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Had fun with my own mom

Hello friends let me intoduce my mom. my mom name is amvitya she is
little fat her figure is 38-34-30 she is fair an usually wears a
saree. My dad most of times he is out of house because of his
bussiness. My name vikalp my age is 18 years old and I am in college.
Before some days me and my friend were planning to go somewhere when
there was holidays after the exams. we where 5 friends group were
going to trip. My one friend said that panvel at mumbai he is having
his friends farm house we shouod go there my friend drink and smoke.
Then we decided to go there. After last day of college I came home and
said to my momy please give something to eat while having my lunch I
said to mom that I am going to trip with my friends I want some money
Mom-Son, where are you going.

Me- At panvel, there is my friends farm house.
Mom- For how many days?
Me- for three days mom. Plz can I go?
Mom- Ok no problem Bt…..
Me- Bt What?
Mom- I will also come with you
I was shocked by listening this.
I said mom that you cannot come I am going With my friends
Mom started to say That otherwise you also dont go. I was in litlee

Next day I met my friends and they where talking about trip.
They asked me what happened yoh are coming na?
I said that yes bt my mom is telling that she will also come with us.
My friends also get shocked and said o shit and all.
My 1 friend said that I know why she us coming with us
I said why?
He said that your dad is not here and she is living without sex so she
want to come with us
I said him are gone mad ?
He said really her come and all I became little angry but what he
telling was also true we were leaving next to next day for panvel I
gone home and said mom that you can also come with us
Mom was also happy very much
Next day me and my one friend gone to tours and travels office and
hired a car for 6 members next day me my four friends and my mom
leaved our house at 1 pm

Our driver was also drinking and smoking and his age was 40 he was
black in colour but was little smart after 1 hour we stopped car near
tea stall and took 7 tea and 6 cigarettes for us except mom we drinked
tea and smoked cigaretts.
Near by only there was wine shoppee me and my friend gone and took 1
cratte of beer bottles and leaved from there on the way my mom became
free with my friends and with driver to.
They were cracking funny jokes
3 hours overed while driver was driving because we leaved satara at 1
pm it was near 4 pm now everyone took one one beer and started
drinking. While we were drinking my mom said I want also beer to drink
I was hanged my friend removed one bottle and gave my mom.
Mom drinked 1 bottle and she was in little hangover. After drinking
beer she said I want to go to toilet because after drinking beer we
need to pee.

So driver said now it is ghat section after that he we stop car then
you go for toilet then after ghat section he stopped car near jungle
No ooe was there on that road only our car was thereand it was little
My mom said someone come with me I am in hangover and I feeling little
I said I will come but driver said that wait I will go because your
mom is little healthy so cant handle her I said ok
I was damn sure that driver will something with mom but they came
early. They didnt do anything.
Driver said let her sit in front near driver seat that driver can
handle. After peeing my moms hangover was down and she was nill.
My mom and driver started talking about daily time and all.
Driver was little flirty with my mom and touching her hand and legs.
After all were ssleeping in car driver was driving.
After that at 8 pm we reached panvel at farm house. all came out of
car and gone inside farm house . Farm house was well and good
funished. There were two rooms in farm house we decided that my Mom
alone will sleep in on room And all gents In on room.

All were hungry while coming only we took chicken my mom made chicken
for us while we were drinking my mom at that time she was wearing
black legins And Orange coloured t-shirt first tkme she wored.
After that she took chicken and sat down and started drinking beer
with us. My mom drinked 5 beers at a time and she was fully hangovered
and lie down on ground drived get up and hold my mom from arms and
took her to bedroom and let her sleep.
And we gents also went into room and gone to sleep while all were
tired sitting in car.

All slept.
At 2:15 my sleep opnedIand I saw that driver was not there in room I
came out and saw in mom room driver was on my mom and they were
Mom- kitne jor se le smooch tumne jungle me
Driver-Are raani woh toh kuch nahi ab asli jannat dekhegi tu
I was shocked
Mom removed ger t-shirt she waswnot wearing her bra she was without
bra I was hanged I saw big big huge boob with brown nipples I was
thinking I was should that driver I cumed in my pants.

Driver romoved her pant and underwear and big 9 inch black cock came
outside. Mom started sucking for 10 mins and said
Mom- Abb mujhe chodo bohot khujli ho rahi hai choot me plz jaldi
Driver- Are tujhe toh me abb raand hi banke chodunga
Mom removed her legins her pussy was destroyed I think she has fucked
by many mens when I m not at home driver started rubbing her dick on
her pussy
Driver- Condom toh nahi hai! Ese choda toh tum pregnant ho laugi
Mom – Nahi Mene operation karvaya hai me pregnant nahi ho sakti
Driver- Haa toh Thik hai
Driver started fucking my mom in pussy bt my mom was not feeling
anything after sometime my friends get up and they also started to see
what they are doing my mom saw us and said come her my friends said
kya hua aunty
Mom- Chodo ge mujhe
My friend – Haa Aunty Kyu nahi

Mom told all of them to removd their pants and too me also in all
friends my one friend omi was having very big cock mom said to him
that he shuuld fuck mom he started fucking and mom started to moan
like. Aaaaahhh………..jooorrr seee beeetttaaa Aaaaahhhhh
uuuummmmmm……..ccchhhoootttt meri aaaaahhhh……..
Driver came frok back and gave stroke in her ass mom shouted loudly
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh and moms ass Was bleeding after omi I started fucking
in my mom pussy and amrish also and driver was fucking in her asshole
she was fucking at a time by three guys we three on them cumed inside
my moms pussy …..after that more twi friends were remaing to fuck
while they fucking omi took a beer bottle and pored on my moms
head……while fucking all were fucking my mom till morning and my
mom pussy was fully destroyed and she was not abled to walk also all
cumed in her pussy and driver also when he was get time he was to come
our house and fuck my mom like hell…….