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Honeymoon Masti with the New Bride

Our marriage was an arranged marriage. I am Manoj, 23 and she is Shruti, 21. Just imagine the innocent, charming, cute Renuka and obedient, soft, sophisticated, gentle Manish from Hum Apke hai koun movie. That’s exactly how we looked. We both worked for banks as officers but in different branches in Delhi. I had met her just twice before the wedding, once was when our family went to see the girl and the next was at the engagement. She was very shy and demure and I was the talkative one. Anyway-we got married had our 1st night and went for our honeymoon to Shimla-Chail.

The 1st night (Suhag Raat) was a bit awkward as we were both inexperienced and fumbled around shyly and somehow did the deed, which by the way ended too soon as I was highly excited and after years of using my rough hands for masturbation, the warm wet pussy of my wife was too exciting and sensitive and I could not hold on longer and came in her too soon. We immediately slept after that and had to get up early to leave for our 4 day Getaway bus tour to Shimla-Chail. Our middle class families

decided that going by taxi was too dangerous due to the high road accidents in the hilly region as well as it was better to be on a bus tour for a few days to get to know each other while having other people around to get over the initial awkwardness. So we were put on the popular luxury AC tourist bus accompanying other newly weds like us as well as other couples and a few families with children and older parents. The bus tour was for 4 days as it was a tour going through various places with temples, forts and other tourist destinations en route.

It was a good way of getting to know each other as we were practically strangers who had fucked once and that too even before really speaking to each other. That is the irony of Indian marriages. All through the girls life she is protected by her parents, brothers, relatives etc and suddenly one day she gets married to a stranger and within hours is stripped naked and fucked like a cheap street whore. That’s what happened with us-By the time all the wedding festivities were over, it was almost 11.30pm and we were both pushed into a room by giggling women and girls (related to both of us) and since it was a small house also occupied by other guests etc, we had to keep quiet.

So we did not speak but just switched off the light and went about performing our conjugal duties (1st night fucking) silently. Shruti who was a virgin stuffed a pillow in her mouth when I entered her pussy for the 1st time and stifled her cries of pain. Luckily for her I did not last long and lasted just a couple of minutes and came in her within a couple of minutes. I had just lifted my kurtha, opened the fly of my silk pyjama, lifted her silk wedding saree above her waist, pulled down her panty and fucked her.

So after it was over, Shruti just pulled down her saree and curled up in a foetal position and went to sleep. I also just lay back and slept in my wedding clothes as I also was exhausted. When I woke up, I found that Shruti had already had a shower and got ready to leave on our honeymoon tour and she was surrounded by all the females and relatives. I too had a quick shower and did not have time to even masturbate my morning wood. I would have loved to have a quickie with my new wife but that was not possible now. So I had a quick cold shower since others too were waiting to use the bathroom.

So here we were in the middle of the bus headed for Shimla-Chail. The bus left the busy bus stand after many relatives had wished goodbyes to so many newly married couples headed of on different tours as it was end of summer and the wedding season. Manoj being talkative was the one doing all the talking with his new bride and she was just answering in monosyllables. Most of the talk was about banking and unions and the upcoming wage talks etc. Also they had to talk with lowered voices and could not talk about

Anything personal as they were surrounded by a bus filled with passengers. Most of the older couples and parents and children were the ones talking loudly and the newly married ones were just shy and quiet. Some bold couples were holding hands and some other couples who seem to have been married for a few days and were comfortable with each other were hugging closely in the cramped seats.

Manoj, who was bolder, slowly after some time held Shruti’s hand and she too immediately squeezed his hands and smiled at him sweetly. She then sighed contentedly and rested her head on his shoulders and she was listening to him talking and she just nodded. Shruti was happy that her new husband seemed to be gentle and sophisticated. After some time the bus got quieter and people started drifting off to sleep and since the air was a bit chilly, Shruti asked Manoj for her shawl from the bag below their seat. She wrapped herself in the shawl and rested her head and closed her eyes. She smelt divine to Manoj and he lovingly kissed the top of her head and squeezed her hands.

The couple sitting in front of them were also newlyweds but it was a love marriage and hence they were very comfortable and expressive. They kissed and kept pawing each other and giggling and enjoying the ride. They had turned back earlier and seen that Manoj and Shruti also were newlyweds and smiled at them and continued their expressive behaviour.

