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Dream will Come True one day

Hi Guys myself from Raj ( not real name ) from Hyderabad. My age is
35years old iam married person but as per my friends i never look like
married guy. I have my own business in hyderabad. I have regular
reader on this website from past 15 years.
Well Come to story this is my dream love story. Still i didn’t have
any girl friend in my life, but having the slut to be with someone. So
that day will be for both of us. One day we will full fill our dreams,
by the grace of almighty god. We will be like true lover, like husband
and wife.
Day has arrive, you (gf) have planned for a trip to Delhi alone.
Asking me to join in for a trip, immediately i have accepted her
proposal and say … Wahoo dreams come true…
i have booked my ticket in A/c 1 tire cabin . She booked her ticket in
A/c 2 tire. Iam waited for train at platform, Soon I am getting into a
train checked seated in my cabin. Train started reached to
secundrabad. i saw you from window . You (gf) get into train seated on
her berth. Mr. x drop and went away.
Dreams come true today. I was early waiting to started trains; my
heart beat increasing, iam searching for her here and there. Still iam
quite worried what will happen what to do now…
Now Wahoo trains started left the platform, i found her sitting on her
birth, T.T came checked her ticket found ok and went off. Now her eyes
were searching for me … I can feel her now she is also little worry
now how to meet and move from there.
Wahoo now she find me standing on door , she got surprise her eyes
wear open and still smile on her lips and face… its Wahoo this is
the happiest movement of my life … come true.
Now she came to me… Asking me is everything ok i had small smile on
my face… by saying her jaanu everything is perfect … now just have
to move from here . ..She replied ok she want to kept her luggage they
itself. And she want carry on small bag … i was surprise and ask her
y what is special in that bag… (She replied surprise can be open in
secret place not in front of others.) Wahoo i love it, and replied her
i too have surprise for her in my cabin … she got lovely and sexy
smile on her face. now it’s time to move on further.
She said wait for her she will come within 10 mints … now my total
eyes on her … and getting crazy now what she is going to do…And
how? She came with a naught smile along with surprise bag!! Asking me
let’s move from here…!!!!Now i am in 7th heaven … feeling like
iam flying in a sky Wahoo I love you I love you.
I told her wait for me for next 5 mints at door, i went immediately
into my cabin. i pulled my bag and remove flowers which i brought for
her . And spread leaves on my bed .for welcoming her into cabin, Now
she knock my door, Asking can i come please open the door darling, I
said her wait naa let me finish it. Now i open my arms and my door for
She came inside in hurry and closed and lock door immediately. She saw
the cabin and got big smile on her face. Now she hugs me so tit. No
place for air to move from between us.
Suddenly i heard knock on door its now T.T. came, i told her sleep on
bed and cover her with blanket. t.t came inside saw me and her in
blanket checked the ticket and went off .. i closed the locked door
from inside …
She was wearing a black color kurti with black legging (nice
combination) i told her you are just looking like a moon in a night
boundaries. She smiled at me thnz me for compliment. And i kiss her on
her forehead and cheeks.
Now she said Wahoo me i was wearing blue color of jean and black color
of t-shirt with ( D alphabet print on it ) … she kiss me on t. shirt
, and checking whether i have wear any inner today ) i laugh on her
and said her no not today at least .. (She really hates me when i wear
the inner)…
Now it’s time to open my surprise bag a gift which i brought for
1. A first gift to her, (brought is one nice two pieces of inner wear
with short kurti (Above to knees) color is red and transparent..
Given to her a gift and ask her to wearing for our first beautiful
night today. She open that Wahoo yaar its nice smile i have seen of
face while she was checking the outfit. She love that thanks me for
the same.
Now it’s her turn to give a gift to me … asking me close my eyes
… Wahoo … i never accept his from her … she came with mehandi in
her both hands and in the hands she brought one mangal suet and sindur
for today marriage day For us.. my eyes with full of tears she saw and
keep sucking my tears with her lips its really nice and lovely
movement for both of us..
Now we both kept all these thing aside. And now we seated on bed
putting our legs on window, and chits chatting for next 2 hours, again
i have open my bag and now its turn for 2nd surprise
2. A honey bottle (I describe her how to use, as we both have to use
while making love by spreading on each body) its different kind and
feel of love. & we have to suck honey with our tongues. (She got
surprise for this move) and kiss me on lips.
3. Now it’s my 3rd surprise to give her. i told it’s a menu chart
type ( for today journey ) she said ok .. And she is too eagerly
waiting to see.

Menu chart for Journey of love

1. During this journey we should not get down from our bed.
2. During this journey we have utilize the gifts
3. There is no limitation and no boundaries today
4. No utilizing of blanket throughout the journey
5. We have to feel every single movement of time and keep on doing
until we reach to our destination of love…

