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We loved each other well we used to fuck everyday as we are still young .one day while he was fucking me all of a sudden I heard some strange thing from his mouth .My husband said me that his friend Pradeep and his wife Sarita wanted a swapping fuck session with us. I was really amazed and took one day time to give my opinion instead of shouting on him.

After deep thinking for one day about this matter I too wanted explore and spicing our sexual life further and also I asked my husband’s opinion. He frankly said that his friend was insisting him for it since long and he too agreed and very interested in exchanging with his friend and his wife. So I gave my full consent over it and promised him to cooperate if such programmee would arrange. By the way my husband’s boss has already fucked me and my husband also fucks his boss’s sexy hot wife in ever week. So it is not a full! y new thing for me. And then programmee was fixed in their house and we were invited in the evening. They welcomed us with nice gestures and we settled for some time talking about various topics and we decided to have fun after dinner as we had already prepared mentally for it. We finished our dinner and spending some time more we decided to start game from their drawing room.

Before staring the real game we kept a condition before our husbands saying that we both wanted to see them removing each other’s clothes while touching each other. It was completely new for them. My husband came close to his friend and started to unbutton his shirt he placed his hands over his hairy chest while his friend Pradeep did the same to my husband. First they removed each other’s shirts now their hairy chest was visible to us they had good shaped body. Then they both removed pants and we were seeing tents formed by their dicks and then they shoved hands into each other’s underwear ! first time in their life. They both undid their knickers became fully naked. Their dicks were almost same size but girth of Pradeep’s cock was little bit smaller than my husband. We were enjoying seeing each other husband’s pricks. They both shagged each other for 2 to 3 strokes.

After that Sarita went to them and asked her husband to sit with me. Then Pradeep came to me and Rajiv went to her, Pradeep took my face and kissed me and sucked my mouth where I repeated the same, and Rajiv and Sarita were also doing the same thing. Then they took us to their bedroom .My husband asked us to strip each other’s clothes, we followed their orders and did the same. We removed our clothes one by one. I think they were aroused very much as they were rubbing their cocks we became nude completely. Now my husband’s friend came to me and placed his hands on breasts and caressed them while my husband was sucking Sarita’s breasts. Pradeep kissed me everywhere and he ! fingered me played with my cunt for some time. We came 69 positions and sucked each other organs. Then I lied on the bed with my legs spread high in the air and Pradeep pushed his mighty cock in my pussy. He was pressing my boobs. I excited with thrusts of my husband’s friend. As my husband’s friend continued to fuck me deep in my cunt I was also gyrating my hips in the same motion and the entire length of Pradeep’s cock had disappeared inside my tight juicy pussy. I was looking towards my husband and Sarita.

She was sucking his cock. Sarita was bent down. Oohh her ass looked so alluring as she kneeled to suck the Rajiv’s cocks. Her pussy was wet as she took cock in her mouth sucking up to hilt. She had a big cunt with thick outer lips that had become glossy with her juices. Now Rajiv made Sarita turn around and patted on her ass, she knew what to do. She came up on her knees and was offering her cunt doggy style. This was such an erotic moment as she swayed her big buttocks in the air. Rajiv put his cock deep into her pussy. I could hear a purring noise as my husband’s cock slid inside her. Sarita thrust her ass back to meet my husband’s cock and was moaning loudly. He fucked Sarita holding her both the ass cheeks in his hands and then catching both her boobs while fucking her. Her boobs heaved as they fucked and it was a great sight for me.

He fucked her for about 20 minutes and then ejaculated his come all over! his friend’s wife’s ass. Sarita too came jerking her heavy ass and calling her husband’s as she came. Seeing their come Pradeep continued to fuck me hard putting my both legs on her shoulders. He squeezed my buttocks together as he fucked me. His hard work were bringing me closer and closer to my own climax. Just as I thought I was about to pass out from the excitement, Pradeep’s balls and cock twitched and he shot a huge load of come into my pussy and we had a wonderful climax. We ended our session with good cum soaked bodies we spent some time speaking and again we got ready for the next round.