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Wifes Escapade

I met him on a website and discussed my fantasy. He seemed like a guy who can be relied on for our privacy. He is around 40 years age divorced and single. I met him in a cafe first, He was dark, around 175 cm tall, strongly built with a slight stomach. Was perfect for what I was looking for. We talked for a long time and chalked out a plan to seduce Nisha to have sex with him.

As a first step of our plan I invited Jaspal home for dinner and introduced him to Nisha as a business associate. I encouraged her to talk to him by leaving them alone every now and then by getting out of the room. It all went quite smooth and by the time he left she was quite comfortable with him. We kept meeting for social meetings for a few weeks and developed a good friendship.

Two weeks ago he invited us home and we agreed. We had a nice dinner and sat down in the drawing room chatting about different topics. The discussions turned towards palmistry and Jaspal said that he is an expert in hand reading. I showed no interest in his skills but Nisha immediately put her hand in front of her asking him to read her lines. He started looking at her hand without touching it as if he is in deep thoughts. As already planned I stood up and said OK guys you discuss your palmistry and I will come back from the gents.

As soon as I went behind the curtains I saw Jaspal took hold of her hand still showing professionalism explaining the significance of each line. Suddenly he came closer to her and holding her left hand he put his right hand on her shoulder and said, Nisha you are very beautiful and Sahil is very lucky. She immediately pulled her hand away said, OK enough!

Before she could understand what was happening Jaspal pulled her towards him and kissed her on her lips. She was terrified and was unable to react at first. He took full advantage of the situation and planted a few more kisses on her cheeks and neck. Now realizing what was happening she started resisting. I was watching from behind the curtains. Jaspal let her go and she immediately moved away to the other side of the room. Jaspal kept looking at her with no regrets.
I came back into the room after 2 minutes and they started chatting as if nothing has happened.
We came back home and she did not mention anything to me. As I have earlier told her that Jaspal was an important business contact she probably kept quiet for the sake of my relations.
He did not made any contact for more than a week and called last Wednesday. I was not home and Nisha picked up the phone. He said that he was sorry for what he did and losing control. Jaspal also told her that he is coming to our house around 6 PM to see me for a business meeting. That time was suggested by me as I knew that my kids will be away on a function until 7.30 PM.
Normally I am home by 5.30 so she said OK. Jaspal reached my home at around 5.45 with a bunch of flowers. Handing them over to Nisha he said that he is genuinely sorry. She invited her inside out of courtesy asking him to wait in the drawing room as she was expecting me home any moment.
I parked my car around 500 meters away and called home from my cell. I told Nisha that I will be late and won’t be back until 7 pm.” Can you receive Jaspal and let him have a cup of tea etc. And I will join you soon”. Before she could say anything I hung up. I switched my phone off and quietly walked home through the back door into the garage.
Looking through the back door I could see that she was in the Kitchen making tea at the same time replying to Japal’s queries in short sentences. Suddenly I saw Jaspal walking into the kitchen standing right behind her he said, ”Nisha are you still angry with me” She looked back and said , No it is OK, that was a mistake.
Hearing this he moved closer, close enough that he was barely inches away from her. He was Looking straight into her eyes and said, “I can’t help it Nisha as I find you very attractive” and he put his arms around her pulled her closer to his chest. She tried to move away but before she could react he put his lips on her neck. She struggled but could not move away from her strong grip. In the end she muttered, Jaspal please somebody might see.
He said, “don’t worry it will be OK if you cooperate. But if you don’t it might create a scene here. I just want to touch you and then I will move away”.
She loosened herself a bit and Jaspal got hold of her hands lifting them up he put them on his shoulders. He started kissing her bare skin on her neck and shoulders and pulled her closer holding her ass. She did not respond but was not resisting as well, hoping that this will only be a smooching session and will be over soon. Holding her ass tightly, he pushed his crotch between her legs and moved his lips to her face and closed them on her lips kissing lightly and then harder and harder.
I was a bit surprised to see that Nisha was kissing him back. After 2 minutes he turned Nisha’s back towards him and positioning his dick on her ass pulled her back towards him holding her breast and started kissing on the neck. His hand moved downwards and touched her between her legs. She moaned as well as closed her eyes dropping her head backwards.
This was point of no return for her, as I saw jaspal was pulling the knot of her shalwar. He pulled it down to the floor together with her panties in one swift motion. He lifted her shirt and pulled it out as well. Now Nisha was completely naked apart from her bra her naked ass in front of Jaspal. He unhooked her bra and helped her boobs out of them.
My fantasy is now coming true in front of me. My wife was standing completely naked and this man was planting kisses all over her body. He ran his hands over her breast down to her cunt on her belly still facing her from behind. He moved her closer to the wall. Made her put her hands high up on the wall; her face was towards the wall. She spread her legs and arched her back so that her ass moved backwards. This opened up her ass and Jaspal could access her pussy from behind.
Jaspal moved down kissing her on her back down to her buttocks and between her ass crack. He parted Nisha’s ass looking at her ass hole and put his lips on her ass hole. First kissing and then rimming the hole with his tongue. He kept licking her ass hole and pussy for a few minutes. She was now thoroughly enjoying it and pushing against his tongue to make it go deeper.
He stood up and turned her over to face him. Nisha’s eyes were closed hands resting on his shoulders. She helped him remove his pants and T Shirt. And within 30 seconds Jaspal was completely nude. .She immediately wrapped her naked body around him His dick was good 8 inches. His buttocks were shining black and he was really much strongly built.
He made Nisha lie on the floor on her back, Spread her legs and lifted her knees bending them towards her shoulders. Now I could clearly see her ass hole below her cunt. He teased Nisha for a few seconds by rubbing the tip of his dick on her already wet ass hole and pussy. She was trying to move to get it inside her soon. Suddenly he put the tip of his Dick on Nisha’s Cunt and Entered her. She was already wet enough and took full length of Jaspal’s Penis in one swift motion.
He started fucking her slowly first and then increasing the force with each stroke. Her knew were still bent up near her shoulders. I could clearly see His 8 inch dick was going in and out with great speed. She was moaning loudly. Her hands were spread on the ground above her head. Her breasts were pressed forcefully down by Jaspal with his strong hands pressing her legs against them.
He fucked Nisha for 2-3 minutes in that position and then turned her over on her all fours. Putting his hands on her ass he spread it apart and pushed his dick in her cunt her from behind. His thumb was fucking her ass at the same time. His strong ass and naked body was shining. Jaspal’s black shining body was fucking my fair skin wife Nisha with great strength. Nisha had her head on the ground and was cooperating by moving her ass with every push making Jaspals dick go deeper inside her.
This was a great site looking at my beautiful wife fucked by a strange man in Doggy style. She was enjoying it thoroughly moving her ass backwards and forward with every push and moaning louder and louder.
Jaspal’s body tightened and he folded on her back he got hold of her tightly and came inside her from behind. I am sure she had had at least 3 orgasms by then