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I made her happy

Hi, please note that this is the first time ever that I am sharing my
first ever bold move with a lady not known to me.

This happened about a year back when I was heading to my native place
by train from C.S.T. in the morning.

I was accompanied by two of my friends, who’d come to drop me, ending
up grabbing a seat for me. Yes I had to go by general compartment as
it was a sudden visit.

So this is how it went, I was being eyed by a girl in her teens. I was
so ignorant that one of my friends noticed her looking at me. So as I
was made aware of that and I decided there and then that ‘I am so
seating or standing next to her in the train till her or my
destination’. And I did that when the train arrived I went with my
instinct, not realising that my second friend had grabbed a seat for
me in the next bogey, as he had no booty on his mind unlike me.

So well I had to give up the girl who was still eyeing me up.

So I followed my first friend who had told me abt the girl, to the
second friend – yo my seat.

People were seating in all places, u name it and u would see one
there. On the floor, luggage loft etc.

Now about my seat I was right next to a group of Muslims. Mostly
ladies with little cute babies. And after sometime my friends left as
the train about to leave.

I was busy playing a game on my phone ,(game freak) I noticed that
some Lady was resting her feet in the gap began me and the Muslim
lady. I looked up and found her giving me a horny crazy stare. I was a
bit surprised and curious at the same time.

She was smirkng at me pointing something next to me. To my surprise my
elbow was right under the left boob of the Muslim lady,
holding/supporting it.

I moved my hand, now not being in a comfy position to play on phone I
kept it back my pocket of my chonglers. I looked back at the lady with
the naughty feet and smile. Still staring at me.
Well what else, I did what my forte(speciality) is. GOT Bold.

I started massaging her feet with my fingertips. ………Let me tell
you about the lady.

She looked to be in her late 20s (below), mother of a child less then
5yrs old. Just assuming. Sexy lustfilled eyes. (Never marry a girl
with sexy eyes) ; )

Well abt me I used to be a 38 waist 46 chest guy yet had a V shape,
born body structure, but that time I was looked much fit and
stallionish if u know what I mean.

Back to the experience, I was still playing with her feet and making
eye contact with her. I checked whom she was traveling with, looked
liked she had a newly wed or would be mother with her along with other
older women.

Marathi family. This lady was now moving her hand palm around her body
feature, u know which. Slowly she started tucking her saree in between
her thighs signaling the most obvious. Hence I started working on what
can I achieve by it. I asked if she wants to get a room. Not
Literally. She wasn’t looking so I stood up acting as if I was bum
tired of seating. I then started making gestures to ask her to meet me
at the corner of the bogey by the door. She hesitated a bit. Telling
me the she has everyone around. So I asked her for her no. She nodded
positively. It was still difficult as her relatives were next to her.
She started showing 9 by showing me by finger counting method. Don’t
know better terminology for it.

After this point its a fiction until I mention otherwise.

I still asked her if she can go to the toilet for their sake. As an
excuse she nodded negatively. So I gave up and sat on the upper birth
cum luggage loft.

After a minute or two she stood up signaling as if she was ready for

After this point its a fiction until I mention otherwise.

To find out what actually happened write back and get the revert
within 2 days.

I went to the door which was farther away from our seats. Waiting for
her to come. When she came I held her hand as there were people there.
I slowly put my hand around her waist to find out how horny she was,
when I did so there was a mild sigh/moan some prefer. Next to this was
a reservation bogey and to my shock it wasn’t shuttered down and
locked, usually these doors I think are locked.

So I took the lady there gently held her neck and started smoching it
and mild licking it with the tongue still inside of my mouth. Imagine

Her body smelt like jasmin or her hair. Which felt soothing making me
hornier. I cupped her buttocks with left hand as was smooching theleft
of the face/neck. Hence we were one body at that time. I felt her
perky boobs on my chest so I pressed against her even more gently. She
had started caressing my balls already no need be said. Which is the
benefit of mature women.

She…. she had her own style coz I had stopped smooching after few
minutes. She was using four fingers index middle and the next from
under my balls and with the thumb she was swirving around the tip of
my penis. Making it harder in the slowest possible way. I asked her to
stroker it she said In marathi( Barobar kadak naahi honar ) this way
will make
it the stiffest. I didn’t want to have unprotected sex. So I tried
telling that to her but my condition wasn’t that much in control. I
gave up and pulled her blouse up making her tits pop out instantly.
Now I was incharge. I started squeezing her boobs tweeking her nipples
in a circularish motion. Back and forth the half circle.

After few moments my dick was right on the horizon level. and the lady
showed it the way to her valley. As we had no delubricant it would go
in ao easily and her vagina was tight Which was nicer in that
prospect. She took it out sat down on knees and plucked it in and
started stroking it with lips. Well in less then half a minute she put
it back in her pussy hole and it was a smooth transition then. This
went on for about 3 to 5 minutes. She asked me to stop and said kiss
me hard. We kissed like I had Nothing else to worry about.
Not realising the she wanted more from my cock. My cock now was again
back in the mouth through her lips and she was sucking it crazyly. And
another session began this time it was more pleasuring for her coz
moaning had increased significantly. Now we were both out of control.
The stroking went on for ages it seemed. Then I hear someone calling
someone’s name out. I thought her relatives were looking for her in
the bathroom. I didn’t want to let her go and she wasn’t in her senses
to hear the surrounds. I was off mood now. She was/is a real sex
addict as I felt her cum twice already the shaking. But she kept going
on for more. I said I was about to cum though not. And pulled my
soldier out. And told her that she was being looked for. She dashed
scared. Then realised it was nt for her, it was someone calling from
the other end of the reservation bogey we were in. I had to stroke it
in the toilet to release the pressure.

She and the company got of at the station near KnKvl. And now she was
a completely different person
As when I got down to greet her goodbye (not from close) she just
looked away as if she dint know who I was.
Only for comments not for ffuck coz I just don’t ruin the any thirsty
girl she has to be A Lady.