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Losing Virginity on the Beach with 2 Girls

The beach was 50 kms north of Mumbai. The old man hobbled on his arthritic knees making slow progress in the beach sand that gave way beneath him and made him sink up to his ankles with each painful step. He carried a small cooler in one hand and one of those cheap old lawn chairs made of aluminum and with plastic straps in the other. He walked towards the brown wire and wood fence that acted as a windbreak and trap for the blowing grains of sand. Quite a pile was drifted up and weighing down the fence, tipping it towards the north. He found his normal position close by the windbreak, but giving him a view of both sides of the little eroded basin where the sea drained into the ocean. He set up his chair and put the cooler on the shady side where it would stay cold longer and still be within easy reach. He had a little trouble sinking down into the lawn chair, but once seated, he stretched out his knees and welcomed the relief from the pain. He held off on opening the cooler, waiting to savour that first beer of the day. At his age, and living on a fixed income, anticipation served more than a single purpose.

He was just about to give in to his thirst and temptation when two young girls, perhaps eighteen or so, walked around the wind break and startled him by their presence. They seemed surprised to see him as well, since few people from Juhu ever walked out this far into the beach. The old man had spent the last thirty years out there alone, only going into town once or twice a month to check his mailbox and pick up fresh supplies. In the average year, perhaps as many as thirty people ever came out his way, and so he welcomed the break in his daily routine.

“Where you girls heading, if you don’t mind me asking?” He spoke before he really had a chance to think about whether he’d scared them by being there when they hadn’t expected to find anyone. The two girls just stared at him and then they giggled together. The taller skinnier girl shoved the shorter one towards the old man, But she was able to halt herself before running into him. She turned around and hissed at her friend, asking her to please be good for once.

“We were just seeing if we could maybe wade across the water here to get over to Juhu.” The short one told him. When she said that, the three of them looked out at the sea as it emptied itself. It wasn’t exactly awe inspiring, the current and the back wash, but people had been known to lose their lives attempting just such a crossing. Conventional wisdom on the Island said it should never be attempted with fewer than four people, and then only if they had plenty of safety rope with them, and it was at low tide. The tide was coming in then, and wouldn’t crest for two more hours.

“I wouldn’t advise it, pretty dangerous thing to do. If you swim out about a quarter mile to the sand bar, you could probably wade across okay and then swim into shore that way. But why would you want to go there anyway?” That part of the mainland was wooded and desolate and there was nothing of civilization for at least twelve miles.

“We just wanted to see if we could do it, and maybe do some topless sun bathing over there.” That from the taller girl. You could tell right away that she was the feistier of the two of them, a natural born leader. The little one looked away from him in embarrassment at her friend’s words.

“Well you can do it if you want to, I won’t stop you. Thing is though that I’m an old man and I couldn’t help you at all if you was to get tipped over and carried away out there. You’d be on your own if you were to try it, and I never heard of two people making a successful crossing before.”

The two girls put their heads together in whispered conversation, obviously in disagreement over what they were going to do. The short girl was wanting to leave, edging off back towards the village. The skinny one was standing her ground and pleading with her friend to not be such a chicken. “Sakshi, you never want to do the fun things. He’s just trying to scare us is all. That water isn’t even very deep. I’m sure we can do it easy. Come on?”

“If you’re so sure, you go ahead and I’ll watch from here. If you make it okay, then maybe I’ll do it too.” The old man opened his cooler and removed a cold bottle of beer. He twisted off the cap and put it in his front shirt pocket. He had quite a large collection at home and was sure they’d be valuable as collector’s items someday. He watched the feisty one head over to the water and tentatively put one of her feet in rather gingerly, in order to check the water’s temperature. She hesitated for only a few seconds and then began moving away from the bank. The old man admired her spunk.

“I should have mentioned the leeches, they’re pretty fierce this time of year.” He stopped talking, and took a big swig on his beer, keeping the bottle raised up in order to keep the sun out of his eyes, and so he could continue to watch the progress the girl was making.

“Karishma, he says there are leeches in that water! You better come back here.” The old man was surprised, not even knowing that he’d spoken out loud. That was another habit he’d acquired living all alone for so long. He just spoke out loud his thoughts to keep himself company. Karishma turned back and looked at Sakshi and the old man, wondering if they were just making it up about there being leeches. Not willing to risk it being true, she reluctantly returned to the sea bank and walked back over to them.

