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Indian Hotwife dominates her many men -2

You then go to the attached bathroom. The guys laze around on sofas
and couches in the room. I am in anticipation as I have no. 3 in my
chit. I have already cum once just watching you perform. After about
15 minutes you come out. You have had a shower and worn fresh makeup.
The guys again get alert when you enter. Some of them instinctively
start stroking their cocks while looking at you.

You now scream, “No. 3s come forward”. Amod, Yatin and myself
excitedly come forward. You lie on the bed and ask Amod and Myself to
lie besides you. You put a pillow below ur butts and tell Yatin to
start licking your pussy. He instantly plunges for it like a hungry
dog. You order Amod and Myself to suck each breast. We begin playing
and sucking ur nipples and kissing your neck and stomach on each side.
We do this for a few minutes and you enjoy the attention you are
getting and begin moaning softly. You then instruct Yatin to stop. You
command him to control himself . You actually want to tease him as you
know he is very much desperate as it is his first time. You order him
to lay down on the bed. You then lower your hips down to his cock with
your facing him. You do this slowly and teasingly until you have him
fully inside you. You order him to lay still and not move. He is
impatient. You tell Amod and me to position our cocks near your mouth
as we stand on the bed. You start first stroking us both with each
hand. And then you suck one cock while stroking the other. You do this
alternately in a slow fashion. You ask Yatin to start fucking you
slowly. Yatin begins moving his hips up and down rapidly. You tell him
to lay still and you will do the stroking. You begin moving ur hips up
and down in a slow fashion. You are sucking and stroking Amol and my
cock alternately while looking into our eyes while you do this. Now
you begin to move your hips faster and faster and also fasten the
stroking and sucking. This goes on for a while you begin to moaning in
pleasure. Yatin exclaims he is about to cum and you grant him
permission to cum inside you. The situation of 3 men excited for you
and 3 erect cocks pleading for your attention is too much for you. You
reach a high orgasm and scream uncontrollably. The site of you cumming
is too much for Amod and me and we too spray our semens on your face
and neck. You order Yatin to clean you up with tissues and towels. He
cleans your face, neck and your dripping pussy. After you are cleaned
up you ask me to fuck you doggy style while Amod lays below you suck
both breast. You ask Yatin to stand in front and start giving him a
blow job. You are completely out of control with lust as you watch the
rest of the guys too stroking their cocks while they watch you
perform. The though of 7 cocks vying for your attention and ready to
service you in anyway you want gets you off one orgasm after another.
I finally cum in full force inside you. Yatin too cums with warning
after a few moments and you place your breast in front of him so that
he can shoot his load on them. Poor Amod is left stroking himself
below while sucking your breast. We all 4 crash down on the bed from

You now trying to scream, No. 4. but are too exhausted. You anyway
murmur, ‘No. 4’. Lalit at once emerges. He has already masturbated and
cum twice while watching all this while and is impatient for his
chance. You order him to clean you up. He goes about it a little
disappointed. You are secretly happy that Lalit got no. 4 on his chit.
This is because he was your previous boss and had been very dominating
on certain occasions. You want revenge now. He cleans you up and you
also ask him to clean your pussy that is dripping with cum. You ask us
all to get off the bed. Since Lalit is the only guy with No. 4 u feel
you should do something different. You also want to humiliate him
mildly to seek some sweet revenge. You sit at the edge of the bed,
spread your legs and tell him to lick you till you reach an orgasm. He
begins excitedly while kneeling on the floor. You pull his hair and
try to push his face more inside your pussy. He goes about it strongly
while he strokes his cock with one hand. You finally reach ecstasy and
his face is covered with your juices. He pleads that he wants to fuck
you bad. You tell him he will have to wait to get that. He is
disappointed and you feel you have sought some revenge by harassing
him this way.

