked at me with a weird kind of look but she never stopped riding his still hard cock. We held a great deep French kiss as she rode Sanjeev’s cock until she broke the kiss. She was on her way to yet another orgasm when finally Sanjeev mumbled something that sounded like he needed a condom I said its okay. With that she came again and he finally exploded inside her. There sounds were loud, there sweat so erotic, I was ashamed to say it but I couldn’t remember the last time I had fucked her like that. They both came and collapsed on one another as I stood there rubbing my wife’s back.

After a few minutes Sanjeev got up and left the room to go to the bathroom. We stayed in each other’s arms and she said a few things about not really wanting this to happen but I assured her that although I was a wee bit jealous I was okay and Sanjeev was the only person I could ever imagine sharing her like this with. We kissed and proceeded to make love for what seemed like hours after. Sanjeev never came back, I guess he saw us and went back to his room.

We awoke and Sanjeev was already having coffee, Preeti blushed a bit and so did Sanjeev. He asked if we were okay cause he had spent most of the night worrying about us. We told him that we were fine and we had enjoyed what had happened and were so glad we shared it with him. With that she gave him a huge hug and a big wet kiss.

We spent that morning at the beach were we talked about how it had happened and what was going thru each persons mind. At one point Preeti actually told Sanjeev what a great fuck he was, Sanjeev laughed said thank you. Well after talking about it all morning when we came back to the room Preeti had an evil grin and looked at both of us stripped off her bathing suit and said how about just one more time.

We did it most of the afternoon till Preeti said she was way too sore and it was hurting. As in the night before Sanjeev got most of the fucking time cause he lasted so long, although since I had cum a few times the night before I lasted pretty long myself.

Afterwards Preeti said that she didn’t want to make a habit of this but that she had loved sharing herself with both of us and would feel bad if we never spent a special time like that again.

Well that was in June and we haven’t done it again but the other day she told me she had a special celebration planned for my birthday in December. I think I know what it is.