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Love with cousin Part 2

“Damn your gap is hot, Tammy.” “Do you really like it?” “God yes! It’s so fucking sexy.” She smiled. “I’m glad you like it.” “I want to taste you.” “What?” “Lay down and spread your leg for me.” She hesitated but saw the look in my eyes that told her I would have my way. She slowly lowered her body to the ground not breaking eye contact with me. She laid back and rested on her elbows, her knees together. “Show it to me. Show me your pussy Tammy.” She parted her legs to reveal a single split covered in fur.

I reached to part her lips. She watched me intently. I opened her lips to see how brightly pink she was. “When you shower tonight, I want you to shave your pussy bare for me.” “I don’t…” “When you take your shower tonight, I want you to shave your pussy for me.” “Okay.” I gave her a smile then moved closer, lowering my head. My mouth landed on her hairy pussy and my tongue began darting. “Oh my god!” I lapped my cousin’s pussy feverously. “Michael…oh shit…I’ve never…god that’s good.” I sucked her clit between my lips, offered a little pressure as my tongue flicked over it. Her right hand instinctively shot toward my head and held me down on her pussy. I licked her faster. “OH fuck! You need to…stop…oh shit…” Grinding my face into her bush, she was getting wetter. My face was saturated and my tongue was lapping her juice from her pink hole.

I continued licking her pussy until she had orgasm, or at least what she thought was an orgasm. She begged me to stop and I did. She laid their spent; panting. Her legs bent at the knees, her wet, pink pussy staring at me. I knew two things. One my cousin was into being ordered. And two, I would be fucking my cousin soon…but not this day. As much as I wanted to shove my cock into that gap and fuck her pussy…it needed to wait. I had more to do. I suggested that we get dressed and pack up and head back to the house. “What about you?” “What about me?” “Don’t you need to get off? I’ve heard that boys have a problem if they don’t get off.” “Don’t worry. I’ll get off another time.” “You don’t want to get off with me?” “I will one day, but not today.” “Are you going to go home and jerk off?” “Maybe I will.”

Whining she said, “Ohhh, I want to watch.” “You want to watch me jerk off?” “YES! I’ve never seen a boy cum.” Then she confessed, “I’ve watched my brothers play with their dicks before. But I’ve never seen them cum.” I thought about it then stood. “Okay I’ll jerk off for you” and began stroking my cock. Tammy laid there with her legs slightly spread, teasing me with her freshly eaten, wet pussy glistening in the sunlight. “Stand up.” “What?” “Stand up and show me your gap.” She got up and stood before me her legs a foot apart. She pushed her ass back which magnified her gap. “Do you like it Michael? Do you like looking at the access to my pussy?” Stroking my cock for her, “I do. Put your hand on your mound.” She complied. There she was my first cousin, standing naked, her tiny nipples pointing to get me attention, her petit body ripe to be fucked, and an amazing gap that needed to be filled soon by me, her cousin; her lover. I stroked my cock faster for her. Her fingers played in her hair.

“I’m going to cum for you Tammy. Watch me.” “Shoot it Michael.” I released and shot a stream nearly two feet toward her, barely missing her. It was quickly followed by a second, third and fourth…all losing their distance but an impressive load none the less. “Wow! That’s amazing!” My cock throbbed and slowly made its way down. We dressed, packed up and boarded our bikes for the ride back home. When we arrived home, her mother was there. After some small talk I excused myself. Tammy walked me to the door. “Remember what I said.” “I’m going to shave it tonight. Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I rode home and later that night jerked off again thinking about my cousin and her enticing gap. I had to fuck her. I was going to fuck her. That night brought dream after dream of Tammy’s tiny nipples, her pink pussy, and that amazing gap. My dreams had me fucking my cousin, my cousin sucking my cock, and her wanting it. Each dream was more intense that the one before.

My cock was hard and I would wake myself to prevent a wet dream from happening. The next time I came, it would be for her. The next morning I was up early, dressed and grabbing a quick glass of juice before mounting my bike and heading to Tammy’s house. “You’re up early”, mom noticed. “Just looking forward to today. I think it’s going to be a good day.” “I hope so son. Your father and I have a dinner date with the Martins. Do you want me to have dinner ready for you before we leave or do you want to get something out?” “I’ll see if Aunt Sue has anything when I drop Tammy off. If not, I’ll find something. Don’t worry. Have a good time.” And out the door I went. The ride was a couple of block which I made in no time. When I got there, Danny and Tim, my cousins were headed out the door. “What’s up?” “Not much. Tammy ready?” “I don’t know, probably not. Go on in and see. We’ll see you at school.” “Alright” Entering the house I called out, “Tammy” “Back here” came from the back of the house.

I walked to her room and found the door closed. “Are you ready?” calling through the door. “Almost. Come on in.” I twisted the door knob and pushed the door to. There she was…naked. “For you” Her pussy was bare! Gone was her bright red hair replaces with a tiny slit. And her gap more pronounced. My dick swelled immediately. She stepped back and sat on the bed and moved herself deeper in. Pulling her heals up to the edge of the bed and spreading her knees to give me a full view of her pink goodness. “Do you like it?” as she began rubbing her pussy. I was speechless. I stared at her. “Keep going”, encouraging her to continue rubbing her pussy for me. “Show me how much you like it.” Pulling my dick out, it sprang upward. “Nice…but we need to go to school today since we missed yesterday” as she hopped off of the bed and quickly moved toward her clothes.