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Erotic Holi with my Wife Richa

It was a Holi night and almost the whole complex was out celebrating and burning the evil in the fire of Holi. Ours was a new complex and most of the families had moved in recently as in couple of months. Not many people knew each other either. So the Holi was organized as the beginning of getting to know each other. It was fun meeting new people and celebrations and sweets. It was also decided that everyone will gather for playing colours the next day. I and Richa had a great night sleep and were eager to join the colour play the next day. We had breakfast in the morning and were ready to go. I was wearing a faded jeans and old t -shirt while Richa put on a sleeveless grey top and a black tight slack pants. “You’re going to give hard time to men, dear”, I teased her. But she laughed off and we were soon downstairs.

There were lot of people already down there and we quickly pushed ourselves into the groups. Obviously there was no shortage of stares checking Richa but everyone was trying to be polite and courteous. In an hour or so the crowd started to increase and groups were formed. There was a big chat counter set up centrally and also there were some drinks arranged. Everyone was throwing colour on each other, getting a bit tipsy with the drinks and enjoying the nice chat items. It was all a fun event so far. I and Richa were soon into different groups but I was trying to keep a check on her.

She was very much into women group and they were all having fun and were having their faces coloured really dark. It was soon becoming difficult to even recognize people. But it seemed women were having more fun than men. They were dancing on the music tunes, spraying colours in the air and ensuring that no women was left without colours. Men on the contrary were happy having a drink and eating chat items and discussions around politics, business, sports etc. Some of the men groups were occasionally mixing up with women’s group and there were few escapades as in – putting colour on each other’s faces etc. I saw a few men who I could not even recognize were putting colour on Richa’s face and even some applying colour on her arms. She seemed not bothered much and was reciprocating by putting colour on those unknown men’s faces.

As time was passing, people were getting higher with the drinks. Some people also started leaving while others continued hanging around. I was also just chilling around with an eye on Richa. It soon appeared that their group was planning to go to adjacent complexes and involve those guys also. In fact, there were few men and women from another complex who came over to ours and started this. The idea was soon picked up by our complex. All these complexes were built up by same builder and were separated by a 5 minute walk. There were some slums in between that the builder was trying to get removed to construct another tower there. I called up Richa and asked her plan. ” I am not yet done dear! If you’re, go home and relax. I will join you soon”, was her quick response. I knew something was going to cook up considering she was already little high. Her dress was wet and was showing up her curves quite clearly and most importantly, from her tone, it seemed she was in a mood.

I saw her moving out of the complex with the group. Right outside the gate, they were greeted by a large group of men and women. I saw everyone throwing colour on each other and Richa with few of her group mates were seen actively colouring the men in the group. Some men were decently getting coloured while others were reciprocating too. There must be atleast 4-5 guys who put colour on Richa’s face. Couple of them also reached until her cleavage but instead of going to her breasts they unwillingly applied on her arms. Richa was all but enjoying the attention she was getting. Soon there were more men and women joining in. There were some coming from other complex while others from our complex too. It was like a war of colour between the two complexes and it was fun watching people really enjoying the festival.

Just as the war was getting intense, I saw Richa surrounded by a group of men all by herself. It seemed she was cornered from her group but it still looked normal as those men started throwing colour on her. I saw two of them putting colour on her while one guy started colouring her on the back and moved down to her bums. He gave her a couple of slaps on her bums and they bounced in the tight slack she was wearing. And as she tried gently putting his hand away, her top was rolled up and hands moved in quickly colouring her tummy and waist. One of them even pinched her waist and moved his hand little up towards her breasts. Richa instantly tried to part his hand but there were about 4-5 pairs for her to tackle. Two of them even raised her arms and put colour on her armpits and tried pushing their fingers towards her breasts while one guys pinched her love triangle over her slacks. There were lot of noises around and since Richa didn’t react strong, nobody seemed to notice it. But just as they started getting bolder Richa whispered, “Oh god, stay away! We are in open!”. She tried hard holding their hands from groping her openly but they were all covering each other nicely and there was no way she could have tackled 5 (or don’t know if more) pairs of hands. “Let’s get into room quickly”, one guy suggested Richa. She was almost instantly dragged in the by lanes and into a small house. Within all the noise and hustling at the scene, it just appeared as though she walked in but she was left nowhere to go and was just dragged into them and made to walk into the room.

