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Exposing turns me on

Hello… I need your advice
I dont like to disclose my name.i’m a malayali from calicut
district,i’m 24 years old, married to a handsome and loving person for
2 years.I’m fare,slim and has everything in the right
husband runs a mens fashion botique in town and some other buisnesses
too such as real estates,investments,rental shops.. etc..
My husband has told me in our first night itself that he is little bit
more intrested in sex and that i had to obey him.He is amaizing in bed
and i used to obey all his commands.we tried every possible position
in bed that is found in porns.he even bought me 2 dildos and a small
vibrator from online shopping.he likes to film and photograph me in
sexy dresses and without all dresses that he bought me was of
the sexy ones and i have a wide range of bras and panties of all
possible colours in the market and from online shopping.

so let me get to the problem where i want your husband wants
me to expose in public.. He makes us have sex in the open teress both
at day and night.i was made to pose in bikini for him in some
photos..some were outside our apartment and in the open garden beneath
our apartment when no one was there.Although he wants me to expose in
public,at first he did not want others to see me.he used to make me do
such things when no one was around.but later it changed and the degree
of exposures also increased. When ever we went out,he used to make me
wear tight and sexy dresses that exposes my figure and my inner
wears.when we go for shopping he makes me wear white see through top
and a tight white leggins with dark coloured bra and panty with no
banyans or half cummees.The tops are side open and because the leggin
is too tight my panty impression are clearly visible outside the
leggings.And people would stare at us at times.

He has the habbit of ordering food from restaurents and fried
chickens,and i was made to recieve the order at home wearing either
only a towel or in bra and panties.I had to flash my body to atleast 5
of such delevery boys.Once he told me to drop my towel while giving
the cash.i hesitantly agreed but i was nervous and didn’t do it.for
which he punished me.His punishments too are of sexual types.he made
me naked and tied a dog collar on my neck and made me walk on all four
legs like a dog with the leesh in his hand for that day.

I went for swimming lessions in a pool near nadakkav.Althogh they have
changing rooms and bathrooms in the pool,he makes me wear the swimsuit
from home and gives me only a towel and drops me off there.They have
parking area inside but he drops me off at the road side and picks me
up from the other side of the road.After the swimming i had to cross
the road wearing the wet swimsuit and a towel in hand.Every friday i
was gazed at by the security and people there.Thank god that the
swimsuits here are not as exposing as the foriegn ones. The swim suit
had a black tight top and tight shorts that covered the thighs and a
green skirt over it all stitched is a one piece suit.
I admit that exposing in public has aroused me alittle bit but i was
in it for the pleasure at night after such acts.After every such
incident my husband is very passionate in bed that day and he would
make me go crazy and such nights felt like heaven.

Later we would have our sex sessions in the public stairway to the
appartment and in the garden downstairs… All at nights only.
Once when we were returning after a second show movie he told me to
remove my dress in the moving car itself.i did so as it was midnight
and nobody will see me.i was stark naked in the car and he started
finguring my pussy while driving.He stoped at side in the bypass
opposite to a tree and told me cross the road and pluck a flower from
the tree and come back.This was too much for me.I said no and i yelled
at him.He started pleading and at last hesitantly i agreed.when there
was no vehicle i quickly got out ran to the other side but i had to
jumb 5 to 6 times to get the the time 3 or 4 vehicles passed
by.But they havent seen me in the dark,i think.I went back to the car
and thrown him the flower heart was pounding then too as i
was shit scared of what i did.He said nothing and went home and

Next day he made me naked again and told me that this is a
punishment for my rude behaviour the other day and that i didnt do his
orders At the appropriate time and he pushed me out of the appartment
completely naked and shut the door.i didn’t know what to was
noon time and some of the people in neighbouring apartments usually
comes to have their luch at that time.i knocked the door and pleaded
to him.but there was no response from him.suddenly i heard some one
coming up the stairs.i was frozen there and did not know what to do .
I quickly ran to tthe table near the stair and hid under it till the
person went by.He was staying in the apartment above us.i waited till
he went up and went to door and told that i am sorry and pleaded that
this will not happen again and that i will obey his commands.he then
opened the door and i quickly got in and yelled at him and spoke
nothing to him that day.but at night gave in to him as i cant be angry
at him for long and we had a good time.but the punishments did not end
there.i attended the appartment’s onam function with a vibrator inside
my is very hard to act happy and to smile at other and do
jobs with a vibration in your panties

After somes days he asked me to wear the new ned bra and red panty
that he bought me and told me to get in the car.i disagreed as it was
day time approximately 12 in the noon.But he said that it is going to
be a short drive.the punishment came into my mind and the thought of
having a great sexual night after such acts made me agree to this.i
got in the car wearing just the bikini and he drove off.He stopped
near the highway. I was sitting with heart in my hand in the car.i was
scared of any one seeing me like this.when he stoped the car i got
even more scared.he came leaning towards me and i thought he was going
to kiss me but instead he pushed me out and locked the door.i was
dumbstuck he droped sone coins through the opened glass of his side
and partially opened the glass of the door near me and told me to pick
up the coins on the other side of the car.i said no bu he was not
ready to open the door and vehicles are passing by us every second and
i m in a red bikini half naked on road.i was shit scared and sat there
behind the car for some times.i agained begged him to open the door.
But he didnt.then i noticed that the signal has gone red at the
junction and only a car is speeding towards us.i thought this is my
window and waited for the car to pass by and looke both sides. I
spoted a truck far away a thought that i can pick up coins before it
reaches near us.i ran to the other side of the car and started picking
up coins . But there was so much coins and i managed to pic up about
12 of them and a six or so is the time the truck reached
near us and i was sure that the driver has seen me. I turned back and
saw the driver looking at me jaw dropped.then i ran to othe side
leaving the rest of the coins there it self as the signal has gone
green.he opened the door and i got in and yelled at him and beat him
in his hand.he had a wicked smile in his face.we went home. But i had
to face punishment for leaving sone coins behind and taking so much
time and yelling at him.

So guys this is my problem.yes i agree that exposing turns me on a
little bit and that i enjoy the sex after it by my husband.such acts
makes him happy.but now it is too much.the experiences said above only
adds up to half of my experiences in public exposures.should i ask him
to stop or should i go with the flow
Need your honest replies…thankyou