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Wife’s Affair With Boss

I don’t know how it all started but by the time I realized, it was too late. I am a 30-year-old blue-collar worker, working for a well-known Indian company. My wife is 26 years old. Both of us come from a typical, Indian, middle class family. We are a nuclear family, unlike other Indian families, as my parents passed away some time back. We stay alone in our 2BHK row house that I have inherited from my parents.

We have been married for more than 3 years now and have been desperately trying for kids, ever since we got married. So, I was delighted to hear the good news that she was pregnant. However, that happiness was short-lived. Recently, I found out that it wasn’t me who fathered our kid. My wife is 7 months pregnant now and her affair with father of our kid is still continuing. She still thinks I am unaware of her indiscretions. I don’t understand why I feel excited about letting somebody else knock up my wife. I will make an attempt to honestly describe the circumstances and leave it to you folks to judge whether my reaction is warranted or not.

Due to the nature of my work, I have to work late shifts most of the time. I do sometimes get to work day shifts but that is rarity. My wife purposely chose a clerical job so that she could easily manage her professional as well as family life. We are not well to do financially so she had to work, anyway. Because of our different lifestyles finding time for each other and for sex has always been a challenge. We however, manage to indulge in sex at least 3-4 times a week. It is mostly in the wee hours of morning when I return home from my work and when she is about to get up. So far, it has worked out well for us in the bedroom. However, we have not been able to spend quality time with each other because of my erratic schedules.

So, sometimes it makes me wonder why I am still with her. Especially, after knowing that she is having a torrid affair with a much older man, who, unfortunately, also happens to be my boss. My boss Kishore is 47 years old, old enough to be our father. He has a daughter who is slightly younger to my wife. So it is indeed surprising to know that he would jeopardize his marriage by having an illicit relationship with my wife. I have known him only for little over a year now. I never knew he was a ladies man until recently when I found out about my wife’s affair. Both of us have high regard for Kishore and address him as Kishore bhai (elder brother). Now, it sounds strange when she addresses him as Kishore bhai (brother).

I could comprehend Kishore getting attracted to my wife but couldn’t understand why my wife would fall for someone like Kishore bhai. My wife is incredibly beautiful; in fact, I was very much surprised when she agreed to marry me. Most of my friends consider me lucky to have such a beautiful wife. She is extremely fair, gifted with a flawless complexion. She is about 5′ 5″ and her vital stats are 34-27-37. She doesn’t have an ounce of fat and looks seductive in an Indian saree. I am a bit on the darker side and stand 5′ 6″, with no great physique as such.

Kishore bhai on the other side is much darker than me. But size wise he is much bigger than both of us. He stands 5′ 10″ and has a strong physique with well-developed body. Considering his age, he does harbor a potbelly that is big but doesn’t look very big on him. But looks are deceptive. Kishore bhai knows how to woo a woman. I have seen him and my wife exchanging sweet nothings with each other several times. He is extremely good in bed and I have myself witnessed the amount of pleasure he gives to my wife. Perhaps, that’s why I still have high regard for him.

Let me first explain how it all started. Due to my weird schedules, I started consuming alcohol and got addicted to it. I got introduced to Kishore when my earlier boss retired. Kishore was brought in from another location to fill in the void. I immediately got pally with him. He too was very much addicted to alcohol and that’s how we became good friends.

We started hanging out together, as our favorite past-times were same. He worked night shift like me, so we frequented the local bars before our day (actually our night-shift) started. Our habits got us into trouble, pretty soon. Some of the seniors in the factory noticed our trend and warned us. So, we ended up at my place after work most of the days to satisfy our thirst. It was strange initially, but then we both settled into the routine.

My wife didn’t mind Kishore bhai’s presence much, primarily because we rarely had any visitors. She also started liking him as she got to know him. She was not much of an early riser but helped us on those special days (usually 2-3 times per week) with the sundry items. I think, it was during this period the seeds of their affair were sown. I probably must have been dumb to not see it coming. It’s strange that I never suspected Kishore bhai for heading an hour earlier to my place on our get-together days. He always leaves an hour earlier. So, I never noticed it until now. But these days, my heart aches whenever I see him heading to my place.