“I don’t care what you do Sakshi, since you’re so afraid of everything anyway, but I’m going to sun bathe right here then. Mister, I bet it’s been a long time since you saw two pretty girls running around without their tops on. Well, you’re in for a treat.” She opened her backpack and spread out a blanket right there in the sand, not fifteen feet from his chair and in plain sight. She put her pack on one end of the blanket and took out a pair of sandals to weigh down another end. Sakshi dropped her pack on still another corner and sat down on the remaining end. Karishma reached behind her and unclasped her bathing suit top and shrugged out of it. She turned so that she was facing the old man and struck up a pose with her hands on her hips and one foot thrust in front of the other. The old man took another swallow of beer and casually watched to see what the other girl would do. “Well, Sakshi, are you going to sit there or are you going to do what we came out here to do?”

Sakshi looked over at Karishma and then looked at the old man. She waited for a moment, like she was trying to decide what to do, then she lowered her eyes to the blanket and did nothing.

“Sorry mister, it looks like you’ll have to settle for only me. Sakshi, you just wait and see if I ever ask you to go places with me again. It’s no fun me having to do things by myself all the time. I don’t even know why you wanted to come with me.” She sat back on the blanket and faced the open water. The old man looked at her back and tried to remember when he’d last seen a woman’s naked breasts. It had to be more than forty years ago, he thought, that little girl over in Charleston. He spent a few minutes trying to remember the girl’s name. It was at a picnic, he remembered, but he didn’t remember why she’d taken her shirt off. Oh yeah, he thought, it was Manisha, and we were at that-anti war rally in the summer of 2001. He hadn’t done anything with Manisha, other than look at her like a thousand other students and protesters in the park. He tried to remember what it had felt like to be young and looking at a half naked girl.

“Forty years. That’s how long it’s been since I saw half naked girls. That’s a long time, forty years.” Both the girls turned and looked at him. Karishma just laughed at him, but Sakshi gave him a little smile of understanding.

“How long since you’ve seen a totally naked girl?” She thought that was a funny thing to say, maybe thinking she’d get a rise out of him or something. Karishma wasn’t only feisty, she had a little mean streak in her too. The old man didn’t mind, why should he? This was a lot more interesting than watching the tide come in. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had so much fun and excitement.

“That would be never, I guess. Nope, I’m sure I’d remember if I’d ever seen a totally naked girl. Of course I had two younger sisters, so probably, if you counted them, it’s been about sixty years or so.” Sakshi and Karishma both stared at him then, wondering if that old man was pulling their legs. Neither one could imagine someone as old as him never having seen a naked girl or woman. That was impossible almost.

“Are you a priest? Or maybe one of those homos? How could you do that? Are you a virgin?” Karishma kept firing off questions, not even stopping long enough for him to get in an answer. Sakshi looked like she had questions for him too.

“Never been religious, always enjoyed fishing too much to go to Mandir. Don’t like boys either. I just never found a woman that would want to get naked with somebody like me. After awhile, why you just give up and quit looking for anyone. I guess that’s why I moved way out here, I’d just given up on finding someone.” He reached down in the cooler and brought out another cold beer, popping the top and taking a little sip. He could see that Sakshi was feeling sorry for him, but the other one, she thought he was just making it up.

“So, you’re like a seventy year old virgin?”

“”Seventy four last May. I’m not ashamed of it either. Of course, when you get older, you regret having missed out on so many things other people take for granted.”

“Have you done anything with a girl or woman, ever?” This was from Sakshi. She’d turned all the way around so that she was facing him. “Like kissing or petting or stuff?”

“I danced with a girl once in a dance hall in Pune. I think it was right after Kargil. I didn’t really know how to dance, but she let me pull her along to the music. If I’d known then it was going to be my only time, I’d have asked her for another dance. I wish now that I had.” While he was talking he could see Sakshi reaching behind her and then he watched as she wiggled out of her top too. He took a good long look at her breasts on display. She was naturally modest and he could appreciate the gift she was offering to him. He smiled encouragingly at her and tried not to make his staring too obvious.