Richa quickly realized what was happening but before she could react or do anything, she found herself in a small empty room with 3 of the men inside. Almost instantly the guys rolled the top up to her neck. They didn’t remove it completely but did enough to expose her ripped melons. They pinched, groped, squeezed and kneaded her breasts to their content. She was being kissed on her back, her face and her breasts all at once. It seemed as though there was no stopping. One of the guys opened her mouth and was tickling her tongue, while the two got busy sucking her nipples. It didn’t matter to them that their bodies were all coloured up and kissing or licking on it wasn’t very healthy but the passion and lust was just too high. Richa could not hold back any longer either, she was soon kissing open mouth with the guy and pulling the other one closer. She had kisses, licking and light slapping all over her body. At one point, she was smooching two guys alternately while the third guy was enjoying licking her amazingly silky back, arms and neck. Fortunately (?), her slacks were still not rolled down until then.

The people outside started fading slowly as her group was seen moving away from our complex while some men from outside were entering ours. It seemed Richa’s absence was not particularly noticed by the group and that seemed to give enough time to the beasts accompanying my wife in the small room. Inside the room, a guy was now sitting on a plastic chair and had Richa pulled into his laps. Her top was removed by then and the man was now totally focused on her heavy bosom. He was literally trying to milk them and making Richa moan quite loud. The second guy went behind the chair and took Richa’s mouth in his hands and started kissing wildly. It seemed as though his first time to kiss a beautiful woman like Richa, he was soon licking her face all over. The third guy was not left out either. He was kissing and licking her back, arms and shoulders. They were quite smartly exchanging their places to enjoy every part of Richa’s upper half. She had received numerous love bytes by then but they didn’t remove her pants, neither dropped their. It was more than 15-20 minutes since Richa entered the room with them and I think by then they were ready for the actual action. Richa was already warmed up and it looked like there was going to be no stopping.

“No…Not here.. I can’t do this here…yahan nahi!”, Richa exclaimed when one of the guys reached out to her pants. She jerked her body and moved away a bit too. That was the first piece of resistance from her side and the guys took a step back.

“Aisi haalat mein hotel to nahi ja kya ghar pe chalenge?”, one of the guys managed to ask.

“Tu taiyaar to hai na? to yaha kya problem hai?”, another guy spoke and winked to his friend.

Richa was too moist to deny that she was not willing. But the surrounding made her little concerned. The room was not even locked so anyone could have walked in and found them in compromising positions. Besides, she was alone with stranger men whom she didn’t even know by name and her dear husband was not around either. “Mere ghar pe”, she quickly responded.

“Aap ke ghar?”, they all exclaimed.

“Pata nahi aap ka naam kya hai par aap married lagti ho”, pointing a finger at her small mangalsutra the guy said. “pati ya koi ayega to taqleef nahi hogi na? waise hum to taiyyar hai” he added and winked at his friends again.

“Do not worry about it”, Richa comforted them as she put on her top again and was ready to walk back to our apartment. “All of you don’t try your hands on me while we’re walking back to my apartment”, she advised them. They agreed quickly and my dear wife started walking back to our apartment with 3 stranger men who were going to bang her as soon as they step in. One of the guys had courage to put his hand around her waist as they walked back. Richa didn’t mind it either and waved to the watchman that they were with her as they entered our building. The guys could not believe their luck and Richa was in no position to think about anything else.