Manoj could see clearly through the gap in the seats and saw the guy in front squeezing his wife’s tits at one time. He felt his cock getting hard and he shifted uncomfortable as his balls were getting squashed. He did not know how to adjust his balls without seeming too crude to his new bride. Shruti saw him fidgeting and she had also seen the love play in front of them and she blushed shyly and asked Manoj if he wanted to change seats and sit next to the window. He thought that was a good idea and he also would be able to adjust his hard cock and balls and sit down comfortably. He was wearing jeans and T-shirt and Shruti was wearing a saree as she had to look demure and like a new bride when she left her parents and in-laws. She would have preferred to wear a salwar suit and decided that she will change at the 1st opportunity.

The tour operator and bus crew were experienced in these tours and hence placed the newly wed couples together in the middle area of the bus to have some privacy. The bus crew had seen it all and actually enjoyed the playfulness of the young couples and everybody was happy.

In tours like this, there were limited stops in-between and since the bus did not have a toilet, they stopped every few hours to let the tourists go out for a piss. For Indians pissing in the open was not a big deal. Even in busy crowded city streets, it was a common sight to see men pissing against some wall or even women taking a piss squatting down near the wall.

So when the bus stopped in the remote open area with some bushes and trees on the roadside, everybody rushed out to take a piss. The bus conductor Raju had crudely announced loudly, “Bus abhi 5 min rookega. Ginko pishab karna hai utharjaoo.” (The bus will stop for 5 minutes. Anyone who wants to piss can get down)

Shruti had led a sheltered life and also was very shy had never pissed outside in her life. Her circle of friends and family also were not the type to piss outside but would control themselves till they found a suitable clean bathroom. Manoj being a male was used to taking a piss against the nearest wall especially after drinking beer when a bathroom was not available or was full. So he too stood up and Shruti followed him outside. Once outside, Manoj started walking toward some trees along with the other men. Shruti saw the women walking slightly to the left towards the bushes and followed them. Some older couples went together. Shruti being a middleclass girl decided to go with the flow and followed the girl from the front seat and they walked towards some bushes. Shruti saw the girl calmly undo the nada of her salwar and lift up her kameez and squat down smiling at Shruti. Shruti was a bit shocked to see that though they were somewhat hidden by the bushes and the bus, there were women and some older men around and ahead of them. The girl smiled up at Shruti and said, ”Sharmaooo matth. Jaldi pishab karo. Sirif 5 minit hai.” (Don’t be shy. Piss quickly. We have only 5 minutes)

Shruti could clearly see the young girl’s fair buttocks from the side. But the girl was not shy and pissed making a loud sound looking very comfortable. Shruti’s was blushing and shyly squatted next to the girl lifting up her saree a bit and pulling down her panty. The young girl saw this and told her,” Aajee see bhi utatoooh, nahi tho ghilee ho jayeejee”. (Lift your clothes in front also or it will get wet)

Shruti saw the wisdom in this and lifted the saree a bit and squatted down. She immediately felt the cool breeze on her warm buttocks and pussy and it sent goosebumps all over her body. Shruti looked down in shame and started peeing slowly trying not to make a sound.

She could see the stream of pee in front of her and suddenly realized that none of the women were looking at her but were concentrating on their own pissing. Shruti could actually see some big fat buttocks of the older women squatting in front ahead of them. Some women were not squatting fully down due to their age and arthritic knees and were just bending slightly and leaning forward and Shruti was embarrassed to see that their mature hairy cunts could be seem clearly like cows or water buffalo cunts. There was sounds of chatter all around her and Shruti saw that the young girl next to her had finished pissing but was still squatting calmly and waiting for her to finish.

She smiled at Shruti and Shruti started pissing faster and was embarrassed to hear the sound of her pissing. She finished pissing and hurriedly stood up with her panty still around her knees and her saree lifted above her waist. Shruti had to bend down to pull up her panty and her buttocks were fully bare and open. The girl next to her was an expert and stood up and at the same time pulled up her panty and clothes smoothly so as not to show her buttocks.

Shruti was shocked to hear pissing sound behind her bush and saw an older couple pissing there with the woman squatting and the man standing and pissing. In the quick backward glance Shruti could see the middle aged man’s black cock and balls and was shocked to see him staring at Shruti’s exposed buttocks. Shruti hoped that her pussy was also not visible but looking at the women in front of her she knew that the old man may have seen everything. Shruti quickly pulled up her panty and lowered her saree blushing bright red. The man’s wife could not see her husband watching the young girl’s buttocks and pussy and the man stood pissing. The girl had in the meantime walked back ahead of Shruti and they had to pass the pissing couple. Shruti looked up at the man and he was still holding his cock pissing and smiling sweetly at her as if nothing had happened. When he saw her looking down at his cock he shook it and sent the piss flying up and down. Shruti was dazed and looked down and could see the cock was big and though not erect was large. Though Shruti had not yet seen her husband’s cock, she had felt it in her virgin pussy last night and she was sure that this old guy’s cock was bigger. This was the 1st cock she was seeing in her life and that too that of a stranger.

