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How My Daughter’s Boyfriend Fucked Me

“Vivek we need to talk,” I said it to him after dinner.

“What now?” he snapped. “Whatever it is can’t you handle it. I’ve had a hard week.”

“You are always too tired to talk about what goes on here. This is serious, I suggested.

“Everything is serious with you. Most of the time it’s nothing more than can we afford a new sofa.”

“Vivek this isn’t a sofa or anything. It’s about us. Actually all three of us.”

“Oh hell, have you been reading Shobha De again. I get so tired of hearing about how we are a dysfunctional family. I expect that all families are dysfunctional to some degree.”

“Just sit there and listen this isn’t going to be easy for me.”

“All right,” he said in disgust.

“You remember in May you said Jyotika could date?”

“Of course I remember she badgered me for a year. Hell she is eighteen, she is old enough.”

“I know how you feel. Do you remember the restrictions you put on her.”

“Sure, only have them here or see them in groups. You agreed to that.”

“I know.”

“I also told her the boys couldn’t be older. You took her side and we agreed no more than eighteen until she was in college.”

“Yes, that was the rule,” I agreed.

“So what’s the problem?”

“Last month Jyotika brought a boy home, who is at least eighteen. Before you asked me, I asked him. He swore he was eighteen and even offered to show me his driver’s license. Since he offered, I didn’t bother to look. She conformed to the other rules but he is here almost every night.”

“So why didn’t you tell her to cool it?” Vivek didn’t seem very concerned.

“I suggested that but she said you had agreed and unless you said otherwise, she was going to stay with the agreement.”

“Well really what harm is there in them sitting in the den watching TV. I mean the most he can do is to cop a feel right? You are here watching?”

“Yes I am in the house whenever he is here. Jyotika asked me to stay out of the den so they could have some privacy. In exchange she agreed to leave the door open.”

“I still don’t see a problem,” Vivek said.

“I’m getting there. After about three weeks I began noticing a change in Jyotika. She got more secretive, and a little combative. Not badly enough to mention it to you, but a difference,”

“Probably just hormones. They all go through that stage. Guys at work talk about it all the time.”

“It’s more than that. Last week she caught her boyfriend looking down my blouse. He was ogling at me according to Jyotika.”

“So what, you have nice breasts for an older woman. You do wear those low cut salwars. Lots of guys look I’m sure.”

I let the older woman thing go. “But Vivek… never mind. When Jyotika confronted him, he told her that it wasn’t his fault. It was mine. He somehow convinced her that I was flirting with him. She was in tears and accusing me of trying to steal her boyfriend.”

“Good grief is that all this is about. The boy is just coping out. You should be bigger than to let this shake you. Just tell him one more time and I will kick his butt.”

“Vivek there are so many families that lose their kids because they can’t talk about things. I don’t want this little prick driving a wedge between Jyotika and me.”

“Then don’t let him, just stay out of his way. That would probably be for the best. Let him come over and see her, but you stay away from them except to look in. If you catch them doing anything too far out, toss his ass out. We will just deal with it. As long as it is just the one thing let’s just ignore it.”

“I already tried that. He sought me out to make little remarks. Nothing I could say was sexual just suggestive, I guess.”

“You are over forty, he is under twenty, you should be able to handle him without my help.”

“I want you to talk to Jyotika. I want you to tell her to stop seeing this boy. He is turning her inside out.”

“Yasmine, it’s the hormones. We can’t stop her from growing up. I’m not going to be the villain in this. You have to handle it yourself.” Vivek opened his paper and that was the end of the conversation.

I was devastated. He just didn’t understand the situation. Somehow he didn’t see the possible outcome of it all. To be honest, I didn’t either. It was more than an annoyance, but not as big a deal as I made it in my mind. That’s what I told myself anyway.

It took exactly two days for the message to filter down to Amitabh. He caught me in the kitchen doing dishes. He walked up behind me very quietly put his arms around me capturing my breasts, one in each hand. I struggled until he began to whisper in my ear.

