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I am neena with 22-years of age, 5feet 9inches of height, black hair, clear white body, above medium juicy boobs and green eyes. A year ago, my brother, Simon has got married with his girlfriend, Anny. She is now a mother of a son, Eric. Eric is a breast feeder but her mom still didn’t lose her body, she is tall, fit and sexy even today.

Her strict erect circled boobs use to make me crazy and out of control sometimes. Her big boobs filled with tasty milk fulfills the wants of little Eric but I really had a desire to taste it too. This story was of that time when Eric was only 3 months old. We live in dual story house, in ground floor, I and my mother live and my married brother is shifted in 2nd floor. One day, at mid-night, I was not so sleepy; I decided to walk on our front courtyard. I got up and started walking here and there, suddenly I heard something, I looked up and saw that the lights of my brother’s room was on, I thought that they were not sleeping and watching TV. I went upstairs, the door was open and when I reached bit far to the room’s door, I saw that Anny was shaking her head with closed eyes. I stopped, descended and started walking carefully as they should not be able to get notice of it. When I came near to room, I saw that my brother and Anny were naked and my brother was fucking Anny from her ass. Anny held the bed’s corner edge, sitting on her knees like a bitch and moaning intolerantly low. My bro was massaging her back and right boob by right hand and grabbed her ass by left hand, stroking her hardly. He put out his dick from Annie’s ass, massaged it twice and then pushed it again into her asshole.

Anny shouted loudly, “uuhh, yeha yeah,, fuck me hard,, oo Simon you r good, come on,, uffu uff ,, ush”

Simon was pretending like a brutal, he was so hard on stroking, even, he was using his all powers to stroke well, I could not count his strokes, anny was moaning deplorably, suddenly anny screamed because of unbearable pain of Simon’s strokes, I scared and yelled instinctively. They both heard my voice and Simon came to door to figure out but I cleverly took the left side of door’s wall, and stood still by my back. Simon saw here and there and went back; he whispered with Anny a bit and closed his door. I calmly moved ahead and started peeking through keyhole, I saw that Anny grabbed Simon’s dick and sucked its top several times, she spat on it and then started doing blowjob. Anny was enjoying this and then Simon discharged his semen but Anny drank all of it even she forced his penis to eject more. Simon pulled her shoulder and laid her down, he grabbed Annie’s breast and started sucking it like a baby suddenly he shacked his face because Annie’s milk came out impetuously, Simon licked her body for wasted milk then moved back to her nipples and again started sucking and licking them. I was so horney at that time, I feel my pussy was wet and need something to be inserted in. for next 15 minutes, he had sucked her milk and took a nap, I enjoyed the whole moment and went back to my bed.

Next morning they got up late, mom told me to serve them tea and breakfast, so I went to their room and forced them to get up. I handed them a hot cup of tea and moved back to downstairs, suddenly I recalled to set their bed, I moved back and found them not on their bed, I stepped a little ahead toward bathroom and I saw them taking French kisses of each other. I realized it a wrong place for me and moved back to down floor without setting up their bed.

After some days later, my bro received a call by his office that he had to take a journey for an official work for a month from this night, he packed up his luggage and left. From that day, Anny was all alone in her room.

I and my mom was noticing that anny was reacting so freely because some days before when she needed to breast feed Eric, she moved to her room, but this time when she felt that Eric was hungry, she would breastfeed him openly even she disclosed her boobs in front of us many times. One day we were watching TV, suddenly Eric started crying, she lift him, uncovered her shirt and bra, she grasped her right breast and started breastfeeding Eric after some minutes she disclosed her both boobs.

My mom said to her,” dear Anny, if you feel uncomfortable, go to your room”, she replied, “no mom, its ok, I was feeling hot that’s why I removed my shirt, if you are feeling uneasy then I will go upstairs.” My mom replied, “No, no, be easy, watch TV and relaxed, I thought you need some privacy.”

And they both started watching TV again, but my eyes were on her open boobs, they are so beautiful, erect, rounded and juicy. She was continuously rubbing her both nipples and aureole time by time, sometimes she grasped her second breast and sometimes she gave love to Eric.

