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Confessions About Real Incest Experience

Confession 1 – This is my short confession about a very real incest experience

My mother slept with my Uncle – father’s elder brother. When I first got a hint of it – I was disturbed and tried convincing my mind that she is not true. But experiences ahead were shocking. I was angry and jealous. I simply could not digest that Mum would engage in sexual activity and that too with some other man.

At last, I confronted her with this issue. I know, I should not have. But I was very young then and lacked maturity.

I still remember the night when we talked. She giggled and told me that she herself would have never interfered in her parent’s sexual life. She tried cajoling me and swore me not to tell anybody ever. She discussed sex at length. We did not sleep and were awake till 4 a.m. She conveyed that she was shocked at my behaviour. And I in turn told, I did not like your relations with Uncle. I still remember her face. She seemed embarrassed as well as proud of her sexual feat.

She was blunt and told me clearly – She had her personal life and it was none of my business to meddle in her private sex life with Uncle. She told she had a special relationship with him and they would continue so.

She at the same time expressed her concern of me knowing sexual things. I told how I saw them. She too told me that she had caught me seeing dirty stuff (porn) and touching my manhood.

For the first time, we talked so candidly and on such a sensitive matter. Never had I ever talked of sex with her. Even if it was, it was playfully.

Her face was lusty. She defended her relations with Uncle and asked me what I knew. I told everything. I had mixed feelings. I was angry, jealous, and sexually excited. I had a boner. She looked and angrily asked me down my shorts. I was horny and I bared my erect manhood to her. She was shocked and looked at awe.

I remained like that till the morning. I was so horny and excited to see her and hear shameless sexual talk. But sex never happened. She never allowed me to penetrate. We simply talked and I came to know many things. As she would periodically stare at my manhood, I would get weird excitement.


Confession 2 

This is about my mom. She is 42 yrs of age. Her height is 5.2ft and she has a very fair complexion. I don’t know her exact figure but she goes jogging and does yoga daily, so she isn’t fat, but not very slim either. The main attractions in her body are her face and her boobs. Her bra size is 40-c and her boobs are very big firm and they look very prominent on her otherwise slim frame. He hot face and big boobs are the first thing anyone notices about her.

Well, I have been spying on my mom a lot since past few years and I know that my mom is secretly having an affair with one of my friends. Their affair has been going on secretly for almost over 4 years now and he has been fucking my mom regularly all this while all with her consent. My mom even calls him on his phone many times and even secretly goes out to meet him by making any excuse to dad and me about going to her mother’s or her sister’s house. And many times when dad and me are not at home she even invites him to our house to have their love-making sessions.

Mom thinks no one knows of this affair till now but I am aware of it from the beginning. The friend of mine who is having this affair with her told me about it. Infact he kind of asked if I was okay if he tried to flirt with my mom and if possible seduce her and take her to his bed. That time I thought he was joking so I also played along and said yes.. But now he is doing her almost daily and as I permitted him to go ahead in the first place, I also dont have a problem with it unless I get to see their sessions secretly or hear about them from him after every few days.

However he says that my mom is now quite bold when it comes to some flirting in front of dad when he comes to ‘visit me’ at out home or at any functions or parties, recently she had even went on lunch and shopping with him in knowledge of dad a few times, but, she is really scared of getting the affair open in front of me.

However, I would love you see her get seduced and fucked by many other men including my driver (whom I have noticed 3 times secretly trying to peep in from bathroom window when mom was bathing), my other friends, neighbor guys, dad’s friends relative even low class guys like electrician vegetable vendor rikshaw puller, our milkman (whom I overheard talking to our society watchman about mom once) or anyone who finds her attractive and approaches her with the intention of seducing her and fucking her.