“Jyotika told me what her dad said. So let’s handle this between us.” I stopped struggling to listen. While he whispered in my ear, he also massaged my breasts and pinched my nipples. “Just relax and listen to me.” I force myself to relax my muscles.

“Now, you know if you tell Jyotika, I will deny it. She will believe that you hate me and are trying to stop her from having fun. If you want to keep her, you have no choice but to go along.” I could not believe my ears. The prick was trying to blackmail me. “Besides I can tell from the way your body is moving you like it.” I hadn’t realized that I was moving against him but I was. I stopped immediately. “To late Mummy I have your number. You can pretend to resist, but I have felt your ass pushing against my dick.”

“Get out of my house and don’t ever come back,” I said that in a low menacing voice.

“You know if I go, she will come with me. I have a lot of druggie friends. Do you really want her meeting them. No she isn’t a drug user and neither am I, but I bet I wouldn’t have any problem getting a pipe in her mouth. She might make a great crack whore. She is young and fresh. She isn’t as sexy as you, but she would do just fine.”

“I will see you in hell first.” He was still massaging my breast so it was hard to sound tough.

“Oh no need for that. We can come to an accommodation.”

“Like what?” I asked angrily.

“Like what I’m doing right now. With you participating as well.” Without warning he slipped his hands into my shorts. I gasped. “You don’t have to answer I can feel how you are reacting.” I could feel his slipper finger move around the outside of me. Yes he knew what effect his hands had on me.

“Rather than answer me, the next time I stick my hand in your shorts I want to feel naked pussy.” He quickly removed his hand from my shorts. He pressed the slick smelly finger against my lips. I tried to turn away, but he forced it between my lips. I opened my mouth.

“Suck it.” he demanded. I didn’t want to, but I did it. I hoped that it was to force him to leave me alone. I could think once he was no longer pressing against me. That was my excuse anyway. I could find a way out of it. “Don’t forget I want to feel a shaved pussy next time.” With that he left the kitchen.

After he had gone, I collapsed into a chair. My head was swimming. I had a terrible need to masturbate but I didn’t want to do it. I was so turned on that my mind wouldn’t work. I was in a blue fog. I gave in finally and made my way to the master bathroom. I quickly removed my clothes and then stepped into the shower. I ran my fingers where Jyotika’s boyfriend’s fingers had been moments before. It was my finger but I felt his. I worked my clit in the way I knew would feel the best. When I came, I almost folded double it was so intense. I actually slipped down into the tub with the shower striking me in the face. My hair was soaked by the time I finally managed to recover enough to stand.

As I threw my soiled panties into the hamper I was taken by the smell. It was the same smell as the one on his finger. The finger I has sucked like a tiny cock. I was ashamed but also excited. I didn’t leave my bedroom again that night. I had no idea what he was doing to Jyotika. Since I had no idea what I could do about it, I didn’t want to know.

I awoke the next morning in a state of arousal. I hadn’t done that in years. I knew why but I didn’t want to admit it, even to myself. I took a shower and looked at the razor on the edge of the tub. I needed to shave my legs but the decision was much more. I knew that it would be a monumental move. I also knew that I just couldn’t do it.

Since it was June, Jyotika slept late. I had breakfast alone in the kitchen. Every time I looked at the sink, I got a tightening of the muscles in my abdomen. I tried to ignore the feeling, and it worked most of the time. At other times I wanted to whimper like a needful puppy. I had decided not to make a decision. Vivek was no help, so I would just have to muddle along as best I could. That was the only decision I made that day.

Jyotika was even more remote that morning. I felt like she knew what her boyfriend was doing and even my reaction to it. Since I didn’t know for sure, I decided not to bring it up. If she got my side, she would rush off to get his and I might lose her forever. If I could manage to weather this storm, she might just come back to me. Our mother daughter relationship might be stronger than before. Did I believe that, I sure as hell wanted to.

