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Aunty Saraswati educateds young man Ramesh about sexual desires

Hi All,

I am Ramesh again, its has been since last few days, i did not write to
Kerala Erotica, was busy at work, but, me and my wife Sujata always visit
site. and the friends that we got from kerala erotica, its our gifit,
all are in touch with us still. I can’t give name of a person here, that
he is giving good company and pleasure for us, every month. he is a good
stry writer in kerala erotica to gave a chance to enjoy the three some,
once in a month.I did not even think, a net person can change my wife
like this, as wild sexy girl.. Thank you all..
I hope you enjoyed my previous story “Anjaly Aunty”. Its been long time
since i started getting into Adult content on net. I started visiting
porn sites from my first year into engineering. It was exciting to me
when i started, and i have been with the same rage and urge since 10
years. I am now 28. Here is my second experience. This also happened
during my engineering and it was with a lady staying opposite to our
house. Her name is Saraswati.

She is the second wife of a transport office executive and he must be
around 40 yrs. I didnt know her age exactly but she must be around 28 or
29 years then. I was 21. She is not on the fatter side and not even
lean. She is slightly less than what we usually say “slim”. Hers must be
around 32 size. They have a daughter from the first wife and a son from
this lady. So the daughter herself is around 16 yrs and was studying her
tenth standard. I used to stay with friends in the rented house and we
used to steal glances at them when they are washing the clothes, or
moving around in their houses. We didnt have much interaction with the
daughter but Saraswati aunty used to come to our house everyday to fetch
drinking water from our house. We have the drinking water connection in
our house. She used to come every evening to collect water. Her son, who
is a small kid, then used to play with us when we play french cricket in
our house. Her hubby used to be out of station for most of the days. As
i have been aware of the natural tendency about sex in men and women, i
can kind of guess that she might be having very less sex with her hubby.
I was always thinking how do i try it with her. Being horny in the age,
i used to masturbate imagining me with her doing it in different

Its already been 2 years that i know her and in those times, she kind of
got friendly with us and used to talk to us when she comes to fetch
water. Ocassionally,when she wears a nighty, i used to have a glimpse of
her nipples and small tight boobs when she bends to lift up the vessel.
Some times i have seen her not wearing bra inside. I then immediately
use dto rush to bethroom and masturbate. She used to tell us how to cook
different recipes as we used to cook at home. It was during my project
time that my room mates went to different places to work on projects for
the final year and i was doing it in my college. So i stayed alone in
our house for the last four months. She used to send to my house some
curries she made. Her son used to bring it to me. She used to come into
my house sometimes while i was eating.

I never knew how to proceed on trying it with her. Once when she came to
my house as i asked her to show me how to cook a curry, and she is doing
it in our kitchen, i conversed with her little closely, saying that she
looks very younger than uncle and he looks very old to her. I used to
tell her that ladies of her age will be fat and out of shape while she
looks very much in shape. She used to smile on those words.

One afternoon, when she was at my house, in kitchen, i dont remember how
it started but i started telling her, in our discussion, that i always
wanted to know how does it feel when i hug a girl, kiss her intimately.
She was giving a strange smile that shows a spec of disbelief about what
i was saying that i never kissed a girl. I had my heart thumping hard
when this was going on. I asked her ” aunty, as i feel close to you, i
am saying this to you. i dont know why, but i feel very close to you”.
she said “thats ok” . Friends..we have actually conversed in our local
language “telugu”, but i am translating it in common cause. Then i said
in very low shivering voice ” can i hug you?” It doesnt happen as people
mention in some fantasies as immediately she says ” Yes darling..come on
i am waiting for you” and we will have “it” right there. Actually she
stayed silent. I asked her once again and she said “ok” . It was a
surprise to me and i was immediately flyng in ecstacy.

I hugged her and tightened my arms around her back, that made her boobs
push on to my chest. My cock got hard in a second. She was emanating
some sweaty smell as she was usually working on her household chores
from the morning. I hugged her and bent my neck to have my lips touching
her neck. I kissed her very mildly on the curve of her neck and hugged
her tight. I observed she was also breathing hard as me and she also
started moving her hands on my back. I moved my face all over hers
kissing her neck, her lower neck, cheeks and forehead. I moved onto the
other cheek, took the soft cheek into my mouth and sucked it. My heart
was beating hard and so was hers.

