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Aunt does me and Friends

In my last stories I had told you of my adventures with my Aunt Sarita. My cousin Meena too joins us sometimes. About my aunt, she has become addicted to sex and mind you of any kind. She has no inhibitions as long as her pussy gets stuffed with cock or any thing else. She was a unique lady and I have never seen any other lady like her in my life.

Aunt used to call me to her house in Mumbai whenever her hubby used to go out on tour as I was staying for my service in Mumbai. We used to invite my cousin Meena to join us sometimes. This week too I was giving company to my aunt on similar occasion. I had to give a party to my business friends Rakesh, Ramesh and Ravi. So I asked my Aunt Sarita if I could call them on Friday evening for the same. I told her that they were to give me a break in my career and I had to please them for this. She at once agreed and called her niece Meena( my cousin too) to help her on that day. I told aunt to please them with all her skills and all. She told me not to worry and she can handle them well. She told Meena and she too told the same. And the party was arranged on Friday evening.
My aunt and cousin Meena were dressed to kill for that occasion. Aunt was wearing pink sari and transparent white blouse. I could see her black bra easily through the blouse and since it was low cut, I was able to see the two fleshy globes peeking out. Her sari was tight and her red panties were clearly visible. The sari was tight and her solid ass was clearly visible. She had worn the sari very low and her sexy belly button could be seen. She looked sexy as hell. Meena was wearing short black skirt and white shirt. I could see her fleshy smooth thighs and long legs. Her boobs were clearly visible through the shirt, as she did not wear any bra underneath. She had applied dark lipstick and her lips looked very sensuous. Both had put on nice make up and were looking great.
In the evening my friends arrived at about 9.00 PM. I made the introductions and asked them to be comfortable. we had a round of whisky and were in a bit high spirit. They appreciated the beauty of my Aunt and cousin and passed some remarks about their assets. I was glad they liked my Aunt and cousin. The second round started and Aunt filled al the glasses and brought some chicken to eat. The conversation was getting on to films, romance and sex. I asked my friends if they had seen any xxx movie. Ramesh said, “ we saw a few but they were of American ladies and I wish to see an Indian xxx video.” I told him that I don’t have it but I shall show them live show instead. At this they jumped in their seats and looked at my aunt and cousin. My aunt said,“Boys, I love Sunil very much and will do anything he wishes. But you have to promise me that you will help him give break in his career and give him nice job with high salary. My niece Meena also loves Sunil and she will do anything for him. I told Meena to refill our glasses. She did it and we started to sip the whisky slowly. I told my Aunt and Meena that they should stand in front of us and give us a show while undressing. Meena stood up and started to dance seductively. While dancing she went near my friends to sip whisky from their glass, sitting on their lap. Aunt too got up and started to remove her sari, seductively turning around in circles. Her sari fell on the floor and she stood before us only in her blouse and petticoat. We could see her solid ass and the outline of her red panties. Her black bra was visible and her boobs peeked from top of the blouse. Aunt started to swing her hips and caught hold of me and made me dance with her. Meena had removed the buttons of her shirt and her boobs sprang out. She wrapped the shirt around them and started to dance with aunt and me. Aunt now removed her blouse slowly and threw it towards my friends. Rave caught it and was smelling it. I saw the effect of it on Rave and the bulge was clear. Meena had removed my pant and caressing my cock, which was now hard. Aunt came near me and removed my shirt. I too was left with my briefs. Aunt kneeled in front of me and kissed my cock and started to move her tongue from base to the tip. Meena came near me and started to kiss me on my mouth. Our tongues played game in each others mouth. My friends could not take this and they too got up and removed their clothes. They had cocks from 6-7 inch long and not much thick as compared to mine. I told them not to disturb the ladies and watch the show. They sat back with their hands massaging the cocks. Now aunt engulfed my cock in her mouth and started to suck it seriously. Meena was watching this and got excited too. She too kneeled down and started sharing my cock with aunt. Meena would take my 9 inch in her throat and would play with it by manipulating her throat muscles. It felt great. Aunt would suck my cock very hard removing my juices from the cock and drink it. Ravi, Rakesh and Ramesh were rubbing their dicks. I watched my friends breathing faster and guessed that they were about to spill the juice. I told aunt and Meena to lie on their backs and to watch my friends jacking off on their body. They lay on the floor and called my friends near them. Aunt told them to come on her and Meena’s boobs. All were excited and came in thick white globs on boobs of aunt and Meena. Their boobs were covered with thick globs of come. Now aunt started to massage the boobs of Meena, spreading the come all over her boobs. Meena did the same to aunt. We watched at the two female forms massaging each other and our cocks started to grow slowly. Aunt and Meena were both excited and rubbed their bodies together. Their come-covered boobs were rubbing on one another and pussies mashing together. Aunt adjusted herself on Meena in 69 position and started to lick her pussy. Meena too pushed her tongue in aunts pussy and also licked it along the slit. Aunts clitoris was clearly visible and Meena was tickling it with her tongue. My friends were excited too and wanted some pussy and ass but I told them to wait till aunt and Meena finish each other off. I really love to watch two ladies sucking off. Since aunt was on top she started to rotate her ass on Meeena’s face urging her to lick faster. Meena was trembling due to lust and told aunt to push her tongue in her pussy and tongue fuck her. I asked aunt, “ auntie will you fuck my friends? They want to push their hard cocks in all your holes? You want your holes stuffed by cock? I know you love it. You love cock and pussy too.” On hearing this aunt was so excited that she started to come, spilling her fuck juice on Meena’s mouth and moving her body uncontrollably. Due to this Meena too started to come. Their face was all wet due to the cunt juice of each other.
