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Couple from Bombay and their friends get involved in a secretive society where they get to have sex with various couples

It happened last year on the New Year eve. Narayan got an invitation from
an unknown person. Let me give their introduction first. Narayan is a guy
of 33 living at Mumbai. Sangeeta 27 years is his wife. Sangeeta is damn sexy and
has a perfect shape to bring life to the dick of a 100 year old guy
also. She has a firm breast of size 36 and a slim waist line. She has
well shaped bums too. They were married for five years now. They are
still free from children. So much so for the intro. Let us go back to
the main story. The envelope definitely stood out from the rest of the
mail. It was about seven inches square, very heavy parchment paper, with
only an embossed emblem for a return address.

“Sangeeta, does this look familiar to you at all?” Narayan asked as he held
the envelope up for her to see.

“No, but it’s probably just another useless advertisement leaflet or
so.” she said. “Open it and see what it has.”

Removing the contents from the envelope, Narayan saw an invitation
formally printed on rag edged parchment.

“You are graciously invited to join us for a gala evening, unlike any
you have experienced yet. Cocktails at six, dinner served promptly at
seven. Additional activities are at your discretion. Wear Black tie. And
lady should wear red skirt”

The note went on to say that the evening was a social gathering for a
medium sized group of people, all of them specifically invited to this
event. They were to bring nothing but an open mind and a willingness to
share with a group of people with similar interests. Intentionally vague
perhaps, but also intriguing, they thought.

There was no other indication from whom the invitation was, except for
the address where the dinner was to be held. While the specific address
wasn’t that familiar, Sangeeta and Narayan knew that it was in a pretty
exclusive area of town.

“So, whom do you suppose has sent this?” Narayan asked.

“I have no clue,” Sangeeta replied, “but it says that everyone who’s been
invited was specifically selected. What do you think?”

“Well,” Narayan mused, “it sounds to me like this is some kind of dinner,
or party, or whatever, that has a certain level of discretion and
mystique involved. I mean, no identity of the sender except for the
address of the dinner, no mention of who will be there or what the
purpose is. All very mysterious, isn’t it?”

“Interesting, ” Sangeeta replied. “It might be for New Year celebration but
we’ll never know what it is unless we attend, right?”

Intrigued by both the anonymity of the sender and underlying curiosity
triggered by the mystique of the invitation, Sangeeta and Narayan decided that
they had to go, if for no other reason than to satisfy their curiosity.
After all, it did say that ‘additional activities’, whatever they might
be, were at their discretion.

Narayan wore a Black tie as instructed but Sangeeta opted for a Red
embroidered saree and matching sleevless blouse. On the eve of 31st
December, the inquisitive couple headed off to the party, wondering just
what to expect. They arrived about 6:15, certainly not wanting to be the
first ones there, but not wanting to be too late either. As they had
suspected, the house was huge with a large circular driveway in front.
It was situated at the out skirts of Malad near Axa Beach . They stopped
at the valet, who greeted them and motioned for them to proceed to the
front door. There was a doorman waiting, and he ushered them through the
already opened entry. The house opened into a huge foyer with very high
ceilings. The size of the room easily accommodated the ten or twelve
couples who were there already. Sangeeta and Narayan glanced around at them,
and noticed that there appeared to be no commonality, other than the
fact that all were relatively fit and attractive. The couples ranged
from their early 30’s to mid 60’s, all formally dressed as requested.
Several of the couples appeared to be very familiar with each other,
while a few couples appeared to be like they were, not knowing anyone
else there and unsure of what to expect.

Narayan took two glass of champagne from the waiter as he passed by. He
handed one to Sangeeta. Four to five other couples arrived by then. As the
room was slowly getting filled, it became much easier to mingle and chat
with some of the other guests.

As they made small talk and moved through the room, they couldn’t help
but notice that many of the couples seemed to know each other much
better than others. Narayan frowned at Sangeeta about what they’d gotten into
as they noticed several of the other guests fondling and groping each
other. They realized that they were groping with people they had not
come to the party with. Husband is in one group and the wife is mingling
in some other group. They approached two other couples who were having
some light conversation and introduced themselves as the conversation
subsided. One couple appeared to be in early 30’s, and quite attractive.
They introduced themselves as Jai and Deepa. The other couple were
probably in their late 40’s and quite well groomed and attractive. They
introduced themselves as Govinda and Sushmita, and seemed very friendly and
easy to talk to.

