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An Evening at the Malad Hair Salon

I am a businessman and I was running late. I had an interview the next day and I wanted to look presentable, so I ducked into my regular salon in Malad. The woman that usually cut my hair was not available, but Anushka was there, and she agreed to stay late and give me the trim that I needed.

I had noticed Anushka the last few times that I was in because she had long, curly black hair and blue-green eyes, and I had a particular weakness for Aishwarya Rai-like eyes. I never saw her in anything other than a skirt and blouse, and the skirt was never more than halfway down her thighs while the shirt always exposed some nice cleavage.

I took off my tie and leaned back in the seat to get my hair washed. For me, at least up until that night, the hair washing was my favourite part of the haircut. It was so sensual, the feel of a pretty woman’s fingers working through my hair. One time I had to wait twenty minutes for my stylist to free up, and I paid one of the girls to wash my hair the entire time.

But back to that night, Anushka pushed my chair back so that my head was in the sink. In this particular establishment, the sink was against the wall, so Anushka had to stand next to me as she wet and washed my hair. We chatted a bit, as I explained why I needed this cut so badly tonight and the job I was interviewing for, however it was a bit hard to concentrate on my story with Anushka’s breasts swaying in front of me. Her shirt was not quite so low cut as to give me a good view down it, but it sure did not appear that she was wearing a bra.

And while I watched her lovely breasts, smelled her delightful aroma and listened to her lilting accent, I felt her hip pushing against my hand, which was resting on the armrest. Anushka turned slightly, and suddenly it wasn’t her hip that were pushing against my hand.

I froze, not quite sure what to do. Then Anushka pulled back a little, and I saw her eyes briefly, at least till they turned away, her face blushing prettily. When she turned back to run the conditioner in my hair, she pressed against my hand again. This time, instead of fearing that I would inadvertently offend this lovely woman, I jutted the knuckles of my three middle fingers out.

Anushka had been in the middle of telling me how she planned to take a vacation next month, but her voice caught momentarily, and when she continued her voice was somewhat deeper, huskier. When she was done rinsing my hair, I stood up and took her hand, bringing it to my lips.

“Thank you. That was a most sensual experience.”

She blushed and sat me in the chair. She slowly cut my hair, brushing against me frequently. As she did, and we had our outwardly innocent conversation going on, I looked at her in the mirror. She would glance quickly at me, always turning away when she realized that I was looking at her. As my hair became neater, her furtive glances became more frequent.

When she was done, she brushed me off, and I was starting to feel sorry that I had to leave.

“Would you like a hot towel and a shave?” Anushka asked me.

I didn’t really have much growth on my chin, but on the other hand I really didn’t want to leave.

“Please,” I replied.

She led me towards the back to an old fashioned barber’s chair. I sat down and she leaned it all the way back. She went and got the shaving supplies while she warmed the towel. With her eyes lowered, avoiding mine, she had a Moan Lisa smile as she wrapped the towel around my face.

I felt Anushka move around, then I felt her hand on my belt, loosening it.

“What!” I exclaimed.

“Shhhh,, ” she said soothingly.

She had me lift my ass, and thinking about the earlier part of the evening, I happily complied. With the towel still over my eyes, I felt her rub something around my cock.

“Careful,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to cut you.”

Then I felt the razor making its way through my pubic hair. I froze again. I don’t know about you, but a straight razor around the favourite part of my body made me very, very nervous. I felt stroke after stroke, and I could feel where my hair was gone. When she got to my testicles, thankfully, she switched to a safety razor.

She finished the job in a remarkably short period of time, though maybe I just blocked most of it out. She took another warm wet cloth and sponged off my newly denuded area.

“So pretty,” she said, and I groaned as she popped my cock into her mouth.

Surprisingly, even though she was wielding a dangerous weapon right near my family jewels, the feeling of her fingers gently moving around, smoothing me out, moving my cock out of the way, brushing away stray hairs – all of it conspired to make me rock hard throughout the process, a state which did not reverse when I was in her mouth.

She pulled her mouth off of me and stepped back. Then she climbed on the chair into my lap, and slowly unwrapped the now cool towel from my face. I groaned again as I saw that she was completely nude, and that I wasn’t the only person in the place that had shaved genitals.

She smiled as she levered herself up, grabbed my cock and slowly, oh so slowly, dropped her steaming slippery pussy over my cock.

My hand fumbled at the side of the chair until it found the bar, and I snapped the chair up halfway, jarring Anushka all the way onto my cock. I wrapped my hand in her luxurious red hair and jerked her head back, making her gasp. As I took a pointed pink nipple into my mouth and squeezed down hard, the moan that she released was pitched almost too low for human hearing.

I wrapped my other hand around her waist and started helping her up and down, though after three strokes she needed no help. She was so wet that it felt almost frictionless, yet the squeezing of her pussy walls pulsed on my cock – a curious combination.

After nearly an hour of foreplay, neither of us was ready for an extended session, and soon Anushka’s movements became jerky. As I was about to cum, she lifted herself nearly off my cock, but I pulled her down with her hair, slamming myself deep into her as I bit her neck and shoulder. She screamed as my spunk pulsed into her, went rigid, then collapsed onto me.

I let her lie there for about thirty seconds, then using her hair again I pulled her head back and took my first kiss. It lasted a while, but ended when my shrinking cock slipped out of her, dripping our juices back onto me. She got up and got another warm towel, wiping me off, then helping me up. I pulled up my pants as she slipped her clothes on; I didn’t notice a bra or panties anywhere.

She walked me towards the front and I paid her for the haircut, tipping generously. I took her hand and leaned over to kiss it.

“I think I’ll need another trim in about a week,” I said.

“I’m here alone late every Thursday,” she replied.

As I walked out, I realized that Thursday had suddenly become my favourite day of the week.