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5 days sex with bhabhi part-1

Hi my name is vittal and i am a student. I have han elder brother and he got marrage last year. He has his own shop in garden city. he was liveing house at 7:00 and hi will rech there in 8:30 and he will come at 12:00 in night. Some days he will go out of station for 1 or 2 my collage they will not care if any one come to collage so i was putting bunk and live in house itself. By seeing my sweet sexy bhabhi (my brother wife) her name is meena look like an actress Udayabhanu. Her age is just 23 her boobs are 23 i love her face and boobs (i love actress Udayabhanu now she is in channal now.if i got a chance to fuck her. I will fuck her tell she die with pain. From some ones informatilm they told she was a call girl 4 to 5 years back if you have a phone number of her please send me)come to the storie i was seeing her day to night. In night time my brother will take case of her.there was 3 rooms in my house 1 is for my brother and sweet bhabhi 1 is for me 1 is empty with good bed.

One day my brother cold me and told he is going out of station for 2 weeks and take case of bhabhi and house . He left house morning itself at 7:00 i massaged my friend that i am not at house we are gone to village for function i will come next week to collage.g went back to bed.i hard a noise of water. I got up and went out side it was not a rail i came back to room it is form bathroom (my brother’s bathroom has two doors one for me and one for them i silently push the door it was locked from other side i went to my bhabhi room it was not locked i get in side and silently lock the door and hide my self back of the corten and seeing when she will come back. She came out with a towal.i Thot it is my bad lock and she got black color bra and panty .she removed her towel . Seeing her in nude I was fly in sky .she opende her cubord and tuck white color pretcort,blouse,saree.she dressed and gone out i went to the bathroom pick her panty and her bra and came to my room and masterbite with them i had some indian babes bf cd’s in my shelf so that no won will cot me i want some more cd’s so i went to bye them.

I came at 3:00 i have bye 6 cd’s 1 cd is having bf of indian actress i on the computer and put cd and masterbiteing at 7:00 my bhabhi knock the door i directly switch off the system and open the door she see me and tell what are you doing. I told i was sleeping, she called of for dinner i went to the dineingtabie she served of food i was seeing her boobs from side. She showed me that i was seeing her boobs. She sow me and smile i also smiled after dinner i side i will go and sleep and told her good night i went to my room and slept. I wake up and went to kitchen and drink water and sow clock it was jest 12:32 i went throw bhabhi room i sow door was open i went inside and sow bhabhi she was in asleep she was in her nigety silently went and sleep faceing to bhabhi i thot of fucking her i was scare if she tell to my brother so slowly put my hand on her boobs and slowly pressed it i thot of puting my hand in side so i unzip her nigety put my hand inside and unhuck her bra i thot of her pussy and slowly i put my hand inside throw her leg and i lose her panty and put my 1 finger inside i was shocked she was stel sleeping. i was fingering her from 1 hower i went back to my room and thot of how can i fuck her.

next day happened at night i was going to sleep she told good night.i went to my room and undressed my self and slept. At 11:00pm she came and knock the door i dressed as soon as and opened the door she told in her room fan is not working and asked can i sleep hear i told her ok and i got on bed she also got on the bed. at 12 she got up and sat. i asked why what happened she told she is not geting sleep i told to watch tv tell you get sleep she told in tv they will be no intersting she sow my computer and sed i will use computer. I told there is no internet she told dont were i will do she got a userbook of her aircel and activate internet in her mobile and told to bring datacable she fixed and start browsing i went to sleep.

After 30 min i show she was seeing bf that i had put i went near her she show of and told where did you get it i told i got from cd shop near by she asked do you have some more i sed yes she asked where are they i sed in shelf she only took the cd’s asked her have did you get this cd’s i told yeastaday she asked did you see all the cd’s i sed no she asked why i told i am tiered so she asked can we see now i sed now she sed yes dont be shy be like with your friend i sed ok she asked me are you confestable i sed yes she turned system into over side i asked her did you see bf before she told yes in my house in bedroom she came to me and told it will be hot when seeing so take off your cloths i told yes, if she allow me to remove your cloths she sed ok i remove her top she removed my t-shirt i removed her 27c bra and pant she removed my pant we were nude she was not shaved her hairs i asked why are you not shaved she told she had afeared of shaveing i asked can i shave it she no not now i will allow you next day i sed ok play bf cd (i had an lcd one) she played and begin to watch i was watching my nude bhabhi she sow of and told not to see me like this and watch bf i asked can i ??? She told you ma kiss and hug me arter all cd’s over, it was 4:00 i sow her.