I started suspecting her when she was 5 months into pregnancy. One fine day, as soon as Kishore bhai left after completing our early morning ritual (consuming alcohol) she dragged me into bedroom and made love to me; it was actually more of wild sex. I noticed something unusual that day. She made me go down on her as soon as we had finished kissing. I am not new to oral sex but for the past few months it had ceased to exist.

I noticed two things during that session: she was very excited; animated and her pussy tasted and smelled weird. The more I thought of it, the more I was convinced that the taste and smell were remnants of recent session she had with somebody. My head was spinning when I realized that I may be tasting Kishore bhai’s, my boss’s, cum. I wanted to withdraw but couldn’t; she held my head very close to her pelvis with her legs. Being helpless, I concentrated on the smell to confirm my doubts. It was definitely the smell of a worked out pussy. I inquisitively poked her lips with my tongue to find out if I could taste semen. I had never tasted semen but knew how it tasted. She indeed tasted bitter confirming my worst doubts.

I had a throbbing erection immediately. My heart was galloping at a blistering speed and I just lapped her pussy as a hungry cat would lap milk. She set me free only after she came twice.

I couldn’t sleep that entire day and kept on wondering if she was actually having an affair with Kishore bhai. I still had an iota of doubt. When it became unbearable, I decided to find out. That evening we had planned for a small occasion; as per Indian traditions we perform special ritual during the fifth month of pregnancy. I had invited a few friends and relatives of mine. Kishore bhai, considered part of our family, was supposed to be there to help us. Unfortunately, Kishore bhai’s wife and children were away at their granny’s place for about a month, so they couldn’t attend. We had decided to call off next morning’s meeting, as it would be a hectic day with the party.

I hatched a plan to spy on them next morning. I told my wife that I would be heading to neighboring village next morning for some important work, directly from work. She had requested me to purchase some of her cosmetic items from the neighboring village and I took this opportunity to fulfill her request. With me away next morning, I was sure that they would arrange for a rendezvous if they indeed were having an affair.

I pulled out some of my spy ware that had been kept unused for years now. I had a passion for spying and had accumulated lot of interesting devices during my teenage days. I had a small wireless device that could transmit sounds from the source to any point within the range of 20-30 feet. I had successfully experimented with it a few times earlier. We own a private bungalow, which had 4 rooms and a spacious garden. The backside of our house was pretty much secluded by virtue of being the innermost bungalow in the society. So we never closed our bedroom windows as the bedroom was the on the backside. Anybody could easily peek into the room without being conspicuous; all they had to do was draw aside the curtain. I hid the bug/microphone on one of the showpieces near our bed and tested that it worked.

That evening, Kishore bhai arrived much earlier in order to setup the place before others arrived. After setting up the place he moved into the kitchen while I took care of the outdoor chores. I peeked into the kitchen every now and then but didn’t find anything fishy. However, there was special chemistry between them that I didn’t notice the other days. I still wanted to go ahead with my plans to clear my doubts.

Next morning, as expected, Kishore bhai left very early, almost two hours earlier, claiming that he was tired from evening’s party. I of course, didn’t buy his argument; I knew he was definitely heading to my place or was I hoping that he was? As soon as he was out of sight, I also left. I stay very close to our workplace. I took the shorter route and ran as fast as I could to reach home, only to find that I was too late. The lights were on; so probably he was already home, which also meant that my concerns were not misplaced.

As I neared our bedroom balcony, I concentrated hard to hear their voices but couldn’t hear anything. I could sense, though, that somebody was in the bedroom. I peeked through the windows to see that my wife was very much awake and was in fact draping a saree. She had already showered and was now wearing a saree at 4:00 clock in the morning! What more? She was draping her bright red-colored wedding saree. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra under her blouse and her saree was tucked way below her navel. This was quite unusual of her. She wore the kind of ornaments that a newly bride would. She also wore her red bangles that she had especially purchased for our wedding. While she applied lipstick, I looked around the room and saw that the bed was specially made. I saw that the bed sheet was decorated with flowers, the way it is decorated for the first-night after wedding.

As soon as she was done applying lipstick, the bell rang. So the father of my kid had arrived. I quickly moved to the living room balcony to verify if it was indeed Kishore bhai. It was dark in the living room so I couldn’t confirm. But they were locked in a tight embrace kissing each other. I moved to the bedroom balcony as soon as I sensed that they would move to the bedroom. In the bedroom, I saw my wife leading him into the room. He was excited to see the way she had decorated the bedroom for him.

