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I had sex with my sister

Hii frnds, I m Ayush jadhav from nasik. Today I m goin to tell U my
story. First let me introduce myself, in a tall(5’11”),fair and
handsome boy who is everyone’s favourite at home,school,college. I’m
18 years old. I’ve a sister whose name is supriya jadhav. She is the
pretiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life and i gaurantee that if U see
her your dick(lund) will automatically raise like a shining star.she
is 5’8″ and is 20 years old and is doing moddeling from last year. She
has a perfect figure. Now coming to my story when i was 16 and my
sister was 19 we were to close and always spent our time together. I
had attraction towards her since I was 14,when I came to know about
what is called as sex.

The story starts from January ,2014. I was
prepairing for my exams. And she was nearly trying to have a perfect
body of a model and was doing an extra workout and everything. As I
have a nice buildup so she always asked me that how to build a nice
body. I always gave her tips to have a perfect body. During my and her
summer vacations from college we had a lot of fun but one day I was
feeling uneasy as I was full sex. I wanted to have sex. My sister to
whom I call sup didi as her name was supriya. She came inside our room
where we used to sleep on different beds. She came in and as I was in
full mood of sex I came near her and hugged her. She was shocked as we
both never hugged. She also as a brother hugged me tightly and asked
me what happened. I said nothing just I felt like hugging you and we
hugged for 4-5 min. Then because of excitement I put my hand in
t-shirt and started to press her navel. She was feeling uncomfortable
and pushed me and widout saying anything she took her clothes and went
in bathroom for changing.

When she came she was again normal and
playing with me and hitting me on my shoulders and everything we used
to everyday. Then at night I told her about my girlfrnd and said that
we brokeup. Then she said that she was too pretty yaar why U left her.
I don’t want a pretty girlfrnd I want a carring gf like you care about
me. So she took me in her arms and said that “tujhe to koi mil jaegi”(
U will anyone U want). I also put my hand on her side belly and slept
all night like that. My mom and dad had to go out and asked us that
are they coming with us she told no and i to told no. I asked for how
many days are U going out. They told 9 days. I was happy that now i
and supsdidi are alone at home. At afternoon we were chatting with our
frnds and i finished chatting. I acted as i am in sleep and kept my
hand on her belly. And as she was laying so her tshirt was bit up i
put my hand there and then put it inside the shirt. She was busy in
chatting so i continued.she said me if you aren’t asleep the. Plzz
give me a massage on my back. I stood up quickly and told her to turn.
And as i started i was having more than giving a massage. I was just
taking my hand all over her her back and then i told her that should i
apply some oil on your back she said it would be better. Then i took
her t shirt up till her bra like undergarment. And then fully enjoyed
that scene .

I took it up and Down and Ata the side of belly. My didi
was asleep and and the t shirt was up now also.. I just got down and
slept beside her and enjoyed ut full afternoon.then she turned on her
back. And she was sleeping so i pulled her tshirt from the belly and
till the bra like undergarment. Again started to enjoy. As soon as she
waked up I acted as a i was sleeping. She threw my hand away to her.
Then she went in the kitchen and was making food for us. She woke me
up and asked what to make for our dinner. I just got up and kept head
on her lap and put my hand on her side belly. She asked again, i said
that pasta will do. She said ok and then said that Can i go now. I
said yes and took my hand of her. Then after dinner we were watching a
movie and there were some kissing scenes in the movie. Whenever there
came the scenes we started to laugh and were teasing each other that U
like this type of non sense. Then she got to sleep and i went to
bathroom and started to masturbate. Then i came out and went to my
sister bed and i hugged her and then took her shirt up and started to
press her navel and then kissed her hands. I was so exited that i put
my hand in her bra like undergarment and then she got up and said are
U mad what are U doing i am ur sister and said go on ur bed and sleep
and don’t touch me again. I was afraid and rushed to my bed. And
slept. Next morning I was afraid of going out . But when i went out my
sister was again talking to me normally. Them she asked are U busy

I said no.. Why? She said that we can watch a movie. I said
ok…. Which movie? She said student of the year. I said ok…. Then
we got ready and she was wearing her miniskirt and her slip with just
cups inside. As she was a model she used to wear like this clothes. We
went there and saw the movie quitly till the interval. After the
interval it was some emotional so she hold my hand. I also taking
advantage put my hand on her naked lap. I got exited and i presses her
lap. She was busy watching the movie so she didn’t react. i then again
forced my hand and pressed her lap. Then took my hand up and just
touched the pantie but she saw towards me and i was gone… I said
this time U will not be saved… U are gone ayush. Then when we came
home we directly went to our beds… And she slept directly by falling
on her bed… As she fell her skirt was slightly up and i saw her
pantie clearly… She said to me that please can U give me a massage.
I said ok. And jumped on her bed and started to touch her body like
anything i first touched her side navel and pressed it then i Took my
hands towards her side breast and pressed them. After doing that she
slightly moved and now she was laying on her back and her boobs were
in front of me… I kept my hands on her boobs and pressed them
slightly she grabed the bedsheet and pinched the bedsheet … I
understood that she was enjoying it. Then I pressed it more
energitically and there it was a fall she took my hand off her breast
and then my hand was on her belly. I continued to rub her belly and
then she was just turning herself in all directions and then I was
also in mood now I took her shirt more up and was rubbing it more
aggressively and she was to letting me do that and I was trying to
remove her shirt and she took it off by her own and then I pressed her
boobs and she was letting me press them even harder and then I started
to suck it. I went for the pants now and opened the button of her pant
and pulled it down now she was only on her bra like undergarment and
panties. I pulled of her all clothes she was naked and we had that
things going up to 4 hours and I do it everyday. thanku frnds for
reading this story as it didn’t contain any dick and pussy interaction
… U must have felt some bore but its a TRUE story… So thanku….