My mother got up and said, “ok you both watch TV, I am sleepy, good night, and yes, neena, today you will sleep with your sister in law, good night” and she went to her room.

In the mean time, Eric took a sound sleep and Anny said to me, “I think, we should go to our bed” and I followed her. We both moved upstairs, I rearranged the bed for sleeping and laid down to right side. She said to me,” well neena, would you mind if I sleep naked with you, because I feel so hot and tired today”, I replied, “Yes, it’s ok”. She removed her cloths and for the 1st time, I was watching her naked so near. She was so beautiful, slim and sexy. And rounded ass was leaping like jelly; it was soft, mild and lovely. She laid down on the left side, after some moment, she said,” well, neena, you like my boobs because I observed that you were glancing continuously for my boobs, do you want to ask something for your breasts, I can give a good advise”. I replied, “Oh, you got me, yeah, I like your boobs, they are huge and good for Eric. She sneered little and said,” ok, tomorrow I will give u a lotion, apply it and u will also have the breasts like me”. I said,” well, anny, don’t mind if I ask you a wrong question”, she replied,” no way, ask gently, I am your sister.” I said,” I saw you and Simon, making sex, last week, and you drank his semen, is that for beauty”, She replied,” ooh great, I had told Simon to close the door, ok, well, I am not sure, but I like to drink semen, it tastes good”. I said,” but I want to taste breast milk, ops, sorry”. She said,” really, you want it, do you want to suck my nipples”, I replied, “mmm yes, if you don’t mind”. She said,” Ok come here”. I got up and started sucking her left nipple, my mouth yet filled with her milk, it was in pressure. It was so tasteful moment for me, I accidentally bit her aureole and she called out, “ooh…. Neena, take it easy, suck and lick it gently, I will regularly press it so you could easily taste my milk well”, she fondled her breast and pushed my head for her nipple to be sucked again. I started feeding her milk, it was bit creamy, and she forced me to get over her body. I moved up on her body, I fondled and started playing with her juicy boobs. She put her finger in my mouth and rubbed my lips, she drew my shirt and removed it from my body, and unbuttoned my bra, kept it away and made me naked as she were before. She took my lips in her mouth and started sucking it, she suck my tongue and bit my lips gradually. She kissed on my eyes and forehead firmly and pushed me away. She then removed my lower and undergarment from my body,, and took my pussy by her hand, she said, ”are you virgin, neena?”, I said, “ Yes”.. She rubbed it and made me lay down straight on the bed, she then started sucking my nipple and licking them firmly. I was moaning like a child. Suddenly she stood up and put her pussy on my face, it was a sign that I should suck her pussy, I started sucking it, she gently shacked it as discharging little amount of her water. I taste her water it was sweet to keep an adult horney. She descended herself on my left side, grabbed her breast and forced my head to suck it again; I kept on sucking her milk till I got full of belly. She said,” come on, we should take a bath”, but it was a trap, she got some other ideas left, I followed her, we both were naked. She opened the shower and started rubbing my body with beauty soap, she opened the upper shelve and put out a dildo, I said, “what’s that”, she replied,” Time to lose your virginity darling, lay down”, and descended me forcibly, she sucked it first and then insert it into my pussy, I was snickering but when I felt the pain, I cried strenuously and mother came upstairs intriguingly to ask after. Anny put on her rob, moving herself from the bathroom without hiding nor hair of and started watching TV before when my mother was about to enter into the room. She said, “What happened, I heard neena, screaming, is everything all right?” Anny replied, “Oh, I am too confused, I think that neena has slipped off, let her come then we’ll ask.” She replied, “OK, I am going downstairs and when she comes out, plx call me” and went. She went back to bathroom; I was shivering and slowly rubbing my blooded pussy. I gave her dildo and asked her to insert it again; she did the same and started stroking it hard like Simon usually does for her. I put towel into my mouth because I was continuously screaming because of pain. Finally I crossed my legs with hers and attached my pussy with her pussy. We both were shaking it calmly because the moment was so enjoyable. We took a little bath and moved downstairs to take our breakfast.