They were all groping her right in the passage leading to our apartment. By the time Richa could locate the keys in the pockets and open the door, their hands had made ways into her clothes. As soon as they stepped in, the guys pushed Richa onto the sofa. Our nicely done living room and sofa were getting all messy with the colours all of them had on their bodies but it seemed Richa realized it. She pushed them away and rushed towards the bathroom. There was just no stopping as those guys stormed inside behind her. Richa quickly started the shower tap and they all got wet. They continued groping and kneading Richa’s body all over. This time she could do nothing as they pulled her top over and pants down. One of the guys could not hold and gave her a tight slap on the bums. “WHACK”, the sound echoed in the bathroom and excited them even more. In a matter of minutes she received multiple slaps on her bums that made her moan. It was then the ultimate moment came, the short guy pulled Richa’s panty down. My beautiful wife, with her coloured body was standing all naked in our own bathroom with three stranger men. It was just too much to bear for anyone as the guys literally attacked Richa’s body. In the matter of next minutes, Richa received countless kisses, licking and bytes all over her body. She was being kissed on the tongue as well as on the cunt. Her breasts and thighs were literally being eaten by then, infact there were love bytes on her smooth bums too. Richa was moaning uncontrollably but didn’t try to stop their wild love making even once. She was definitely overwhelmed by the occasion although she later repented about the love bytes she received all over her shoulders, arms and back cause it meant she could not wear revealing dresses for next couple of weeks. The bytes she carried on her under thighs and breasts were visible to demonstrate the lust they were into.

As the running water subdued the colour on their bodies, they were able to see the beauty of Richa’s body while she could see how they looked like. The leader of them (Sanjay) was a strong guy with mustache and hairy body, the short guy (Rajesh) was definitely a kinky fellow while the third guy (Raja) was an ugly looking soul- hairy body, big nostrils and thick lips and he smelled weird. It hardly mattered though as all of them knew what was going to happen. Rajesh was the first to push a finger around Richa’s clit and insert it a bit inside her cunt. She was more than moist but they didn’t realize it due to the tap water around. Also they were not so conversant with the act of lovemaking, although they all knew what it meant to ride a woman like Richa. As Rajesh pinched Richa’s clit, she shuddered and jerked violently. The guys were also getting the nerves and realized it was time for the action. Richa sensed it too and requested them to come one at a time. “Ek baar ek hi, jaan mat lena meri”, my beautiful wife told them as they all laughed.

Sanjay readied himself as Rajesh and Raja backed off. They didn’t even move out of the bathroom but gave room to Sanjay as he placed Richa on the spacious wash basin in our bathroom. Surprisingly, they didn’t ask for a blowjob from Richa. Sanjay just put her on the basin and dropped his trouser to the knees. He kissed her as he arranged his cock in front of her widely inviting cunt. He rubbed it in and around her cunt before pushing it in. There it was! Richa yelled a soft moan “Aaah.aa” as he moved in. Sanjay was a strong man, he pulled Richa’s hair to bring her face close to him. His expressions and demeanor was clearly stressing the authority he was showing. He kissed Richa hard and played with her breasts also. He gave her some really hard strokes that made her shriek in pain and pull him more close to her. He used a lot of bad words as he penetrated her mercilessly. Poor Richa, she knew nothing then and was just enjoying. Even Rajesh and Raja were amazed as they saw their friend humping this beautiful stranger lady real hard. Sanjay continued giving her hard strokes for over 5 minutes and then seemed going weak. He didn’t trouble Richa and pulled out well in time to flush his semen all over the basin.