“You’ve never even kissed a girl? You expect us to believe that? We’re not stupid you know?” Yes, that Karishma was feisty all right. She was kind of a know it all though. He thought that Sakshi was pretty nice, and thought her breasts were a lot more attractive too. Sakshi was more filled out than Karishma, not fat, more like a tiny bit plump.

“I don’t care if you believe it or not. You asked some questions and I’ve answered them. What difference does it make? I’m older than both of your Granpa’s anyway. What do I gain by lying to you?”

“I believe you Mister. It’s so sad. I’d kiss you if you wanted. Just so you don’t have to say you’ve never been kissed.” That girl had a big heart. He could feel the sincerity of her words.

“That okay honey. I don’t miss what I’ve never had. If you did kiss me I’d probably have a hard time afterwards, finally knowing what I’d missed out on. Thank you for the offer though, I truly do appreciate it.” He just sat there looking out at the water, sipping his beer and remembering as much as he could about this day. After a couple minutes the girls started whispering back and forth. He tried not to pay it any attention, figuring they were deciding whether to stay or to leave. When Sakshi stood up, he figured that was it and they’d made up their minds to leave.

“Now who’s the chicken Karishma? I thought I was the one who didn’t like adventures and fun?” Sakshi was pulling her shorts down and then the bikini bottoms she wore underneath as well. When she was fully nude, she turned to the old man and did a three hundred and sixty degree pirouette, showing off all of her charms. she smiled at him nervously, and he had the feeling that this wasn’t something she would do casually, certainly not with strangers. He was deeply touched and appreciative.

“Thank you, thank you very much. I’m grateful to you for that powerful gesture. You should put your clothes back on though if it makes you uncomfortable. I’ll treasure the memory always.” He wiped his nose and reached in and got out his last bottle of beer. He looked over at Sakshi and offered the beer to her. Luckily for him, he thought, she declined his offer. He popped off the top and took a big sip. He was pleased and surprised that Sakshi just sat down again, not reaching for her clothes or trying to cover up anything. She was facing him again with her legs spread just a little. He wished his damn eyesight was better. Karishma just sat there in silence. She looked upset. Not necessarily angry, just upset that she’d been upstaged by Sakshi. After another few minutes had passed by and the silence seemed to be stretching unbearably for her, she stood up and removed the bottoms to her bathing suit. She was really naked; she had shaved off all of her pubic hair except for a tiny inverted triangle just above her slit. Karishma then walked right over to him and leaned over and kissed him right on his lips. He was surprised by that and pulled back and away from her, almost tipping over in his lawn chair as he did so.

“Maybe you were telling the truth Mister, that wasn’t much of a kiss. Give me your hand.” The old man looked at her warily and just kept his hands in his lap, both of them protectively wrapped around his beer. He looked over at Sakshi for some assistance and support. “Give me your hand old man, I’m not going to steal your damn beer.” After pausing for a minute, the old man let his curiosity overcome his doubts and lifted his hand to hers. Karishma was grinning as she turned sideways so that Sakshi could see what she was doing. She took his hand and started rubbing the back of it all over her mons and between her legs. “Now you can say you had your hands on a pussy Mister. How’s that make you feel?” The old man withdrew his hand and just looked at Karishma, not saying anything at all to her. He didn’t look pleased though. Sakshi got up and grabbed Karishma’s arm and pulled her away from him.

“Karishma, sometimes you can be such a slut, you know that? What makes you think he’d like you doing that to him?” The old man rolled off the lawn chair and painfully tried to stand up. His knees were too weak to allow him to stand right away, so he just stayed where he was, his butt in the sand. After a couple minutes, both girls came over and helped him get to his feet. When he was standing, they handed him his lawn chair and the cooler. Sakshi once again tried to apologize for her friend’s poor behaviour. “Please don’t think too badly of us Mister. We both wanted you to get enjoyment from what we did. We didn’t mean you any harm.”

