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Indian Hotwife dominates her many men -3

You are alone in the room and just rest for some time. You keep
thinking of the 7 guys waiting for your attention in the hall
downstairs. The though get you high and makes you feel very sexy.

You call the rest of us to the room. You tell us that now Salil will
get priority as he didnt get an opportunity before. You ask Salil to
stand against the wall and ask Joe and Yatin to pick you up and mount
you on Salil’s waiting cock. They pick you up and you wrap your hand
around their shoulder. They direct you towards Salil as he positions
his cock to enter you while standing against the wall. You motion me
to come behind you and kiss your back and play with your breast. You
mount his cock and wrap your legs around his waist and begin to move
your hips up and down. Yatin and Joe support you on either side as I
begin to kiss you back and play with your tits. You keep humping for a
long time while the rest of us try to kiss and explore your body.
Salil finally releases his load with a soft moan while you command the
rest of us to kiss and explore you. We lay you on the bed and begin to
explore you with our hands and lips. Now six hands and three lips
begin to explore your body as you lie still enjoying the feeling.
Salil too joins in after sometime. So now you have eight hands and 4
lips pleasuring you. Intermittently you are offered a cock near your
mouth which you begin to lazily stroke and suck. All of us turn by
turn mount you while you lie back enjoying the whole thing. Finally we
all are exhausted and lay on the bed. You ask us all to leave. It is
now late in the night and everyone just falls asleep where ever they
are. Some in the hall on the sofa or couches, some in the spare
bedroom. You lock yourself in your room so that you can sleep
comfortably without any disturbance in the night. I too fall asleep in
the spare bedroom.

It is now early morning around 4 am when I wake up for a glass of
water. I can hear moaning sounds coming from your room. I quietly make
my way to the room and find the door a little open. There is only a
dim light on and I can see 3 figures in the room. My eyes adjust to
the light and I can see that one of the guys have pinned you against
the wall. Your hair is open and you have your legs wrapped around him
and are bouncing your hips uncontrollably. I later recognize the guy
as Joe. You both are in a trance and oblivious to anyone around. I
notice there is another figure standing on the bed besides you both. I
strain my eyes to see and finally recognize him. It is Sudesh. He is
stroking his cock while watching you both and trying to get your
attention to service his cock. You are too engrossed with Joe to pay
any attention to him. I watch for a while and begin stroking myself. I
notice that Sudesh finally jerks off and messes-up your hair in the
bargain. You do not notice him at all as you are moaning in a
continuous orgasm. Joe keeps going on nonstop as both of you keep
slamming your hips together. I am now masturbating while watching you
both and finally reach a hard climax and give out a soft moan. You two
are still at it going on nonstop as if possessed in passion. You
finally give out a loud cry and reach ecstasy. Joe is still going
strong pumping his hips faster and finally moans and spray his hot cum
in you. I watch as both of you finally crash into the bed. Sudesh now
crawl near you and start sucking and playing with your breast. You are
too tired and dont pay any attention. Joe begins to leave the room and
I slip out to the next bedroom. I lie there thinking about the day
that has passed while stroking myself. I am amazed by your incredible
sexual appetite that I wasnt aware of. I can now hear Sudesh moan in
the next room and I understand that he is now getting your attention.
I hear him finally moan a little louder in pleasure as he cums. I can
hear you shout out, “Now get out of the room!!.”

It’s 9 in the morning and everyone is sleeping exhausted from the
previous days activity. Someone has ordered breakfast and everyone get
up lazily and goes around their business. You are now sleeping in your
room and its locked. You ask for breakfast to be served in your room.
The guys all leave one by one. I knock at your door after everyone has
left and you allow me in. I ask you how you are feeling and you say,
“Incredible”. You then take me to bed and we have long passionate