Raja quickly stepped into his friend’s shoes as Sanjay walked out exhausted and relaxed on the floor just outside. Before Richa could ask him not to wet the sofa and carpet in the living room, her lips were covered with Raja’s thick lips. It was certainly a beast enjoying a beauty. But Raja seemed smart at kissing. He made Richa open her mouth and gave ample sucking to her tongue. It was incredible that Richa was able to endure his taste and smell but he was definitely having the time of his life. He kissed her face all over and licked it, he rubbed his big nose on Richa’s neck and shoulders so seductively that she closed her eyes in excitement and it reached a climax when he started rubbing his face on Richa’s bosom and breasts. He wasn’t shaved and his beard must have been tickling Richa as she reached new peaks of excitement. He definitely kissed her nicely and made up for his average looks. Richa was still resting her bums on the wash basin with legs wide open. He looked at her inviting and freshly screwed cunt and unzipped himself. He had a thicker organ and he also rubbed the tip of it around Richa’s love triangle. Richa contracted her body in anticipation. Raja kissed her again on her lips and pushed inside at the same time. He was not as aggressive as Sanjay but continued thrusting her enough and his kissing and face rubbing kept Richa enough excited. She was moaning and occasionally scratching his back over his shirt. He was kissing her so intensely that their saliva was literally dribbling between the breaks in their kissing. He kept thrusting her for about 10 minutes along with the intense lovemaking; he was also cheered by his friends who were badmouthing Richa. “Thok sali ko…jor se ragad…saaali kaamal ki cheez hai…maza aa gaya yaar”, comments like this were continually being used. But nothing seemed to break Raja’s rhythm until well over 10 minutes when he finally started going weak in his knees and groaning. Richa sensed it and requested him to pull out which he did quickly. He came in loads as Richa saw the white fluid flowing out of his member just beside where she was sitting. Raja followed Sanjay and sat beside him just outside the bathroom.

Richa couldn’t see them so she quickly got down to locate them. She wanted to ensure that they don’t damage the sofa or carpet. But as she stepped to look, Rajesh tried to block her way. “Mein baaki hoon”, his quick remark brought laughter on Sanjay and Raja’s face. When Richa saw them both just outside, she was relieved. Rajesh by then had caught her breasts and started kissing her. She looked little tired but didn’t protest and welcomed her last man of the hour. Rajesh was a short guy, shorter than Richa but seemed to carry lot of energy and excitement. He followed his friends in terms of kissing Richa’s face and breast but he did something more. He did not put Richa on the basin platform instead placed her on the toilet seat. And he was the first to drop his trouser and pushed his boxers down. Even Sajnay and Raja seemed interested in what he was trying as they moved a little closer. Richa felt as though she was going to be made to give a blow job and was probably preparing herself watching his actions. Rajesh pushed his boxer down upto his knees and brought Richa’s face close to him. She was placed at a perfect height where in her face was right in front of his hairy groin. But unlike everyone expected, he didn’t push his member inside her mouth. Instead he started rubbing his cock on her face. He started slapping her cheeks using his cocks and then rubbing it on every centimeter of her body. He made circles of her hairs and tried rubbing his cock in between, he didn’t even spare Richa’s eyes. He ensured Richa kissed the tip of his cock but still did not push inside her mouth. Richa too kept her mouth sealed and enjoyed his cock rubbing session. Somehow it was very erotic and was bringing life to his cock as he continued his cock massage down towards her breasts, nipples, waist and tummy. Richa liked the change he was bringing in and encouraged him by offering her body entirely. Both Sanjay and Raja also were supportive, “sala…full on maze le raha hai”, they spoke as everyone laughed. Finally, after rubbing cock all over Richa’s body, he was ready for the actual action. He was an average person when comparing the organ size but the way he was treating Richa, brought excitement into her. She did her best to give him the best service. But it was just all too much for everyone. He did not last long and ejaculated well inside 5 minutes. He wiped his cock on Richa’s mouth and joined his friends.

“Aap log abhi nikal jao aur please kisi bhi kuch bhi nahi batana”, my wife pleaded them once they had satisfied their lust. Luckily, it was enough for the guys as they thanked her and left happily. Richa cleaned herself quickly after they left and came out wearing a nighty. She saw me relaxing on the sofa with a wry smile and crushed into my arms. We kissed each other passionately for some time. Finally she broke, “Need to clear the mess darling”. “Oh yes, offcourse darling, you have made a lot of mess, don’t expect me to clean it”, I added quickly. “And guess what there is a surprise while you are cleaning, babes!” I said. Curiously she asked me what it was. “You liked those nasty slaps on the bums, don’t you? I said. And before she could respond, I showed her my hawaii slippers, “a SLAP on the bums every 15 minutes – until you finish darling”, I told her with cunning smile on the face. “Yes Master”, she agreed at once. We had a wonderful afternoon and rest of the day.