Sushmita was a very good looking woman. Her features were individually not
striking, but they blended in perfect proportion. Her soft lips, rounded
eyes and petite nose, framed by shoulder length black hair gave her a
very elegant appearance. She was small framed but very toned, and the
strapless red dress she wore hugged her every curve, accentuating her
contours to perfection. She obviously spent a fair amount of time
keeping in shape.

Govinda was just under six feet tall, and even in a tuxedo, it was obvious
that he was also in good shape. His shaggy salt and pepper hair
highlighted his tanned face and rugged good looks, perfectly
complimenting Sushmita’s features.

“So I understand this is your first time here?” Sushmita asked.

“Yes, it is, and it’s all a bit intriguing, I guess,” Sangeeta replied. “We
still have no idea how we got to be invited, or exactly what to expect.”

“Well, as I’m sure you’ve noticed as you’ve glanced around, this is a
very, very friendly group of people,” Sushmita said, with a wry grin on her

As Sushmita was speaking, Govinda very lightly rested his hand on Sangeeta’s ass.

Sangeeta’s body tensed at his initial touch.

“He has his hand on my ass!” she thought to herself.

Slightly surprised at his forwardness, but not wanting to over react,
especially since she’d seen so many other couples touching already, Sangeeta
glanced at Narayan with a puzzled look on her face.

“Hmmm, I think he’s rubbing her ass,” Ravi thought to himself, as he
watched Govinda’s arm slide behind Sangeeta’s back. He looked inquisitively at
Sangeeta and seeing the expression on her face, he just grinned and winked
at her with an approving nod.

Seeing Narayan’s reaction, Sangeeta began to enjoy the erotic notion of a
stranger’s hand on her ass. He didn’t know her, she didn’t know him, yet
she was letting him rub her ass, ever so erotically, and her husband
appeared to approve. She’d never been in a situation like this before,
and wasn’t sure what to make of it, but she knew one thing; she was
enjoying it. She could feel her pussy moistening as Govinda continued his
subtle fondling.

“You two simply must sit with us at dinner,” Sushmita said. “After all,
we’ve just started to get to know one another. Let’s get a table shall

Sushmita put her arm around Narayan’s, and began to move towards a table. As
she and Narayan started walking away, Govinda removed his hand and took
Sangeeta’s arm and escorted her to their table in a very elegant way. Over
dinner, which was impeccably prepared and unbelievably delicious, Sangeeta
and Narayan began to feel much more comfortable with Govinda and Sushmita. They
were so easy to get to know, and no longer seemed like the complete
strangers that they had been only an hour before.

Much of the dinner conversation centered on the usual topics new
acquaintances would cover and Govinda and Sushmita would take every
opportunity to insert sexual innuendo into their discussion. It wasn’t
long before Narayan and Sangeeta found they were doing the same. They still
weren’t really sure what they had gotten into, but as they exchanged
glances during dinner, they were beginning to get an idea. After dinner,
as coffee and drinks were being served, the host stood to make his after
dinner announcement.

“I wish you a very happy New Year ahead. We took this opportunity to
gather here again. Thank you all for joining us this evening,” he began.
“Some of you are old acquaintances and some are here for the first, but
hopefully not the last, time. For those who are returning, welcome back.
For those who are new to the group, we hope you shall enjoy your
evening, and will return again. As you have all had ample time to mingle
over cocktails and get acquainted over dinner, we hope that you have
reached a comfort level with your fellow guests. For those of you who
are first time guests, a few comments. Based on the most current
information available to us regarding your personal interests, we took
the liberty of seating you with one or more couples with whom we hope
you will have a most enjoyable evening. If there are any first time
guests who wish not to participate, we hope you have had an enjoyable
evening to this point, and you may feel free to leave at your leisure.
As for everyone else, without further adieu, let the party begin.”

Narayan and Sangeeta looked at each other, each with the same wicked grin on
their faces. Their original thoughts as they opened the envelope two
weeks ago appeared to have been right; this was definitely an exclusive,
discreet, adult event. All of the touching and groping they had
witnessed earlier was just some sort of warm-up. As they looked around
the room, it was pretty apparent that no one had any intentions of
leaving at this point, and they didn’t want to be the first.

They had often talked about exploring with another couple, but it
remained some sort of fantasy till now. Even though there was always
some good-natured kidding and intimation within their social circle at

Govinda and Sushmita were engaged in their own conversation and Narayan took
the opportunity of their distraction to lean over to Sangeeta.

