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Wife Swapping

This is a story of how my twin brother and me swapped wives and do that even today.our wives do not know about that. I am Vijay and I have a twin brother Ajay. Both of us look exactly the same and we wear same colour clothes even now when we are 30 years old. We were married on the same day. My wife is Anjana and Ajay’s wives name is Shweta.


Now let me come to the main plot. My first night with “Anju” was too good. On my d’day Anju was on the bed wearing a red saree and I entered the room. She was too sexy. I asked her to remove all the ornaments which she was wearing. She slowly removed all the ornaments. She was now in her saree and I was wearing a designer kurta paijama. I slowly removed her saree then her blouse.

She was in her white bra and red petticoat. I got an erection seeing her. I slowly removed her petticoat and I saw a lady in her bra and pant y for the first time. I started kissing all over her. From her head to toe over her bra and panty. Slowly I removed her bra and out came her lovely boobs. I kept staring at those lovely boobs. I started licking it then I removed my dress and I was in my underwear only and she in her panties. I slowly removed her panties and I saw a bushy pussy. I started licking her pussy. She had a huge orgasm. She removed my underwear and gave me a blowjob. I was enjoying it and I had to cum I told her and she asked me to load her mouth.

I listened to her. Then I slowly started inserting my organ into her pussy. It was very tight and I felt she was a virgin. She started screaming when I inserted my dick into her tight pussy. Later she started enjoying it and so was I. I gave mighty pushes and she had a huge orgasm after some time I too shot my whole load into her. Both of us were tired and we slept naked.

I had a lovely suhagraat and so did my brother with Shweta. He said Shweta is too sexy and has an excellent figure. He said Anjana’s figure was out of the world. He asked me what if we exchanged wives every alternate days. I felt it was a great idea. I said “today I’ll go to Shweta and you to Anjana.” In the evening we went out for a movie. Ajay and myself were wearing the same black shirt with blue Newport jeans.

We purchased tickets for the movie and I sat next to Shweta and my brother next to Anju. The movie was good and we returned home. I went into my brothers room. Shweta went to have a shower. I wanted to see her naked. I was outside the bathroom and I called her and said to her I wanted to pee urgently. She asked me to come in and she continued to have a shower. I went in and saw her back toward me.

She had a very sexy butt. I got an instant erection and I started stripping. I went to her and started moving my hand over her back and her butt. I inserted my finger into her butt-hole and I could hear her moan. I slowly turned her and saw a clean shaven pussy. I could not control myself and I started tongue fucking her. She too was aroused and she came quickly. Her orgasm was huge [better than Anju’s]. I started fucking her in the bathroom under the shower. Both of us were moaning and I felt I was in the ninth heaven. Both of had orgasm simultaneously. I enjoyed with Shweta and my brother with Anju.