That night when the boyfriend came over, I stayed the hell out of sight. I didn’t leave my bedroom all night. I also kept the door locked. Someone rattled the knob but didn’t call out. I guessed that was the boyfriend. I hated that it gave him free reign of the house and unlimited access to Jyotika, but I couldn’t think of anything else to do.

On the third night I heard loud moans in a deep voice. I knew he was baiting me. but I couldn’t ignore it. I went to the door of the den and looked in. He was sitting in a chair that gave him a full view of the door. His head was back and he was moaning. Jyotika was on her knees between his legs. He face was buried in his lap. There was no doubt what she was doing. I wanted to scream and throw them both out of the house, but instead I gasped. I remembered his threat about turning her onto drugs.

The gasp was all I could manage. It got his attention but not Jyotika’s. She continued with what she was doing. The boyfriend looked up at me and smiled. I wanted to cut his heart out. I turned to leave the doorway. As I did, he let out an even louder moan. I stopped but did not turn back. I took a deep breath then returned to my bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed but got sick. I had to rush to the bathroom to throw up. I made it but just barely.

I tried desperately to think of something I could do. Several minutes later there was a quiet knock on my door. I thought it might be Jyotika wanting to talk. It was the boyfriend of course. He pushed in before I could stop him.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Not so loud,” he whispered. “Jyotika fell asleep on the sofa.”

“What do you want?” I asked again.

“Show me your bald pussy,” he demanded.

“It isn’t bald and I’m not showing you anything.”

“Okay, you saw how far your little girl has come. I can make her do a lot more.” He waited while I digested that. “You want me to tell you what a good cock sucker she is?”

“No,” it was a whisper.

“No what?” he left it open ended. I felt like I had to answer.

“No don’t tell me,” I mumbled.

“Don’t tell you what?” The prick was enjoying it.

“Don’t tell me what a good cock sucker she is.” I couldn’t help it my knees got weak at that point. All the fight was gone.

“Since I can’t trust you to shave your pussy when I’m not here, you will shave it right now. Don’t even think about refusing.”

I was trying desperately to think. My mind just would not work, it was wrapped in cotton wool. I sighed, then walked into the bathroom. He stopped me as I tried to shut the door. He didn’t speak, just gave me an evil smile.

I got a wash cloth from the shelf above and to the left of the sink. I turned on the hot water and then soaked it. In the mirror, I saw him watching me. I unbuttoned my shorts and slipped them down. My bikini panties went with them. The only clear view he had was of my butt.

“Sit on the toilet to do it,” he demanded. I was in a fog so I just moved over to the toilet. I wet my pubic area with the hot washcloth. I put the shaving soap on liberally, then I began with the razor. I had never cut any hair that long and coarse before. I realized quickly that I should have scissored it first. Since I didn’t, the razor clogged often. I was forced to stand so that I could reach the sink to wash the hair and soap from it.

“I like that,” he said when I had finished. I didn’t speak so he did. “Say thank you for the compliment.”

“Thank you,” I sounded like I was in a trance. I guess maybe I was.

“Now show me your pussy.” I looked up curiously. “Spread your legs and hold it open for me. I want to see your clit and your pussy.”

I’m sure I was bright red as I did it.

“That’s a nice pussy, bigger than Jyotika’s and looser I’m sure but still nice.” I was shocked but couldn’t speak. “Oh hell Mummy you knew I had been fucking her. She is taking to it like an old hand.” I was shocked and hurt but also numb so it didn’t really sting as much as it should have.

“Now Mummy, I just came so I can’t do it again this quick. Why don’t you get yourself off for me?”

“No please,” I begged.

“Oh I like to hear you beg. Get used to it, you are going to be doing a lot more begging. I doubt that it will be not to do things though. Now do it and don’t even try to fake it.” I closed my eyes and began to rotate my clit. “Look at me baby. I want to see your eyes when you cum for me.”

By that time I was lost. I looked in his eyes but it wasn’t with the hate I felt. I was pure lust. I had already started to turn on.