“What do you think, Sangeeta?” Narayan whispered.

“We’re here,” she whispered back, “let’s see where it goes, okay?”
leaving it open for Narayan to interpret that as either a statement or a
question. He opted for the statement interpretation

“And what the hell did the host mean? What fucking information about our
personal interests? And how the fuck did they get whatever they have?”
Narayan asked Sangeeta, somewhat rhetorically, knowing she had no idea either.

Just then, Sushmita’s voice interrupted their anxiously whispered

“Would you two care to get some air, or should we retire to our room? I
am being somewhat presumptuous and assuming that you two are staying,
aren’t you?”

“Of course we’re staying,” said Sangeeta, still remembering the feel of
Govinda’s hand on her ass, and wondering just what else the night held in

“Absolutely, ” confirmed Narayan, who now had visions of the possibilities
that lie ahead. “Shall we take a drink with us?”

“Won’t be necessary,” said Govinda as he stood and pulled Sangeeta’s chair
back from the table. “All of the rooms are fully supplied with snacks
and drinks, so if that’s all we need, shall we?” he asked, as he
motioned toward the stairway.

All around the room, couples were going off in different directions.
Groups of two and three couples were leaving the room together. The two
couples that had been sitting at an adjacent table merely switched
partners and left separately. It was obvious that the sexual tension in
the room had risen dramatically in just the last few minutes.

Sangeeta and Narayan got up from the table, following Govinda and Sushmita. The
four of them began to climb the very ornate, circular stairway.
Whispering to themselves, Sangeeta and Narayan agreed that they would just see
where the evening took them and enjoy themselves.

“Sangeeta,” Narayan whispered, “I’m okay with anything that happens if you
are. I’m also okay if you want to stop at any time.”

“Agreed,” she whispered back. “Let’s just see where things go and enjoy

A short distance down the hall from the stairway, Govinda opened the door
to a room and let everyone else enter first. The room was about the same
size as a large hotel room, but furnished much differently. The dim glow
of several lit candles was basking the room with just enough light to
see. They were also giving off a very enticing and erotic aroma. A king
sized bed with luxurious black silk sheets was against one wall. The
walls on either side of the bed, as well as the ceiling above, were
covered in mirrors. Against the opposite wall was a dresser, adorned
with several bottles of chilled champagne. Glass doors opened out to a
small, secluded balcony with a steaming. Several large potted plants and
bushes assured privacy in the balcony.

“Shall we relax in the balcony with some champagne?” Govinda suggested.
Knowing that this was Sangeeta’s and Narayan’s first time there, and that they
were probably somewhat nervous. “That sounds good to me,” Sangeeta answered.

No sooner had Sangeeta agreed than Sushmita turned her back to Govinda and he
unzipped her dress. With what seemed like no movement on her part at
all. She was wearing a long skirt that went up to her thighs. Her dress
simply fell to the floor in one quick motion. She wasn’t wearing
anything under the dress, and was immediately standing naked before
them. Narayan couldn’t help but stare at her body. As good as she looked
in that dress; it didn’t do justice to her well-toned figure. Her
breasts, while not large, were very pert and proportioned perfectly to
her frame. He couldn’t help but notice that she had a small gold ring
piercing her left nipple. He was surprised he hadn’t noticed that
through the fabric of her dress.

Govinda began to unbutton his shirt as Sushmita turned and walked over to the
dresser and started pouring champagne into glasses. As she did, Narayan
was admiring her ass, which was perfectly shaped and proportioned to her
body. As Narayan removed the Sari Sangeeta was wearing, Govinda was pulling his
underwear off. Sangeeta’s eyes were immediately drawn to his cock.