“Sakshi, I don’t think badly of you, either one of you. I’m grateful for the attention you gave to a lonely old man. I’ve had so many firsts today it almost has my mind reeling. I want to thank the two of you for your kind gifts. I can assure you that they were appreciated. Why, for a brief moment there I almost thought I was getting an erection. That hasn’t happened to me for many years. I thought it was impossible. But, like I said, it almost felt like something was beginning to stir down there again. It was a wonderful feeling, let me tell you. Almost like hearing that a friend had died and then seeing him walking down the street later. Thank you both again. Have a safe trip back to the village. He started walking back up through the sandy beach, his knees barely able to support his tired weight.

He’d only progressed perhaps fifty yards when he heard the girls running over towards him. They were laughing and pushing each other as they ran. “Mister, Sakshi and I thought we’d help you find out whether it was possible to see your dead friend walking again. When he turned to face them he was glad to see that they were both still naked. Karishma reached for his pants zipper and Sakshi took one of his hands and brought it to her ample bosom. She waited for him to give her breasts a squeeze before releasing his hand and allowing him free reign. While he was feeling Sakshi’s breasts, Karishma had dropped his shorts and pulled his underpants down to his knees. She was pulling energetically on his penis, squeezing and caressing it all at the same time. Several minutes passed and still nothing happened to him. He had stopped playing with Sakshi’s breast and had slowly dropped his hand down until it rested right on her pubic arch. He was toying with her pubic hair, waiting to see if she would open her legs to his hand. As soon as Karishma dropped to her knees and engulfed his limp penis into her mouth, Sakshi gasped and spread her legs for him. Needing no further encouragement, the old man started playing with her in earnest. It didn’t take long before he had her leaning into him and clutching his arm with both of her hands.

As soon as Karishma started noticing that he was beginning to respond and grow in her mouth, she redoubled her efforts and soon had him firming up somewhat. A minute later, even before he actually achieved what anyone could call an erection, he experienced a mild ejaculation. From the groans and noises he made, you would have thought he’d just had shot out a powerful wad. In another five seconds he was again totally limp and she was left with half a teaspoon of salty sour taste in her mouth. He was so weak after his cumming, that both girls were needed to hold him up until he regained the strength to stand on his own. Karishma pulled his underwear and shorts back up and buttoned him up and redid his fly. The three of them stood there for an awkward moment, nobody knowing a graceful way to say goodbye. Finally, feeling stronger, the old man thanked both girls profusely and told them they’d given an old man the day of his life. They each kissed him on his cheek and waved as they ran back to their blanket. He gathered himself as he slowly trudged back home. It took almost thirty minutes for him to make it the three hundred yards to his car. He got in behind the wheel and drove the mile and a half to his home.

As he pulled up in front of his modest cottage, his dogs, Tommy and Moti came running out to the car to greet him. It didn’t matter how long or short a time he’d been gone, his dogs always were there to greet him. He had gotten out of his cycle rickshaw, leaving the lawn chair in the back seat, but bringing the cooler with the three empty beer bottles with him. When he got to his front door, he fished out the three bottle caps and placed them in the big trash can where he stored his cap collection. He put the empties away in one of the cardboard cases he also kept near his door, before carefully taking off his sandals and putting them beside the other pair of shoes. He opened up the screen door and stepped inside, glad to be home after his day at the beach.

“Don’t you dare track any sand in after I spent all day sweeping the house Suresh. I worked too hard to have it get dirty all over again. How was the beach? You don’t usually stay so long.”

“Hello Manisha, I left the sandals out on the porch and shook myself when I got out of the car. When I got to the beach it was quiet and peaceful and I must have dozed off and caught forty winks. What time tomorrow are we going over to see our grandkids? It’s been too long since we’ve seen them. I think I’ll take a quick shower and turn in early. I don’t want to be too tired to play with them.”

“We’ll leave at eight I think. If we catch the early ferry we can avoid most of the tourists. I wish you wouldn’t drink so much when you go off to the beach Suresh, I worry that you’ll fall down and won’t be able to get up again. I’ll never understand what it is you find to do out there everyday all by yourself.”

Suresh didn’t even hear her. He was in the shower already reliving that day’s adventure. That was seventeen summers in a row that his beach sitting had paid off for him. The older he got, the easier it was for him. He was only sorry that Manisha had picked that particular morning to want to have sex with him. At seventy four, twice in one day was really stretching it. Well he thought, I still have the rest of the summer, who knows?