Now by seeing this menu chart he has given the acknowledgment approval
with mark of kiss on the papers..
Now i said her until trains reached to destination. i would like to
eat with your hand and mouth . Now this time she got tears from eyes,
i have done same. i suck her tears with mouth . And kiss her on eyes
and lips and given her warm huge. If someone ask me which is the best
and happiest day of my life, i would like to say today.
Now iam feeling her saans in me, i love you jaanu, i can’t live
without you, Now she removed my T shirt and start kisses and giving
love bit marks on my chest slowly slowly, iam in heaven wat feel of
single kiss wahooo wahhooo i love that wahoooooooo love you
jaaaaaaaaaaanuuuuuu. She is above me kissing me like mad…. soon i
lose my control now i have remove her kurta , now i start kissing her
from face, lips cheeks, slowly slowly i came neck , i have remove her
hair clips , now hair a free, i hate her hairs becoz they are coming
in between of kisses.
She getting so crazy, she is saying i love you jaanu even i can’t
live without you, usually we both to sex with our partners, she is
saying y this type of feeling come with each other only. Don’t knew
y still i you love me and getting me crazy on my every single kiss.
Now it’s time of breakfast 9.30 am we started our breakfast. Now she
is feeding me with her hands. Each time iam biting her fingers while
touch to my mouth, it’s really warm feeling , sometimes i use have a
bit from her mouth Wahoo what a taste of puri … i love you jaanu .

Now we it’s my turn to feeding breakfast when she open a mouth to
have puri..Wahoo its nice view n O shape lips , before feed her i have
put my tongue and role my tongue in her mouth Wahoo its nice taste i
suck her and say it’s your breakfast . She got sexy smile on her
face. Come on yaar feed me. We have to completed breakfast within 15
Now it’s a time for taking rest. I told her sleep with only inner
wears, i too have done the same. I open my arms and told her come my
darling let’s play some game of Truth and dare.
In this game; we have two options either to speak truth. (If you win
than you have to remove each cloths from your body) if i unable to
give answer than you have to wearing each cloths one by one.
Rules: – during this play we can’t touch each other until plays
over. Or else we have to pay a penalty
Round 1 (she ask me one question, i won, she remove her top inner)
after this my eyes and mouth widely open Wahoo it’s my favorite
place, but unfortunately I can’t touch her now. It’s my bad luck.
Round 1 ( I have to ask her question , question: y after all you are a
married woman when i purpose you for first the time , what is going in
your mind ? y can’t you ignore me at that time? (She replied me in
soft and lovely tone; I was just seeing her face and seeing into her
eyes. (She won, now it’s my turn to remove it.) , she is now unable
to have direct eye contact, (beocz I was total naked sitting on bed
with my loveable darling even though she too is half naked… (The
room temperature is getting highly highly high iam unable to control
my feeling and i ask her can we start now.)
She said HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM no not now, and reminding me about rules of
this game. after seeing my face expression she stand for while turn
her face to me and immediately she remove her low inner wear , now she
said to me now we both are equally in love . So let’s start now.
She is walking towards like a cat walk slowly Wahoo on every step of
her upper part is bouncing like anything. Wahoo what a walk you do i
love that. I make her stop in between not move a single inch.
I went near her and make around of her to see from in front and from
back. I literally open her hairs from clips. Wahoo its nice and lovely
to see you in this way. First i kiss her on her right hand and put her
hand state. And again left hand put same. Now she can’t touch me and
can’t move a single inch also. I have free time to do anything from
anywhere. Firstly i went down legs and kiss her on fingers slowly both
legs fingers. And she is waiting for my answer to relief her but i
didn’t say anything i was continues kissing her legs and fingers in
a passionate way.

All of sudden I feel train as stop in platform, then sudden i heard
Ice Cream person noise i told you hay honey just wait i will come
within 10 mints , on very fast i wear my dress and get down at
platform to bring ice cream for us. You got confuse what i am doing
and asking where iam going, i told you waits for and wears a blanket
and lock the door from inside.
I get down and went to buy ice cream for us. I was searching for
chocolate favor ice cream. Wahoo i got two cones with me and return
back in to a train, i knock the door , she said from inside, who is
this in reply i told her it’s your lover jaanu can you open the door
, you said who is my jaanu , iam sorry iam travelling with my husband,
you met knock another door , please leave now . i said accha Wahoo, ok
madam iam sorry to disturb you , actually your husband has send me to
handover this parcel to you. Will you please collect it. You said no i
can’t open the door and ask me to send her husband into cabin and
you can handover that parcel to them only.
I said accha madam .i wait for 2mints and again i knock the door, this
time i told hay my honey its your husband can you open the door now .
She said yea ok just mints. This time she kept open her arms for and
door for me, by saying come on jaanu welcome to cabin. Soon i enter i
told her lock the door from inside. You got surprise look into my
hand, and saying what you r going to do now with ice cream. Let eat
one of the cones, we can do anything with that another one.
So now we start eating the ice cream with our lips and tongue, Wahoo
its really awesome taste. After this I have taken another cone and
start spreading on her from facing, lips, neck, and on your chest. Now
I start sucking the cream like crazy cat Wahoo its nice feeling and
nice taste of your body. I love that. It’s too tasty and Romantic
Movement of my life.
Now it’s turn to get down from chest. Again i start spreading little
on your tummy and sucking them than they. Wahoo nice taste, now its
turn go little ahead down in between legs, Wahoo to do this i was
waiting for long years. Slowly I start putting some drops in a
virginal area and immediately i start sucking them slowly, Wahoo you
smell nice and this time i got different taste it’s a really
awesome. Through this i start playing with my fingers in virginal area
, just by keep my fingers in & and out , through this you are becoming
crazy and jumping on bed and holding my hairs with your both hand .
Now i have direct lips contact Wahoo my dream comes true i love you
for giving this permission to me. Now I can say that I have loved you
from inside and outside. This is the best dream which i want feel it
in real passionate way.
Still continue

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