Sangeeta loved Narayan’s cock. It was about average thickness, and slightly
longer than average. It was certainly enough to fill her pussy and she
had all she could do to take his whole length into her mouth when she
sucked it. Seeing Govinda’s cock however, made her immediately begin to
get wet. Sangeeta could tell that Govinda’s cock, even though only semi hard,
was definitely longer than Narayan’s, and appeared thicker as well. He
also had much more foreskin than Narayan did. Even his balls were larger
than Narayan’s, and they hung very low. She was already imagining how this
cock was going to feel inside of her pussy. Govinda came to her. Seeing
this Narayan left her and made space for him. Govinda started unbuttoning
her blouse. She was feeling shy standing semi naked in front of an
unknown person. He removed the blouse from her body then he unclasped
the hook holding her bra. Bra fell to the ground. He then moved his hand
on the string holding her petticoat. She resisted by holding her hands
but he removed her hands and pulled the string. Petticoat also fell to
her feet. He then removed her last cloth which was a transparent panty.
She was standing stark naked. He held her by her arms and made her face
him. He looked at the naked beauty. She pressed her thighs together to
detest him from looking at her moist vagina. Her trimmed pubic hairs
were visible. She tried to hide her boobs from his gaze by placing her
palms over them. He removed her hands to have a look at those ripe
melons. She closed her eyes with shame.

“Hurry up before the champagne gets warm,” chided Sushmita as she took her
glass and headed out to the sofa near balcony.

Sangeeta was naked but Narayan was still grappling with his pants. As Govinda
walked over to the champagne, Sangeeta couldn’t take her eyes off of his
cock, watching it sway in front of him as he moved. She couldn’t help
but think that Sushmita was a very lucky woman indeed.

Govinda brought two glasses of champagne over to Sangeeta and Narayan.

“Let’s enjoy the chill of champagne, shall we?” he said.

As they began to walk to the lounge, Govinda grabbed not only his glass of
champagne, but Sangeeta’s now bare ass as well.

The warmth of his hand on her bare flesh, and the fact that she knew
Narayan was behind them watching, was making Sangeeta all the more excited.

Narayan followed Sangeeta and Govinda to the sofa, grinning as he watched Govinda
gently rubbing Sangeeta’s bare butt.

“This could be one interesting evening,” he thought.

The four of them settled into the same sofa. The champagne they’d been
sipping quickly erased any inhibitions or shyness amongst them “How did
we get invited here tonight?” Narayan asked, addressing the question to no
one in particular.

“We’re not at liberty to discuss that with you,” said Sushmita. “But,
you’ll know the answer to that question before you leave tonight. Our
host will spend a few minutes with you, as he does with every guest
before they leave. You may feel free to ask him any questions you would

“And who is the host?” asked Sangeeta.

“Again, we’re not at liberty to say,” replied Govinda. “Surely you can
appreciate the discretion that’s involved in a situation like this.”

They were not in a hurry to jump for the action. Rather they slowly
stated soothing the new couple to enjoy sexual act.

Govinda and Sushmita were sitting in the middle and Sangeeta and Narayan occupied
extreme seats. Their conversation soon turned erotic and sexual. Govinda
and Sushmita told Sangeeta and Narayan more about themselves, and some of the
various parties and activities they’d been involved in over the past few
years. They also explained that while the parties were very uninhibited,
Narayan and Sangeeta should not feel obligated to partake in any activities
they weren’t comfortable with.

“Wow,” thought Sangeeta, “there’s not much that these two haven’t done.”

It was about that time that she realized that there was a hand on her
thigh, and since Narayan was sitting on the furthest side of her, it had
to be Govinda’s. Almost unconsciously, she parted her legs a bit more to
allow his hand more room to roam. As she did, his fingers gently probed
her pussy, and he began fondling her clit, which by now was protruding
from its protective hood and aching for attention.

“More champagne?” Sushmita asked.

As the group nodded in agreement, Sushmita got up and walked back to the
cabinet for the bottle. Narayan couldn’t help but watch her walk away, her
body glimmering in the soft moonlight coming from open door of balcony.
Govinda grinned, seeing the look on Narayan’s face.

“Great ass isn’t it?” he said, chuckling.

“Absolutely, ” answered Narayan as he nodded in agreement with Govinda.
Narayan quickly looked at Sangeeta to see her reaction, and he noticed that
her eyes were closed and her head tilted back slightly. He was pretty
sure that Govinda was having some fun with his hand pressed between her

As Sushmita returned with the bottle and slipped back into the sofa, Narayan
reached over to put his hand between Sangeeta’s legs. In doing so, he
touched Govinda’s hand, confirming his suspicions.

“Oops, sorry,” he laughed, pulling his hand back.

“Here Narayan, let me give your hand something to do,” said Sushmita, moving
in front of him.

Taking both of Narayan’s hands in hers, she placed them on her breasts. As
she did so, she wrapped one hand around his cock, which had been hard
since he saw the naked beauty of Sushmita. As he fondled her tits,
alternately squeezing and tugging her taught nipples, her hand was
gliding up and down slowly, teasing his cock.