“Wow! You have really setup everything as I wanted.” saying that he hugged her and kissed her fully on her mouth. It was a passionate kiss that lasted for more than a minute. I could visibly see them exchanging saliva.

“Of course honey! How could I refuse your request?” she said finishing the kiss.

“Does that mean you will grant my ultimate wish?” he quipped excitedly. To which she blushingly replied, “Lets see!”

“Now let us get comfortable. Today we have lot of time at our disposal.”

“Did you notice something strange with Kaushik yesterday? He was very quite at work today. I couldn’t understand why?”

“I think he might have got jealous or suspicious about us. We need to be careful. I think yesterday we did give him a bit of hint,” she answered

“I don’t think we have ever done anything to make him suspicious till now!”

“Really?” she questioned him coyly. He just looked into her eyes and returned her smile.

“I don’t understand why you have such perverse ideas,” she said nonchalantly

“I like humiliating people!”

“You mean to say that sleeping with somebody’s wife is not humiliating enough to the husband? Making her pregnant is not humiliating enough?”

“It is. But taking it a bit to the extreme adds spice to it!”

I was still not able to get a hang of the conversation.

“Did he react differently when you fed him my cum from your pussy?”

“Shut up! Don’t talk like that. He is after all my husband. I don’t understand why I am entertaining your whims and fancies!” she said in an irritated tone

This confirmed my doubts! So, she indeed made me go down on her on Kishore bhai’s insistence. I could only start to comprehend the power he had over her.

“I think you do know it, right?” he asked teasingly and then their mouths met in another passionate kiss.

“I am not sure but my guess is it does feel different so he might have felt odd. Also, I had cleaned up a bit to ensure that it doesn’t become too obvious”

“What? I asked you to feed him the whole of it. How could you do that!” he said in a slightly angry tone.

“Relax honey! I wouldn’t turn down your request would I? Do you have any idea how much you cum? And yesterday you had cum gallons to ensure that he does taste it. If I had let him go down on me in that stage, it would have been an end to our affair. I will gradually introduce him to the new taste of my pussy.” she said consoling him.

“Hmm… I do cum a lot!” he said smilingly

“Yes you do! You knocked me the very first time you pumped your semen in my womb, which my husband wasn’t able to do for around 3 years”

“So when do you plan to feed him full load?” he asked her.

“I don’t know, but I need to first let him get adjusted to the new taste. So, I will let him go down on me only after I have had sex with you.”

“I think you should only let him go down on you. Don’t let him fuck you!”

“Come on. Please be easy on him. He is my husband!”

“And who am I?”

It seemed Kishore bhai had quite intimate conversations with her earlier as she seemed very much relaxed discussing these things. I don’t remember if we ever had any sexy conversation apart from the 15-20 minute sex we got 2-3 times a week.

“Honey you are definitely a lot more than my husband. You are father of my kid,” she said pointing to her tummy.

“Only kid?”

“Okay. You are the father of all my kids. How many do you want?”

“About a dozen!” he said jokingly

“Oh come on. Stop kidding. I am serious!”

I was puzzled hearing her tone. She is already planning on more children from Kishore bhai! I don’t think I liked the idea of not fathering even a single kid but my dick definitely enjoyed it.

“How about three?”

“Hmm… I was thinking two would suffice. Doesn’t matter I can consider third one too!”

“But then we might have to hurry. You are already nearing fifty. I would need at least six years to give birth to 3 kids. Do you think it is okay to conceive from a man above fifty?”

“Hmm… I think as a woman it is your prerogative to conceive from somebody who will give you the best set of genes. If you think I cant give you the best then you should look around!”

“Shut up! I don’t want to be having one more husband. It is already tough handling my two husbands: of which one of them, given a chance, will never give an opportunity to my other husband to mount me!” she said smilingly

“I want to be absolutely sure that I am the father of your kids. So you need to keep your husband away when you are trying to conceive!”

“Agreed honey!”

