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Incest love affair

First of all I like to thank and appreciate all the users who have
come here to read my lovefull neither lustfull experience which I
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Without wasting any time, we can straight away head to the story. I
come from chennai and this story characters and every happenings have
happened in chennai only, so chennai ladies who want any casual or
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It dates back to 5 years back, It was in the year 2010 may when I
completed my 12th standard and was waiting for college to join, This
was the time I was handed with a mobile from my parents, The heroine
of the story Vijayalakshmi @ Vijaya same name stayed as a tenant in
our building, Ours is a One floor building with 2nd floor terrace, she
was married for 10 Years old, her husband working in abraod she had
two childrens
Till my 12th standard I didint have any girl friend nor any friend
too, I had phone but no one to text so what will I do means i will
forward all the forward messages from my phone to all my contacts, my
mother gave her contact to enquire about me if she is not available,
so likewise my forward message reached her, (sorry to say about her
too late, she was in her early 30’s well build have seen her only in
nighties, and plumb boobs.
I never get any reply from her for 2 days, one day I was standing in
Ration shop to get the essentials needed for my home, I got a forward
text from her mobile, I thought it was her daughter and neglected, but
my inner thought took me the extra mile and I texted back good morning
I got the reply I asked who is this, she said she is mother not
daughter, I was over delighted since I got someone to chat with.
Our Conversation grew stronger and we never talked in phone as i was
really shy but one day i asked her I want a wife like you, she said
you will get good wife, I took the conversation to next level asking
that I need a kiss from her first she neglected after much compulsion
she agreed and it was early morning I asked her to come top terrace
since its dark no one can see to my surprise she came I got a little
nervous since we never talked before in phone or directly everything
was through text only.
She wore a satin nighty with jasmine flowers and came top, we didnt
talk itself we both were laughing at each other by seeing, because we
were in love with more than 15 years of age gap.
She broke the silence you look good in this tees I said she look goo
in her nighty, she said she wants to go down quickly since her
children will wake up at any time, I dont know what to sepak she was
just standing against the wall, I came near her after seeing me she
smiled and closed her eyes, her fragrance intoxicated me I went near
her and kept my lips on her Lips,
The moment which i will never forget in my life i felt different on
that ti,e when I kept my lips on her she started to open her mouth ya
we were lip locking it was one of the smoothest lip locks you will
ever see we were very slow i had my eyes opened she closed her eyes, I
was cherising every moment of the lip lockwe were kissing hardly, I
can make out that iam swallowing her salaiva, it was around 15 mins i
dont know what happened when i came to earth i see my hand in her hip
and her hand in my cock, she was rubbing my cock,
My god what a feeling, we never parted our lips pure lust controlled
us, i brought my hand near her boobs Oh my god it was rock sold, when
i try to press her boobs she brought her hand near mines took it and
kept it in her waist. I just pinched her hip a bit she jumped and
stood in my leg, she was weight but at that moment her weight was not
the bigissue in this lusty period.
She was smoothly rolling her fingers in my rock solid manhood, I broke
the kiss she opened her eyes and smiled we never spoke I hugged her
she rersponded it was a tight hug which prompted that no one can
seperate us. And atlast I spole I Love You Vijaya.
She never responded by words she came near my head and Kissed me which
is itself a positive sign, I found her nose so sharp mith Nose
piiercing on it . I kissed her nose, I then hugged her tighty
andliftedd her hand upwards and without my knowledge i was sniffing
her armpits, yeah she was enjoying with her eyes closed,
I never new how bad i was, without mu=y knowledge i was sniffing her
hard oh my god i just had the view she was enjoying and murmuring
closing her eyes.
I just tried a trick I just lifted her right hand up this time she was
ready for it yeah she lifted so easily now both her hands ar up and I
made her sot on the steps and was sniffing her hardly and pressing her
armpit on the other hand
Suddenly some hair feeling I felt, yeah it was her armpit hair, i try
to feel it she was allowing it me to do slightly I brought my hand to
her bottom and tried to touch, She just said in my ear not today its
time we leave. This was the first words she spoke to me. I dont liked
to force her because I felt that she too wants me madly as she was in
deeper love more than me. So I thought of taking things slowly and
came away from her.
While Leaving I asked for a kiss she said I am all Yours Baby, I am
happy you came in my life. Ots enough for the day, come to chat and
In the Next part I will be saying how we landed in bed, how her
daughter came to know about it , aftermath of our lust and all.
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