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Bhabhi frm Rediff Part II

smile: hii
wana talk
waise u have very nice n sweet name
sonal: ur asl
smile: 25 m chd

ur asl pls
sonal: 28f
ur good name
smile: aditya
u r frm
marr. or un marr.
sonal: marr
smile: okk
waise i like marr. lady coz they have mroe exp. 4 thir life
m rite
sonal: write in black
ur rite
smile: can i say u bhabhi if u like
waise wat do hubby n kids..?
sonal: yes
1 kids
smile: which type of buss.?
kid boy or girl n age..?
sonal: that personal
smile: okk
waise dont be feel shy n shame
coz no onw know us here
net is very save place
sonal: yes
ur rite
wht u do
ur good name
smile: waise dear in net word our thinking or feeling so large which are we r share coz every one not know each other or cant’ share with freind, family members even after marr. with hubby
my name is aditya n doing MBA n hadle my family buss.
sonal: ook
u r rite
smile: so ur daugyhter age
daughter age n how long ur marr. life
sonal: that i m talking to you
4 yrs
write in black
smile: hmm appni age chppna rahi thii
sonal: as me
nahi samji
smile: kuch nahi
ok love marr. ya arrange
sonal: like me
as my font
not so dark yaar
smile: okk
sonal: arrange
smile: hmm
sonal: yes
smile: so bhabhi u r virgin b4 marr. or after marr. hubby break
sonal: no
i mean\
smile: hmm then who was break
sonal: was i was virgin
smile: okkk
sonal: no
smile: n now ass is virgin or break bu huuby
sonal: no
not virgin
smile: okk
sonal: brek with hbuuy
smile: accha ye batao wat was ur most embarrassing momnt ever…
kisis ne galti se aapko nangi dekha ya molested ever…smthng like this…
sonal: wait i m cuming
yes i my bro best frnd, and one of my cousin and my anty, and his beta and bahu
smile: hmmm yaar nice
ittne saare sab se jayda kou sa tha
sonal: wht abt u
u saw any
smile: not till
sonal: means
ur lieing
i hate liers
smile: realy
kabhi chance hi nahi hua
sonal: i know ur lieing
smile: aree baba meri aadta nahi hai yeh sab hjut bolne ke
y i telling U
sonal: ok
smile: ok latest kis ne dekha tha
n wat was the actual do
sonal: yes in mall
in changing room
smile: hmm
who’s see
sonal: excutive
smile: m or f
sonal: male
smile: hmm fully nude or semi
y door was not proper closed
sonal: actually i just to see my frnd to ask to bring othere dress
as iopended exc was there i was in bra andd panty
smile: then wat was ur n his reaction
sonal: i was just schocked and he was looking my whole body
smile: ooooo nice
n anty n her beta n bahu wala
kya kissa hai
sonal: i went to their house holiday i wwas just taken the bath came outside i thought no one is der i just opened came outside i was knowing my anty and bahu ia der bt suddenly my cousin cam and i got shocked my towell fellll down…..h
he was just looking at me,, even everone
i was reallyy embraesse
smile: ur cousin age
ur cousin age
sonal: 28 at time
smile: yeh kab ki baat haii
sonal: say
when i was near 19
smile: hmm
so wat was his reaction n ur
wat was ur 1st step
sonal: then take it up towel
i t was too late
my anty laught
i moved it
smile: n ur cousin
after that ussne kuch bola tumhe ya tumne usse
sonal: he said next day
that i was beautiful
smile: hmm then wat was ur reply
after that he tease u or not
sonal: not
i said even ur wife too beautiful
smile: haha
nice reply
mmmmm…do u nhold ur partner very tghtly whn u climaxing
n wat if ur paertner relaxex without making u satisfied …thn wat u do
sonal: he satify me
yes i do
smile: in front of him or in bathroom
sonal: means
i not got
do u gf
smile: when u not satisfied then u do mastrubation ..?
no net is my gf
sonal: ok
smile: bekar ki tenstion yeh na pahno wo na karo aise kahoo etc………
sonal: not required
smile: y
then wat do
sonal: he satify me
smile: if not some time then
sonal: i tell to my hubby
for that
smile: but he take some time
ittne mei to wo cold hoo jatte hongee
sonal: nahwe adjust
smile: hmmm