And their lips met for the third time. This time it was an intense kiss. Kishore bhai was squeezing my wife’s boobs as if he was trying to milk them. No wonder her boobs had grown a lot recently. He had undone her blouse and was sucking on her tits now. My wife was enjoying his attention very much. After sometime she motioned him to lie on his back and started working on him. She started from his mouth and gradually moved southwards. On her way she latched onto one of his nipples and gave it very rough yet pleasurable treatment. I could hear Kishore bhai delighted moans while she was doing this.

She pecked his manhood through trousers a little bit and then started undoing his trousers. She was having some difficulty in unfastening the button because of his huge potbelly but with the help of Kishore bhai, she quickly opened the zipper. She caressed his manhood through his underwear and even tried to bite it with her teeth. After some foreplay, she got her hand into his trousers and brought out his penis.

What I saw amazed me. He was huge! She was holding his penis in her hand from the base and yet half of it was still showing. He must have been at least 2-3 inches longer than me and it also seemed much thicker than mine. So I found out that he did have the equipment to serve my wife.

Her mouth was bobbing up and down on his shaft, now. Her lips could hardly cover any length because of the thickness of his prick. While she was working on his prick, Kishore bhai got rid of his trousers and underwear. She didn’t let go of his dick while he was trying to unfasten her saree knot unsuccessfully.

He was lying on his back and she was sleeping next to him sucking on his cock. After a while he changed his position by raising one of his leg over her head so that her head was sandwiched between his two legs now. I could see him pushing her head down and she was responding to him negatively.

“Hey! You promised!” he complained.

“But it smells! You haven’t yet showered. How can I possibly do that?” she retorted back

“Doesn’t Matter! You have to prove that you love every part of my body. Besides this is just the beginning,” he said

“What do you mean? You pervert!” she gave him a weird look and said, “Now come one switch off the lights”

“No. I wont!”

“How can I do it otherwise?” she complained

“As I said this is just the beginning. I know it is dirty and smells and that is intentional. Get down to work and clean it. I want it spic and span” he commanded her

I could sense what he was asking her to do but couldn’t believe she would actually do it. She gave him a nasty look but reconciled to her fate, I guess. She gently pushed him back onto his back and move back to go down him. She gently wrapped her hand around his penis and instead of kissing its head she moved it out of her way. She started kissing the base of his prick; those were gentle pecks. Gradually her kisses became more audible as her lips parted to give wet kisses. I could only feel jealous as her pink lips took one of his pitch back testicles into her mouth. She gently suckled and then moved onto other and completely soaked them with her saliva.

She looked at him, smiled, and got between his legs and knelt. My wife lifted his legs and he helped her by pulling them to his chest and keeping them there. She grabbed a pillow and shoved it under his butt to make it accessible. She lay down and her lips were inches away from his groin. She nudged her nose into his ass crack and took a few deep breaths. I guess his musky, tangy odor excited her. She looked carefully at his puckered hole that was pulsating with anticipation.

She leaned forward again, this time with an open mouth but she probed him just below his testicles with her tongue. She was teasing him probing the section between testicles and anus. Kishore bhai was breathing heavily. Placing her hands below his buttocks she moved him a bit higher and slowly lowered her tongue. He gasped and his body shrieked as her tongue touched his puckered hole. She prodded his anal opening with her tongue for a while and then she started lapping at his behind. She was cleaning his dirty bum hole with her tongue. I could clearly see lot of saliva dipping from her mouth onto his bum.

Once she was happy with his hygiene she started working on his anus. She was trying to pry it open with her tongue and obviously his sphincter muscles weren’t letting her in as yet. Kishore bhai was in seventh heaven when she finally managed to sneak in her tongue into his opening. She licked and sucked his puckered hole for a long time until he made her stop.

To Be Continued………….

“I think you are becoming a very good wife!” he taunted her

“Now lets see if you can be an ideal wife or not.”

“Since this is our first night after our wedding, I would like to take your virginity!”

She smiled “Honey, unfortunately my first husband has already taken my virginity so I can’t really offer that to you. Although, I do concede that if you had asked this to me on my wedding night (with my first husband) I would have gladly given it to you”

That said a lot about my status in our marital bedroom. I never knew that I was so bad in the sex department that she would even consider somebody like Kishore bhai to consummate our marriage on the wedding night.

“Thank you very much for the consideration. But what has happened is past and that cannot be changed,” Kishore bhai curtly replied.

