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With Sweet Servant – Kumari

My name is sri. I want to share my experience which has happened with our maid-servant about one month back which is 100% true. Believe me friends, I am not cooking up some story and posting it. Our maid’s name is Kumari. She is some 25 years old lady and she is little dark. The key thing to be noticed in her is her boobs. She has very fat boobs. She always wears her saree below her navel, So her navel can be seen clearly whenever she bents for sweeping the floor or for wiping the floor.

By seeing her back one can easily notice that she never wears a bra because she always wears see through blouses. Through my mother, now she is living alone. Her face looks very sexy; if you see her you cannot stop thinking about her.

One fine day, I got the chance of fucking her(Kumari). On that day, I was alone in my house when kumari came to my house for working. My family members went out for attending some function. On that day, kumari came to my house wearing purple colour saree, purple colour blouse and red colour petticoat. On that day, I was wearing white T-shirt and green shorts and no underwear. Kumari, as usual started wiping the floor with a piece of wet cloth. While wiping, kumari lifts her saree till her hips so that it does not get wet. However, her petticoat will always be down(covering her legs)which prevents me from watching her sexy legs. On that memorable day, while kumari is wiping the floor with a piece of wet cloth, one of her friend came to my house to talk to her.
So, kumari went to the garden to talk to her(friend). Our garden is very close to my room. So I was watching kumari through the window from my room pretending as if I am doing some computer work. From the window I saw kumari talking to her friend and scratching her pubic region(vagina) now and then in front of her friend. By seeing this I became really hot and my body, mind were out of control. She finished talking to her friend and came inside the house and again started wiping the floor again. I came out of my room and started reading newspaper in the living room. Kumari asked me to help her a bit because she is working since morning and she has become tired. She asked me to get a glass of water as she is thirsty. So I went and brought a glass of water. While handling the glass to her, it slipped from my hand accidentally and the water fell on her saree and petticoat as she took the glass from me by sitting(squatting) on her legs. She said that she can’t go like that as everyone will think negatively (she pissed in her clothes). I told her not to worry because I have a solution for this. I gave her the bed sheet which I am using it on my bed and told her to go to my room, remove her saree and petticoat and wrap this bed sheet around her body. I asked her to give her wet saree and petticoat to me so that I can iron that wet clothes(saree and petticoat). She first told it’s o.k. Then I convinced her by saying come on, don’t feel shy not only you, even I have the private parts in the body. Then at last she agreed for my suggestion. She went inside my room and came out with only saree in her hand. I took that saree and started ironing it and in between I stated passing some comments on like- you look beautiful, Nice body etc. she understood that I am having lust on her. But she is keeping quiet. I finished ironing her saree and it is almost dried. Now I asked her for other part (petticoat).
She told its o.k. as it will be inside the saree. I told her though it stays inside the saree, the water will stick to saree and the saree will again become wet. She told o.k. and turned her body(front part) to the other side(900 ) inserted her into the bed sheet near her waist to loosen the thread of her red petticoat. As a result her petticoat became lose and dropped on to her legs she gave it to me for ironing. I saw the petticoat near waist and found so many hairs sticking to the petticoat. From this I came to know that she has a hairy vagina. Without her notice, I smelled her petticoat in the area where she hides her vagina.Now I finished ironing her petticoat and it has become dry. Now I want to proceed more front but I controlled myself as it is risk thing and she could complain to my family members. So I started moving from there with a disappointed face. She caught my hand and started smiling and told me to fulfill her wish. I was surprised. Before I could realize anything she placed her hand on my chest and started moving it on my chest. Now I understood what it is. She told it’s not a request, it’s an order. I felt happy; I was on the top of the world. I lifted and took her to my room with bed sheet still wrapped on her body. She told me to start with French kiss because she likes the taste of French kiss very much. So I locked her lips with my lips and started kissing her. Our tongues were playing with each other. After 5 minutes, we broke the French kiss and we started kissing each other body parts for 10 minutes with the clothes on the body.
After kissing each other for 10 minutes, I pulled the bed sheet down from her breasts and out came two big water melons. I started sucking her boobs like a small baby. While I was sucking her boobs, she inserted her hand into my shorts from the bottom and started pulling my penis by catching it’s(penis) hair. She removed my shorts and she is shocked to see my huge and fat penis. It has become wet with precum. After I finished sucking her boobs, she told me that she wanted to suck my penis because she likes the taste of precum very much. She started sucking my penis as if she is sucking soft drink with a straw. After she finished sucking, I removed the bed sheet on her body and I was surprised to see her hairy pussy. Her pussy was covered with dense hairs. She told me that she used to have shaved pussy two years back because her hubby likes to shave her pussy. Now as she is staying alone, no one is there to shave her pussy. So she lost interest in keeping the pussy clean. I started combing her pussy with my hand. By looking at her pussy, one can easily judge that she was fucked quite a number of times recently.
She told me to give a good massage to her pussy as it has become deprived of massages. I looked around and found coconut oil in the shelf. I took the oil and started massaging her pussy. She told me to rub hardly. I massaged her pussy for about 10 minutes. My cock was ready to enter her pussy. I went forward and inserted my penis into her vagina. As she is very much experienced in these things(sex), my penis went inside her vagina easily without any difficulty. I started fucking her more intensively. After some time, I noticed some liquid coming out from her vagina. I thought she is cumming and I continued fucking her with full josh. As time passed, more liquid is coming out with more force and is pushing my penis out. I removed my penis out to see what it is. I saw her vagina and found that she is cumming. I looked at her and found that she is not in this world. She doesn’t know what is happening here. She has attained orgasm. I again started fucking her cumming pussy. After finishing fucking her pussy, I asked her for doggy style. But she refused. I convinced by saying-It won’t be painful. If it is painful, I will stop it. At last she agreed for doggy style. I started fucking her in doggy style While I am fucking her in doggy style, again some amount of cum started leaking from her vagina.After fucking her in doggy style for sometime, I was about to cum.
I have fucked my sexy maid servant. Now both of us were exhausted . So we decided to take take some rest.So we decided to sleep for sometime with naked bodies. After getting up, we went inside the bathroom to take a bath, while taking a bath; we rubbed and washed each other’s body parts with soap and water. After bathing, we roamed inside the house with naked bodies and doing some kinky(naughty) things. It was 4’O clock in the evening. And she told she has to go. From that day onwards, whenever, she comes inside my room for sweeping or wiping the floor, we do kinky (naughty) thing like lifting her saree and rubbing her vagina or squeezing her boobs or inserting my hand inside her petticoat and touching her vagina or giving her a nice French kiss etc. She enjoys all these things and even she likes doing kinky things with me like pinching my penis or sucking it or biting me on my chest with her lips or inserting her hand into my underwear or shorts to touch my penis etc.