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cheating of wife

Hi my name is Rahul(changed name).
Starting from early I am a businessman in Delhi.I am very rich and so
I get married with a well decent woman at my age 27.The story begin
from here that one day my nephew age 19 come to my house.he was
studying in a college in Delhi.After knowing that I consult his
parents to leave him to us we will treat him as our own child.
I was very Frank with him.i always ask him about girlfriend and sex.I
always tease him that I have a better girl on my bed but he is
He often agree that my wife I.e. his auntie was very sexy.while my
wife age was 24 that time and she was very hot.
After 5 or 6 months I unfortunately met with an accident and my lower
body gets paralyzed due to it.I was very shocked.what can anyone do at
that position.
But I also have hope that my wife is on my side.And she actually take
good care of me.My nephew was also taking good care to me.All the
burden has taken by my nephew of household. After two and a half month
my nephew and my wife became very closed as wife need a man that can
take responsibility of I was unable to move I was once
checking on laptop.Suddenly I just check the CCTV camera of my house.
I shocking found that my nephew is luring my wife by touching him on
his breast .my wife was resisting him from doing so.I was sure that he
wants my wife but I can’t do anything because he was the only one man
in house who have to take responsibility.But I have full trust on my
wife and it was right too.After some days I felt that he was coming in
night at 12 and start touching my wife at every wife tried to
resist him.He continued to come every day.i have done a very fool
thing by letting him know about sex.
But I have full trust on my wife.For attracting my wife he start
muscle building.He use to work very hard and within two months he
build huge massive body.h e always remain shirtless in front of my or two weeks later my wife talks very little with me.i think
she was urging for sex.But I can’t provide him anything.o be night my
nephew again came at my bed and start kissing my wife lips.shockingly
my wife was giving very less resistant.she was excited as well as
horrified. He knew that it was the best time for him.He suddenly take
my wife in his hands and went to his bedroom with her.I can’t do
anything at that time.After two days I want to know that what has
happened that night.I start my laptop which was always beside my bed.i
start to play recording that night.I was horrified by seeing that.He
puts my wife in bed from his hands.and fasly close the door and
suddenly jumps on my wife.i was shocked to see was like how a
lion eats his prey.He was very happy at that time that his dream of
fucking my wife was going true after so much hard work.He gently take
off her bra and start sucking it.My wife has closen her eyes because
she also knows that my nephew has take the whole response of the
house.t hen he took his panty off and start licking wife was
feeling of his big massive body.then he took his 8 inch penis and
forced in his vagina.He was feeling very good as his dream had come
true and the moment.I was very shocked at that time.aftef some fucking
the time had come that he eagerly waited for.He wants his penis to
suck by her.if she did it then it was pretty sure that he can fuck her
two or three years more.He then took his rod to her mouth.And put
pressure on her lips with his penis.After that I shut the laptop off.
Now it had been almost 15 months off that I am writing this blog after
that incident .Well my wife also had a son of him.Now he is gone but
after seeing hi son in front of me I always remember that 1 year in
which my wife had been fucked by my nephew continuously …