“Now let me tell you how Jyotika’s mouth felt.” I silently begged him to stop but of course he didn’t. I began to build as he described her mouth sucking on his cock. How she moved her head up and down fucking him with her mouth. He could somehow tell when I was close. When I began to jerk in orgasm, he was telling me about her swallowing his cum. How some ran out her lips and over her chin.

“You wouldn’t lose any would you Mama whore?” I shook violently at that. “Answer me.” he demanded.


“No what?”

“I wouldn’t lose any.” I knew I was lost.

“Now Mama bitch, forget who I am and who you are just answer based on how you feel at this Mummyent. Do you want to come over here and kiss my dick?”

I was past being coy and he knew it. “Yes,” I replied simply.

“Then get on you knees and crawl to me.”

I did as he said. I crawled to him, then I reached up and unzipped his pants. I reached in and worked his cock out. It was already hard. I raised my head and kissed the tip of it. It was so warm and smooth that I kissed it again and licked the tip with my tongue.

“Don’t you want to suck it into that hot wet mouth of yours?” I tried but he pushed me away. “Answer me first.”

“Yes I want to suck your cock.”

“Say please,” he demanded.

“Please, I want to suck your cock.” He pushed it into my mouth and I began to suck and move on it.

“Oh yes baby, you are a great cock sucker. So hot and so sexy the way you move on it.” I was lost in the feel of his cock when he went on. “Can you taste Jyotika on it. I fucked her and haven’t washed. You can taste her cunt cant you Mama bitch?”

To answer I sucked harder and moved faster on it. He took the back of my head and pulled me deeper on his cock till I gagged. I didn’t fight I just let him push past the gag. “Oh yes Mama Bitch you gonna” have to show baby how to do that.”

“Now make yourself cum with my dick in your mouth.” He said it viciously.

I rubbed my clit a few times, which was all it took. I exploded in one huge orgasm that rocked me for several minutes.

“You liked suckin’ my dick after I fucked Jyotika didn’t you.” I didn’t answer so he went on. “I could tell how it turned you on once you knew you were tasting her cunt.” I couldn’t deny it. “Tell me you liked tasting her on my dick.”

“I liked tasting Jyotika on your cock.” I shuddered as I spoke.

“Good we are going to be honest with each other from now on. Aren’t we?”

“Yes,” I said it and at that moment I meant it.

“Do you want me to tell Jyotika what a slut she has for a mother?”

“No please don’t do that.” I was begging and he knew it. I could see him looking around. He opened a cabinet to rummage around inside. He came out with a roll on deodorant bottle. It was about six inches long and as thick as a large carrot.

“Here lube this up with your cunt then stick it up your ass.” I wanted to say no but knew better. I followed his directions exactly. It was all the way inside me. “Now hold my cock and masturbate again and don’t fake it.”

It took a little longer because the bottle felt so strange up my rear. When I came, it felt as though I was having a bowel movement the bottle popped out. It was a strange experience.

“Now put it back in your ass Mama bitch.” I slipped the bottle back inside me. “Now crawl over to your bed get in and sleep. Do not take the bottle out of your ass. I want you to think of me whenever you feel it.”

I did as he demanded and fell sound asleep instantly. I have no idea what he said or did with Jyotika.

Toward morning, I awoke several times to the uncomfortable sensation that I needed to have a bowel movement. Nothing happened of course. Each time I washed the bottle with hot soapy water, then lubricated it with something from a tube, and reinserted it. Each time I did, I thought of Jyotika and her boyfriend. I knew it was what he wanted but it also just felt good.

The next morning it was uncomfortable sitting around with the bottle up my rear, but I did it. It was part of the gutter experience I was involved in. When Jyotika finally woke up, I was tempted to say something, but since I couldn’t think of anything to say or anyway to start the conversation, I just kept quiet.