The man had finished pissing and was shaking his cock and it looked obscene. All this happened in the few moments while passing the old guy and Shruti was blushing and looking down and rushed back to the bus behind the other young girl. Before they got in the bus, the young girl introduced herself as Priya and Shruti mumbled back her name. People were rushing back into the bus and the entrance was crowded and Priya got in the bus ahead of Shruti and Shruti found she was being crushed in-between some young college guys who had earlier been sitting at the back of the bus and now were standing on the steps blocking the entrance. She felt herself being pushed up the steps of the bus inside and felt hands on her buttocks and tits helping her up the steps. The hands squeezed her buttocks and tits and Shruti could not see whose hands they were and she tried to remove them but in that she lost hold of the railing and lost her balance.

Now the hands were firmly holding her up and squeezing and pushing her up. The bus was stopped next to the dirt road that was slopping down and hence the climb in was really steep. Shruti was now totally embarrassed and being a shy non-aggressive girl quietly went in the bus without saying anything. The young guys were still outside the bus laughing and joking with the young conductor and Shruti was not sure who had squeezed her buttocks and tits. The new bride quietly went back to her seat and waited for her husband all flushed and blushing.

Manoj had gone with the other men and had not walked far and they were pissing against some trees. He also happened to be standing next to and on the left of the young guy (Arvind) who was Priya’s husband. The bush where Priya and Shruti were pissing was on a slight slope and to their left in front. From his vantage point which was slightly elevated, Manoj could see the women’s pissing area clearly. He somehow was able to piss with a hardon and was amazed to see so many buttocks. Luckily he was wearing his glasses and could clearly see the awesome sight. While glancing slowly around he was shocked to see his new bride also squatting next to the young girl who sat in the seat in front of theirs and who was the wife of the guy next to him. Her buttocks also were clearly visible and Manoj’s cock got harder to see that. Manoj had finished pissing but still held his hard cock in his hand. Arvind had also finished pissing when he noticed Manoj standing holding a hardon, not pissing but was watching something intensely on the left. Manoj was unaware that he was stroking his cock slowly and did not see Arvind notice that, as his face was turned to the left. Arvind slowly moved back and also saw the wonderful sight. He also noticed immediately his wife and some young girl pissing next to her. Arvind was a modern bold experienced young guy and smiled and told Manoj, “isn’t that a beautiful sight”?

Manoj was embarrassed to be caught as a voyeur and nodded, “yes”.

Arvind pointed out and said, “That girl there in the yellow salwar is my wife Priya”.

“I’m Arvind”

Manoj was shocked as too how casually Arvind was pointing out his wife who was not only pissing but also had her naked buttocks clearly visible to them. He replied shyly,” I’m Manoj and the girl next to your wife in the red saree is my wife Shruti.” As soon as he said that, he blushed realizing that he had just pointed out his wife to Arvind, while she was exposed pissing and her naked buttocks clearly visible. He also noticed that the girls had stood up and his wife took more time to pull up her panty and saree and also noticed an older gentleman standing right behind her and the bush watching his wife’s naked buttocks from up close. Manoj also noticed that Shruti had bent down to pull up her saree and gave the old man a clear shot of her pussy also. He was embarrassed for his young bride and muttered to Arvind, “We got married just yesterday.”

Arvind replied, “Your wife is beautiful. We also got married yesterday but were dating for the last 3 years.”

When he said “dating” he winked at Manoj and Manoj understood that it meant fucking. He also realized that Arvind meant his wife’s butt was beautiful. So he also replied, “Your wife is also beautiful” and smiled.

Arvind who was bold and broadminded immediately said, “Yes she has a beautiful Booty. No? So does your wife.”

Manoj who was not used to such frank talk and that too with a stranger about his new bride’s buttocks, just nodded shyly and they both started walking towards the bus. When they reached their seats, Manoj saw that his wife was not looking up at him but was looking down and her face was bright red. Arvind on reaching his seat immediately introduced Manoj to his wife and also introduced himself to Shruti with his hands out. Shruti shook his hands shyly. They could not speak further as the bus had started and people were getting settled in and the conductor was giving them some instructions and information.