Both the women were exhausted and lay sprawled on the floor decided to have our dinner making my friends wait for their turn I gave them whisky and some chicken to eat. My friends were watching this spectacle with pure lust. They told me that they would never forget the live show we had put up for them. After resting for a while we all took our dinner, without any clothes on. Up till now my friends had not touched aunt and Meena. We had our dinner, chatting and cutting jokes. Aunt said, “ I have a fantasy which can be fulfilled today. There are four cocks here and I want to try all the positions in which I can accommodate at least three cocks together in each of my hole. Sunil will fuck Meena and you three can fuck me, all together. Sunil loves Meena and they will get married soon. But I feel that this will not stop our games in future. It depends on Sunil and Meena to decide whether they will participate in this.” I said that though we are getting married, I would not stop Meena fuck .So after dinner we came back to the hall. Aunt called my friends in the middle of the room and went to them. She kissed each of them while measuring their cocks with her hands. Ramesh had about 7 inch uncircumcised cock. It was slender and a bit curved. Rakesh’s cock was circumcised and thick, but only 6 inch. Ravi had uncircumcised cock about 6 inch long and slender. Aunt was satisfied and proceeded to give each cock-loving suck, making them wet with her saliva. She asked Ramesh to lie on the floor on his back. Aunt then sat on his cock and took all 7 inches in her pussy in one stroke. She asked Rakesh to bring his fat cock to her mouth and told Ravi to insert his cock in her pussy along with Ramesh’s cock. I had never seen a woman taking two cocks in her pussy at the sane time and watched with astonishment. Ravi went behind aunt and started to insert his cock in her already stuffed pussy. Aunt was urging him to push his cock all the way in her pussy. Ravi managed to push half his cock and now asked Meena to lick the cocks of all and make them erect for the second round. I just left my cock in Meena’s cunt waiting for my friends to get hard. Aunt too was helping Meena in licking the cocks clean. They sucked the cocks to make them hard. Soon all the three cocks were hard. I told Rakesh to fuck Meena’s ass hole and Meena to take Ravi’s cock in her mouth while I would be fucking her pussy. Aunt wanted to suck Ramesh so she started to suck him. I lay on my back and Meena climbed on me and inserted my cock in her pussy again. Rakesh came near Meena’s ass and started to rub his cock on her ass hole. Meena took Ravi’s cock and started to lick it with her tongue making him moan with pleasure. I could see his balls hanging above my face and his cock disappearing in Meena’s mouth. Rakesh now licked Meena’s ass hole to make it wet with his saliva. Then he inserted his cock head in her ass hole. Meena was excited with the My friends thanked me for arranging the party and thanked my Aunt and Meena for allowing them to fuck and experience unforgettable sex.
Readers, this is true account based on my real experience. Please excuse me for the language and I am poor at descriptions. English is my second language. I stay in INDIA and sex is not openly discussed here. I was lucky to get an aunt and cousin Meena, a very rare combination of females. My aunt really took two cocks in her cunt. She did this in future too and loved it. Meena, my cousin was a real bitch, taking three cocks at the same time. She married me after this incidence. I enjoyed lot of sex with Aunt and Meena. Both were real sluts and enjoyed fucking very much. Now they are no more. Aunt died 3 years back of cancer and Meena in 1999 in an accident. I really miss them. I have to hold my cock in hand to salute them. I did not find any lady who can give me company in all my sex activities.