She looked at me funny, but since she didn’t say anything, I chose to ignore it. I couldn’t get the image of her on her knees, with her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth, out of my mind. I tried but it just wouldn’t go away. I knew I should try to change her, but I also knew that if I did the boyfriend would do a number on her by simply telling her the truth. The boyfriend pretty much had the upper hand. I knew it even if she didn’t.

By the time her boyfriend got to the house my rectum was very sore. I thought of him with almost every movement of my body. He kissed Jyotika passionately and in front of me. I was a little surprised it seemed that he had decided to change all of our relationships. I had no idea how I should react. I looked away.

“Come on Mummy you don’t mind if I kiss Jyotika do you?”

“No, I guess not.”

“See honey, I told you she would come around.” He addressed that to Jyotika. He was talking to her but looking at me. I was extremely nervous. I had no idea what he planned. All I could do was stand and wait. “Since we have decided to all get along, how about I give you a kiss Mummy.”

I looked at Jyotika. It was her turn to look at the floor. I couldn’t tell what anyone else was thinking. I desperately wanted to go hide in my bedroom. I couldn’t get away. the boyfriend came over and kissed me. It lasted too long and his tongue was in my throat most of the time. When he broke the kiss, I looked to Jyotika. She was still looking at the floor.

In a quiet voice she asked him, “Have you fucked her yet?”

“Not yet baby,” he replied as though I wasn’t even in the room. Jyotika had obviously known about his plans for me. “I told you that you would be there to see it.”

“But I don’t want to see it.”

“That doesn’t matter, I want you to see it. Want you to see your uppity Mummy begging for my cock. To show you that I’m the one in charge here not her.”

“I believe you are in charge. If you weren’t, she would be talking back to you.”

He turned to me, “Take you shorts down and show her what you have in your ass. You do still have it?”

I nodded. I lowered the shorts and removed the bottle.

“How is your asshole?”

“Sore,” I replied looking down at the floor.

“Show us your cunt,” he demanded. I spread my legs and held my vulva open. “Now come here and take out my cock.” I did that to.

“Jyotika on your knees. Hold it up for her to suck,” he demanded of me. To my everlasting shame I did exactly as he demanded. I watched as my eighteen year old daughter took his cock in her mouth. He kissed me while she was sucking his cock. “Stroke it Mama bitch so she will have a mouthful of cum for her efforts. I did it with shaky hands and knees. I heard Jyotika gag as he stiffened. He was obviously shooting it hard into he throat.

“Now Jyotika do what I told you,” he demanded.

Jyotika stood and kissed me she filled my mouth with his cum. I came without touching myself at all. It also embarrassed me beyond belief. That my daughter would do that or that I would cum so hard.

I felt his hands move me to the sofa. He sat me down and spread my legs. Before I knew it he was between my legs licking and sucking me. I came instantly and didn’t stop for what seemed like hours. Shortly after he stopped I was almost asleep when I felt him pull me up then sit me back down on his cock. I felt it deep in me for the first time. I was a wonderful feeling, I knew it would be. I knew it since I first felt it press against my ass while he whispered in my ear and played with my nipples.

He was behind me but I felt someone sucking my nipples I opened my eyes to see the top of Jyotika’s head. I had an orgasm instantly but it didn’t stop me climbing up the mountain. She had opened my blouse and bra without me even noticing. I was that far gone.

I wasn’t so far gone that I missed the screaming male voice. I looked up through suddenly clear eyes to see Vivek standing in the doorway. He was in shock I could see that. He pulled Jyotika off me, then me off the boyfriend. I watched as he stormed from the room. I had a guess what he was going to do, but I didn’t even try to warn anyone else.

There was a loud bang then a sharp pain and everything went black… Next thing I know I wake up here… What about the others.

“The Guy visiting is dead, the girl wasn’t touched. Your husband is dead as well.” I cried because I knew it was all my fault. The man handed me a tissue the asked, “Were you expecting your husband home that night and at that time?”

It was hard for me to say it without breaking into tear again. I managed to tell the lie convincingly. “Why no, I wasn’t expecting him for another day, or maybe I got the dates confused.”