Shruti had sat down next to the window and was looking out. Manoj noticed that his bride was quiet and realized that Shruti was embarrassed about their pissing outside. He also realized that Shruti knew that the old man had seen her naked glory and he suddenly realized that a stranger had seen his wife’s pussy and buttocks from up close and he had yet to see the same.

He held her hand and squeezed it and when she turned to him almost in tears, he said, “Its OK. Such things happen in bus journeys.

Don’t mind it and take it easy. What can we do about it? We have to go with the flow”.

Shruti of course did not know that Manoj was talking about her pissing scene. She thought that he was talking about her buttocks and tits being squeezed by a group of college boys while getting on the bus. She was amazed that her new husband was so cool and calm about his wife getting man handled by strange guys and she also calmed down, looked up at him with big round eyes and replied, “You don’t mind it”?

Manoj smiled at her broadly and was relieved that she was not upset with him to have brought her on a bus journey instead of insisting on a taxi as he was the bridegroom and could have even demanded for air travel if he wanted to.

He squeezed her hand and told her, “Don’t be shy the next time. Take it easy and enjoy calmly. Nobody knows us here and everybody here are all strangers from different cities. No? We are not going to meet them again. Now cheer up and smile.”

Manoj of course was still talking about pissing in the open and telling her to piss calmly and enjoy the piss in the open, but Shruti was still misunderstanding him and was amazed to hear him tell her to enjoy herself with strangers.

She did not know how to respond so she squeezed his hand and nodded shyly and gave a silent prayer to the Gods and her parents to have selected such a broadminded modern gentle and sophisticated bridegroom for her. She also was glad that he did not create a scene like in the Hindi movies and embarrass her as well as that he was not angry with her for not slapping the guys who had molested her.

Now thinking about the incident and also about the pissing incident where she had exposed her naked buttocks and pussy to a stranger old man and also seeing his fat cock, her pussy started getting wet. Shruti was disgusted with herself for being aroused as she had never been before and being a shy young girl from a decent family she was disgusted with herself. She blushed silently and kept quiet.

Manoj was glad that his new bride had calmed down and did not cry but now seemed happy and he was glad that his parents had chosen such a decent shy girl for him. It was turning out to be a great start for their marriage. Manoj suddenly remembered the two girls beautiful buttocks he had seen and his cock again got hard. He also remembered the two strange men, Arvind and the old uncle watching his wife’s naked backside and his cock got harder. He shut his eyes and Shruti also shut her eyes and squeezed her hands in-between her thighs and boldly rested her head on her new husbands shoulder. Both of them were in their own new fantasy worlds and wanted to fuck badly but had to wait till late night when their bus was scheduled to make an overnight stop at a three star hotel en route.

Arvind and his wife Priya who were a more mature experienced couple aged 28 and 25 were amused by the shy couple they had made friends with but could not talk openly as they could be heard. So they started texting each other on their blackberries and Arvind told Priya about them (Manoj and him) watching their exposed buttocks. Priya laughed out loud and texted back asking questions.

A- V bth saw ur butt

P- Who bth?

A- Manoj & I


A-it was beautiful

P-did u see her butt also?

A- Yes. It was also beautiful. I tld him, his wife’s Booty was beautiful. LOL

P-what did he say?

A-he said your wife’s Booty was also beautiful. LOL

P-But they bth look shy and in experienced. LOL

A- yes. Arranged marriage, No? So they will be shy for some time. Not like us. LOL

P- Did u see?

A- What?

P- How she got felt up by the jerks at the back (college fuckers)

A- no. when?

P- When we were getting on the bus.

A- Did u get felt up also?

P- U wish. LOL. No. I would have slapped them.

A- Give details

P- She did not say anything to them. She is shy and scared. They squezd her butt and tits whn v were getting in the bus after peeing.

A- Wow. What a shocking start of marriage for the poor girl. LOL.

P- Why so much sympathy for her. U like her Booty? LOL

A- Sure. Would like to tap (=fuck) it. LOL

P- as if she will give. She is not bold like me.

A- No harm trying. No? long journey. And u will help. No?

P- What do I get?

A- Him or Old Uncle or anyone u want to do LOL

P- Ok. Deal.

A- What? U wil do (=fuck) the old bugger? LOL

P- Old perv was pissing right behind us and flashed his big fat black dick at us. Looks doable.

A- Wow-ur real horny. Yeah-I saw the bugger pissing behind ur bush. He got a nice closeup of ur butts.

P- Yup- I know.

A- Any ideas how to?

P- Let me think. Ok

They stopped texting and started kissing. They were also excited and wanted to fuck badly but had to also wait for night.