“Now let me take what I can have. You still have a virgin hole in your body which I wish to take today,” he said casually hinting to her that he wanted to take her analy.

“NO!” she exclaimed

“You cant. It wont fit in!”

“Don’t worry. Just relax and let me do the job. I am going to take your anal cherry whether you like it or not,” he mentioned it as a matter of fact.

He moved her to the center of the bed and crawled between her legs. He pulled her saree up to her waist and I found that she wasn’t wearing gagra or panties. I could see his rock hard pulsating penis nearing her honey pot. He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulder as he moved closer. She was watching excitedly as he pressed his cock downward pointing to her bum hole. The contrast of his fat black cock next to her pink puckered was exciting. I noticed that she was already lubed; I guess she had thoroughly prepared for his visit although she tried to act innocent. So, this was the ultimate gift he was talking about when he entered our bedroom.

He inched closer and his penis was touching now the entrance of her rear hole. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of losing her anal virginity. He slowly pushed forward and I could see my wife bit her lower lip trying to contain the pain she was feeling. After some initial resistance the sphincter muscles slackened and took his knob in. She gasped in pain and pleasure as this happened. Kishore bhai waited at this stage for a moment checking if she was in pain. Sensing nothing is happening, my wife opened her eyes to see that his head had already entered her. Looking into his eyes she said, “Come on fuck me. Take my anal cherry!” He slowly started to push into her. Gradually her muscles started relaxing and letting in more of him in her.

I could see my wife moaning as he was trying to penetrate her as much as he could. When Kishore bhai got it all in he sighed! He adjusted her legs around his waist and lowered himself on top of him. There lips met into a passionate kiss and he gradually started his pumping action. Every time he drove his penis into her I could hear her gasp that got muffled in their kiss.

It was evident by the way she was breathing and her moans that it was slightly discomforting for her. However, couple of minutes into the action she started enjoying it. Her sphincter muscles seemed to have succumbed to his invading member. I still couldn’t believe that such a thick penis was shafting her. He went fucking her for more than five minutes now and didn’t show any signs of Cumming.

I admired his staying power. No wonder she chose him to father her children. He was not only well equipped but also knew how to use his equipment. After fucking her for around 10 minutes he decided to change position. He got her to lie on her tummy and shoved couple of pillows under her tummy to elevate her bum. It seems he had made up his mind to ravage her rear hole tonight. He got into his position with her legs spread wide, exposing her bum hole.

I could now see him quickly entering her anal opening without much resistance. He decided to increase his tempo and was now humping her hard. With the increased tempo she had become more vocal. I guess, it was also hurting her now. Couple of time she requested him “Easy honey easy. You are hurting me!” But Kishore bhai didn’t pay any heed to her advice and banged her as hard as he could.

Even this time he didn’t cum immediately. I was timing him now. He took another 10 minutes to cum in her. As he came in her he rammed his cock deep into her with such force that she was pushed a bit forward. They tried to catch their breath as they lay there; he was still on top of her with his thick cock deeply embedded in her bum hole. I could see cum leaking through her hole as he started pulling out his penis from her asshole. He rolled back onto his back and now they were lying in each other’s arms.

“Oh God. You really stretched me! I thought you ripped me apart” she said excitedly.

He just smiled and urged her to go down on him. I wasn’t surprised to see her go down on him to clean both of their juices. After cleaning she went back into his arms and asked “Are you happy now?”

“Yes; for now”

It was 6:00 am and they still were in their bed and didn’t seem they wanted to get up immediately. I usually returned home by 5:00 and it was already 6:00 now.

“What did you meant when you said this is just the beginning?” she asked him.

“Good question; quite a lot actually. I want you to shed all inhibitions and participate in any activity freely!”


“Like swallowing my cum”

“Yes. Then I can understand what is in store for my husband, right? What else?”

“Being my toilet slave”

“Toilet Slave! What is that?”

“It means that your mouth would function as a commode for me!”

“How disgusting! I will never do something like that”

“Yes honey! You will and I am sure you will enjoy it”

“I will start by peeing in your mouth first and then let you clean me after my bowel movements. Initially with toilet paper and then later on with your mouth.”

“I don’t know what I have done to deserve it!” I could hear my wife say.

That’s exactly what I said to myself: “What have I done to deserve this?”