By now it is already 6 pm and everyone is exhausted but yet excited.
We order tea and snack and spent the evening lazing around in the
bungalow. Since it is a fully airconditioned bungalow with dark
glasses and curtains no one from outside can see us so you decide to
stay naked the same way with only stocking, shoes and jewelry. The
guys too laze around naked or in underwear. Some of them approach you
when in the mood but you order them to stay away. However you feel
free to use them whenever you feel. You sometimes stroke their cocks
briefly leaving them excited and then just walk away. At other times
you order one of the guys to lick you to an orgasm. By night around 8
pm a round of drinks and food is ordered. Since the bungalow is booked
till Monday evening we all decide to stay the night and leave in the

After dinner, the mood is up again as everyone is re-energized by the
food and drink and want a go at you again. You tell us that you are
still in control and we need to remember the rules. You order us all
to stay in the ground floor hall while you get ready. You tell us you
will be calling out our names and we need to come to the room
accordingly. Everyone lazes around watching TV or just chatting but
there is an air of excitement. You call out for Sudesh, Lalit, and
Amod. They immediately get up and move upstairs to your room. They are
naked but for their undies. As they enter the room they see that you
have changed your look. You are now sporting a corporate look with a
tight white shirt and black trousers. You tell them since you had not
got an opportunity to fuck them, they were now to fulfill your wish.
You take off ur buttoned shirt and ur sex chain and black pushup bra
is revealed. You slowly remove your trousers and a waist chain is
revealed. You a now naked but for your shoes. You ask Sudesh to sit on
the edge of the bed. You then wrap your legs around him and sit on his
lap and slowly lower yourself on his erect manhood. He is very exited
as he always wanted to fuck you. He wraps his arms around your waist
and begins to stroke desperately inside you. You order the other two
to wait at their places. You command him to control himself and slow
down. He obeys and slows down. You ask him to kiss you on ur neck and
chain while stroking his manhood in ur wet pussy. You enjoy this and
push his head between your breasts. This is too much for him and he
moans and cums inside you. You feel his hot cum inside. He immediately
lays down exhausted. You get off him and ask him, “Thats all you
got?, I am disappointed”. You then motion Lalit and Amod towards
you. You ask Lalit to lay on the edge of the bed with his legs on the
ground. You mount his cock with your back towards him. You motion Amod
to stand besides the bed and start sucking him. Sudesh by now is erect
again and he stand on the other side. You look at him and start
sucking him too. You bounce your hips up and down on Lalit while you
alternately suck and stroke the other 2 cocks. You orgasm is now
building up and ur hips motions quicken while you suck cocks. You
finally reach a very high orgasms and keep bouncing up and down
uncontrollably. Lalit cant hold any longer and cums while the 2 cocks
too begin to spray their contents on ur face and breast. Ur r glowing
with pleasure and just lay on the bed for few minutes. You remember
that Amod is the only person you havent fucked since morning. You ask
the other 2 to leave the room. Now that you have Amod alone you tell
him to clean you up first. After he is done, you remove a bottle of
body oil from the drawer and ask him to massage you with it. He starts
with your legs and gently moves up to your crouch and stomach. You are
enjoying the warm feeling. He liberally pours oil on your breast and
begins to massage. You are now moaning in pleasure as his hands work
on your whole body. You turn on your stomach and he begins working on
your back and butt. You have always wanted his large cock which is the
largest in the group, thats why you have planned to have him alone. He
hands are doing a wonderful job on you and u begin to climax as he
massages your butt and thighs. You turn around and spread your legs
and ask him to mount you in the traditional missionary position. He
enters you slowly as you adjust to his big cock. You feel an uneasy
pain although you are wet. He slowly begin to stroke in and out while
kissing ur neck. You start playing with your tits which are erect. You
wrap your legs around him to give me better access. He plunges deeper
and deeper and quickens his motions. He sucks and squeezes your
nipples and breast and you begin to shudder to an orgasm moaning
loudly as you feel his hot cum fill you up. You both lay in this
position for a few minutes. You then order him to leave.