Sangeeta was laying back, eyes closed and enjoying the wonderful finger fuck
that she was getting from Govinda. As he played with her clit, she reached
over and took his cock in her hand. While still not completely hard, he
began to stiffen to full size as she gently stroked him. Feeling his
cock hardening in her hand, Sangeeta now realized that his soft cock was
certainly no indication of its full, erect size. She could tell that he
was much larger than Narayan and she began wiggling in anticipation of
feeling it in her pussy.

Sangeeta looked over at his now fully erect cock with dreamy eyes. She was
moving her tongue over her dry lips.

“Wow,” she thought to herself, “this monster must be at least nine
inches long, and much thicker than Narayan. He will tear me apart with his
pole. His tool resembled that of some horse’s prick. And his foreskin is
still covering his cock head, even though he’s fully hard.”

She was now totally captivated by this magnificent cock, eagerly
anticipating the wonderful sensations she’d feel when Govinda filled her
with its length.

Govinda noticed her staring at his cock, the wanting look on her face
betraying her thoughts.

“Help yourself, if you’d like,” he softly suggested to Sangeeta.

Sangeeta didn’t need a second invitation, and immediately leaned forward,
and began to slowly take him into her mouth, gently stroking him as she
began to swirl her tongue around his cock head.

As Narayan was enjoying the attention Sushmita’s hands were giving his cock,
he looked over to see Sangeeta’s head bobbing up and down on Govinda.

“Wow,” Narayan thought, “here we are naked in a room with two people we
had just met, and my wife is giving him a blowjob! Amazing!” “It seems
as though Sangeeta is enjoying herself, isn’t it Narayan?” Sushmita softly said
to him, “Are you alright with that?”

“Oh yeah,” Narayan excitedly replied, “That is so fucking hot! I can’t
believe I’m actually enjoying watching her suck his cock.” “Well then,
maybe we should take things to the bed where we can all get more
comfortable, ” Sushmita suggested. “What do you think?”

“Definitely, ” Narayan answered, “Let’s.”

As the two of them got up to go to the bed, Sushmita leaned over and gave
Govinda a kiss.

“Care to join us to the bed?” she asked.

Sangeeta gazing into the eyes of Govinda, moved toward the bed, lowering
herself slowly onto it. Doing so, she reached out and took his still
hard cock into her hand, stroking it slowly. She watched as his foreskin
was pulled back and forth, exposing the glistening purple head before
hiding it again.

“Suck it again Sangeeta,” Govinda said softly, almost whispering.

She was so hot she was almost unable to speak.

“Oh yeahhhh,” she said hoarsely while moving her mouth toward his cock.

Exposing the smooth and moist head on Govinda’s cock, Sangeeta swirled just
the tip of her tongue around it for a few moments, enjoying the taste as
she sensed the difference between him and Narayan. Govinda moaned slightly,
as she began taking as much of his throbbing cock in her mouth as she
could. Even with her mouth full of his cock, she still had her hand
around the rest of his shaft, stroking in unison as her head bobbed up
and down. With her other hand she was gently fondling his balls.

Sushmita lied back on the bed, legs spread wide as an invitation for Narayan
who was watching intently as Sangeeta began sucking Govinda’s cock. He
couldn’t believe that he was actually watching his wife sucking another
man’s cock, and how erotic it was and how excited he was getting. He
dropped to his knees and slowly buried his face in Sushmita’s dripping
pussy. He was enjoying new sensations as his tongue licked and probed
her. Sangeeta was partially shaved, her pussy very lightly covered with a
fine, silky blonde bush. Sushmita had a very thick tuft of black hair on
her pussy, neatly trimmed at her bikini line. He also noticed that her
scent and taste were different from Sangeeta’s. These new sensations, along
with Sushmita’s moans of delight had Narayan wondering how long he was going
to last.

“I want this inside of me,” Sangeeta whispered breathlessly to Govinda, as she
continued to lick and stroke him. As he lay on his back Sangeeta straddled
him and slowly, slowly lowered herself onto him, her wetness making his
penetration effortless. “One minute” she stopped Govinda. She wiped the
precum oozing from her pussy with the towel so that she could enjoy the
rubbing of his shaft with the walls of vagina. Their eyes were locked
with each other’s. They were enjoying the sensation of his prick inching
forward. Inch by inch, she took his entire length deep inside of her.
Once she had Govinda’s cock inside of her, she sat motionless for a
moment, enjoying not only the depth of penetration that she was sensing,
but the feeling of fullness as well. She loved Narayan’s cock, but this
one was certainly something else.