She started hugging me more tight when i kiss her on the neck and i
found she liked it. I kept on kissing her cheeks and neck as she hugged
me hard. I havent yet tried kissing her lips but was dying to do that.
She herself pulled her lips towards mine and i took them in. I sucked
her lower lip between my lips and she took my upper lip between hers. It
was a real good kiss and i guess we were kissing for more than ten
minutes. I took her both lips between my lips and licked them with my
tongue. We were standing in the kitchen and she was leaning onto the
wooden shelf, and the door was making some creeking sounds by our
movements. I took her hand and guided it near my cock saying ” touch it

My cock was so hard and it was paining inside my shorts. She laid her
hand on my cock and started pressing it. I pulled my shorts down along
with my underwear and my cock was free and standing erect. As she looked
down to see it, she let a gasp breathing air inside. I cant forget the
look on her face when she saw it. She held it with her hand and began
stroking it slowly up and down as i kissed her and sucked her lips. I
slided her paloo sideways to hold her boobs over her blouse and fondled
them. They were so soft and the nipples are hard as i can almost feel
them as she was not wearing bra inside. The whole episode might have
lasted for 20 minutes and we broke off hearing the outgate of her house
being knocked. She left the kitchen and moved out as her daughter has
come from school.

We had another chance when she came to my house on other day and I was
able to open her blouse hooks and kiss her boobs. I massaged them,
pressed those soft boobs with my big hands and sucked on those dark
brown hard nipples. She has some very thin soft hair around her areola
and when i suck her nipples, i can see small goosepimples erecting
around the areola. I enjoyed sucking those boobs and she was all the
time fondling my cock.. to give her maximum pleasure, i had to start
Licking her Pussy, i went down and opened her clit with my fingers, and
started to lick with my toungue, she was in heaven and screaming, i just
spreaded her legs and kept my mouth on her pussy lips and put the
toungue inside of her pussy, it was so wet and she was holding my head
and pulling my hairs, i can hear her screaming sound loudly… ooohhhh,
Divaa… please enpough.. i am tired,, i cant control like this, i did
not listern her, I just bited her clit and put my 2 fingers in to her
pussy and shaked all over insider, she was like jumping in my hands, i
hold her tightly, she was about cum, I could feel the very dirty smell
and huge lawa, milk in to my mouth, it was very salty and smell.. her
urinte taste was on it.. but, i did not stop. I liked that smell and hot
water, she was screaling. please stop. i am cumming.. her voice became
slowly..tired girl.. I did not want to stop.. I just cleaned all her wet
with my toungue..she said, she want to pisss, let her go to bath rooom.
i said.. will not allow now, she can piss there now.. on my face, she
was not doing it.. then i licked her cunt and pussy.. till she gets next
climax and pissed in to my mouth.. she could piss littly to my mouth,
after that, i have put my Big Penis to hear pusssy, and Fucked her very
well, and Loaded all my semens in to her pussyy, she was fully wet and
my cum was droping out from her pussy.. whjole room became with Sexy
Smell. then i said, i also wanted to pissm I put my penis in to her
Pussy and holded her in to me and took her to bath room, while i was
walking to bath room with her, she was on my Penis, like a babyy, she
was holding my shoulder and biting my lips, she could feeel , its fully
inside while she was on my penis, when i walk, she was screaming and
jumping from my penis, i hold her tightly, i just sat on toilet closet,
she was sitting on my penis fface to face, I asked her to pisss, and i
will also piss at same time, then she did,, my penis could feel hot
water from her pussy, she showered my penis with her Urine, then same
time, i also started pisss inside her pussy, ohhhh, it was so nice, she
was screaming loudly, my Urine was passing to her stomachm like
Tsunami.. she was loduly screaming.. Rameshh., i never thought this much
pleasure is there in the sex.. ohhh. i am tired.. please.. take me to
bed afgter you finish. i can’t walk.. fuck me always please…… Once
she had even gone down, As i asked her, to my cock and kissed it, sucked
it, taking the cocks head in her mouth. I had someimtes felt my fingers
on her pussy over her saree but never had a chance to fuck her. I used
to have a short time of not more than 15 minutes and it was nt really
enough for a good sex.

I came off from the town after my engineering and i have talked to her
over phone sometimes. I never went there and i hope to go to the town
again someday, stay in a hotel, take her out and fuck her. I lost her
contact after an year but I still cherish those moments with her and
masturbate on her sometimes. I hope to meet her someday.