Slowly, Sangeeta began moving up and down on Govinda’s cock. As she was
enjoying this wonderful ride, she could see that Narayan was busy with his
face buried deep in the thick tuft of hair on Sushmita’s pussy. Sushmita was
obviously enjoying herself, pushing her pussy upward while holding
Narayan’s head close to her with her hand.

“Oh yeah Narayan”, Sushmita moaned in a loud guttural whisper. “That’s it,
lick my pussy; I’m soooo close to cuming.”

As the intensity was building inside of her, Narayan slid his finger into
her dripping wet lips and probed for her G spot. The combination of his
tongue on her clit and his finger buried deep inside of her was too much
for Sushmita. As the waves of orgasm shuddered through her body Sushmita cried

“Aaahhh, oh fuck yes, ohhh yeah, yeah”.

As her orgasm subsided, Narayan sat up to relax for a few minutes while
Sushmita lay there near motionless, save for her fingers fondling her

While Sangeeta was riding Govinda’s cock, his fingers were busy fondling her
clit, taking her very near the edge of orgasm. The sounds of Sushmita
crying out in ecstasy were all that Sangeeta needed to send her over the
edge. As her own moment of climax neared she began moving faster and
faster. Govinda knew she was near and increased the pressure on her
swollen clit with his fingers.

“You want to cum don’t you, Sangeeta?” Govinda whispered loudly, with a heavy
emphasis on the word cum. That was about all she needed.

“Oh yes, yeah, oh fuck me harder, I’m cuming” she moaned and with that
she impaled herself on Govinda’s cock, taking in bit of his nine inches.
She stopped riding up and down, grinding her pussy on him as her whole
body shuddered as the convulsions centered in her pussy ran through her.

“Oh God, that was one of the best ever,” she sighed as she sat
motionless on Govinda’s cock, tightening her pussy around it, enjoying the
sensation. This cock felt so much larger than Narayan’s, giving her cunt a
very full sensation.

As the four of them sat back, sipping their champagne, they talked about
how to make Govinda and Narayan cum. Sushmita and Sangeeta had been satisfied with
their orgasms, but it was very obvious from their throbbing hard on’s
that Govinda and Narayan still needed attention. Govinda straddled Sangeeta’s
shoulders as she lay on her back and she started to stroke his cock with
one hand while licking and sucking the head. While Sangeeta sucked Govinda,
Sushmita moved between Sangeeta’s legs and began to lick her pussy. Narayan
immediately moved behind Sushmita and pushed his cock into her dripping
pussy. They continued in this position for a few minutes, Narayan
thrusting faster and faster as the sensations built inside of him. Govinda
was now slowly fucking Sangeeta’s mouth, although being careful not to force
too much of his cock inside and choke her.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” said Narayan, and just as he pulled his
cock out of Sushmitaa, a thick rope of cum shot out and splashed on her
pussy. As he stroked his cock, it was followed by a second burst, then a
third, covering her ass and back. Two smaller spurts of cum finished him
off and as he started to regain his breath, he rubbed his cum into
Sushmita’s skin.

Sangeeta was moaning with delight, at least as best she could with her mouth
stuffed with cock. Sushmita’s tongue was obviously hitting all the right

The sound of Narayan’s cuming made Sangeeta start to suck and stroke Govinda’s
cock faster and faster. Within seconds, she could feel Govinda’s cock
start to swell as he neared his climax.

“If he’s anything like Narayan,” she thought, “I’m about to get a

As she stroked again she felt the warm spurt of cum shoot into her
mouth, followed closely by a second one. Sangeeta loved it whenever Narayan
came in her mouth. She loved the sensation of the warm, salty liquid
coating her tongue and loved to swallow every drop. Govinda was no where
near finished cuming but her mouth was already so full that some of his
juices were dripping out of the sides of her lips as he thrust back and
forth. Suddenly there was the sound of a dong followed by the voice of a
person. “on behalf of the entire club we wish you a very happy New Year”
Just then he pulled his cock from her lips and as she continued to
stroke him with her hand, he continued cuming, spraying her neck and
tits with the rest of his load. As he climbed off of Sangeeta, Sushmita pulled
herself up and licked the cum off of Sangeeta’s tits before giving her a
long, sensuous kiss, Govinda’s cum being passed back and forth between the
two of them. “Happy New Year” they cheered togather. in doing so some
cum got spilled again from their mouths. All the four hogged each other
and kissed. Narayan licked the dripping cum of Govinda from the tip of
Sangeeta’s Nipples.

“Wow, that was intense,” said Narayan as he was kissing Sangeeta & stroking
himself gently, still nearly as hard as he was before he came.

“I’ll say,” sighed Sangeeta in agreement, “those big balls of yours sure
hold a lot of cum, Govinda.”

Sushmita laughed in agreement, saying to no one in particular “Yeah, I get
a huge mouthful every time I suck him off.”

As everyone lay there, relaxing and fondling each other, again there was
an announcement ” all the members are requested to finish off their jobs
and please gather in the hall” Govinda mentioned that they they haveto be
quick for the next game as they all needed to regroup downstairs.

“Then I’d suggest we make the most out of it,” giggled Sushmita.

“And what is it that you’d suggest?” asked Sangeeta.

“I don’t know about you Sangeeta, but I know what I’m going to do,” Sushmita
said, as she knelt in front of Narayan, replacing his hand with her mouth
and taking all of his cock deep in her throat.

Sangeeta knew what she wanted as well, and moved over on her back underneath
Sushmita’s pussy, pulling it down to her tongue. As Sangeeta began licking
Sushmita’s pussy, Govinda moved between Sangeeta’s legs, raising them over his
shoulders while sliding his cock into her dripping cunt. They continued
like this for several minutes, all panting and groaning in pleasure,
Narayan was getting very close to his second orgasm. Sangeeta’s inexperienced,
but very effective pussy licking was bringing Sushmita closer to hers.
Govinda’s thrusts were becoming deeper and faster and he could feel the
pressure building in his balls.

Sushmita moaned loudly, and shuddered in ecstasy as Sangeeta brought her to
orgasm. Pushing her pussy further down on Sangeeta’s tongue, she came for
what seemed to her an eternity, wave after wave running through her
entire body. Midway through her orgasm, Narayan began spurting his cum
into her mouth, as he too, could contain himself no longer. The two of
them, now spent, pulled away from Sangeeta and Govinda just in time to see
Govinda pull his cock out of Sangeeta, stroking himself as he did so. Sangeeta
quickly moved to get her mouth to his cock. As she did, Sushmita reached
over and began rubbing Sangeeta’s clit. Just as Sangeeta opened her mouth, Govinda
let loose with the first of several shots of cum, some landing inside
her mouth, some not.

As the first burst shot past her lips into her mouth, Sangeeta let loose
with an orgasm of her own, thanks to Sushmita’s deft finger work.

“Ahhhhh” she moaned in pleasure, as Govinda continued to cum all over her.

As they all relaxed, satisfied and tired, they continued to gently
fondle each other.

After several minutes, Sushmita suggested that it was time they all shower,
dress, and rejoin the other guests downstairs.

As they returned downstairs, they saw that several other guests were
there as well, sipping champagne and talking. Mingling through the
crowd, it was obvious from the small talk Sangeeta and Narayan overheard that
everyone enjoyed themselves as much, if not more so, than they did.
Every one present there was kissing and greeting each other. Some of
them were still rubbing and fondling their partners.

They again thanked Govinda and Sushmita for a wonderful time, not to mention
some of the best sex ever. Govinda and Sushmita concurred, and hoped Sangeeta and
Narayan would be back at a future party, and then bid their goodbyes.

As Sangeeta and Narayan were getting ready to leave, the host approached them.

“Sangeeta, Narayan,” he greeted them. “I so hope you enjoyed the evening.”

“Absolutely, ” both replied, almost in unison.

“But how,” asked Narayan, “did we get invited here? How did you get our

“You are not aware of this, but you have some friends who are members
here,” he said. “They recommended you as potential candidates for
membership based on their perception of your openness. They did not
attend tonight’s gathering because they did not want you to be
intimidated or inhibited by their presence.”

Narayan and Sangeeta again thanked their host for an evening they wouldn’t
soon forget, and one they hoped to be able to repeat in the near future.

As they waited for the valet to bring their car, Sangeeta turned to Narayan
with a mischievous grin and said, “So, Narayan, which of our friends do
you think are the members who recommended us?”

A smile was the answer.