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Me & my Bhabhi (Real life experience)

Hello all. I, rejavik,will narate you my real life experience which happened today with my bhabhi sneha. Let me first describe her. She is 5 ft 4, slim & trim, nice shapely boobs & very attractive ass. Her ass & boobs are main attraction. When my brother was married to her i was not attracted to her but after giving birth to baby gal, she put on some weight & became sexy, most of weight was accumalated on boobs & ass. She use to wear transperent salwar kammez exposing her bra through it.While serving food her boobs use to touch me when she use to bend which would give me instant hard on & ask for more. When she use to walk, her hips use to swing left & right & i wished i could ass fuck her.I use to capture her snaps of her cleavage & ass without her knowledge & use to masturbate on seeing them.

One day my bhabhi had come to town for shopping. She had to go to shoping market which is near our office & very crowded place. As she had come alone & my bro had work, he told me to accompany her as the area was crowded & people are not friendly & good. I was very happy to accompany her. My bhabhi was wearing a white coloured tight t-shirt & light blue jeans. she was looking mind blowing. Her boobs & ass were protruding. Being evening time the streets are very busy & there is hardly any space to walk through but still people manage to push out.

My bhabhi is very simple & educated girl. She feared commuting in crowds. I convinced her & asked her to keep moving. I was trying to be protective & asked her to walk in front of me to avoide peverts touching her. I was continuoaly staring at her swinging ass.We came to a junction where evening namaz was over & people were moving in hoardes. As the road was crowded we came to a point where ppl were walking neck to neck. I noticed 2 young muslim guyz walking on her either side trying to get close to her. I knew they were upto something. I noticed them trying to take advantage of crowd, they were trying to squeeze in her. The guyz came so close they sandwiched my bhabhi between them & one guy to right boldy pressed her right boob acting as if it happened by mistake. I was damn pissed but could not do anything as i tought the area was not good to create a scene & we were about to reach the market. By the time the guy on the left too pressed her left breast .

The scene was very erotic but it also made me angry. I saw them disappearing in the crowd laughing which made me more annoyed but i could not do anything. What was more starnge is that my bhabhi didnt react much on it & was behaving as if nothing happened as she thought i might have noticed it. I came close to her & told her ” Bhabhi are you ok, were the guyz trying to act cheap with you?” My bhabhi said “No dear it was just so crowded & the people here are pevert.The way they look at you is disguisting. We should hit the shopping market asap”. The scene gave me real hard on & what added to it was my bhabhis no reaction to it.

We finished shopping by late night around 9:30 pm. My bro called & told us to catch train from there & he will meet us at home. We reached station & since train was empty, me & my bhabhi both got onto male compartment only. The compartment was empty with 7-8 people. My bhabhi was tired so she just closed her eyes & started listening to FM on her cell phone. I was sitting next to her. I saw the guyz sitting opposite us continuosly staring at us. I hear one of them say ” What babe she is. Look at her lovely boobs & nipples are visible through her t-shirt This bastard is lucky to have female like her.” I tried to ignore them but just took a glimpse & saw that my bhabhis tits were really sticking out from her t-shirt. Suddenly train approched next station & people started getting in.

In few stations passing by the train got jammed packed & i thought it will be difficult to get down at our stop. Iwas pushed close to my bhabhi as seats became full. My thighs were tocuhing to her thighs. My bhabhi was still relaxing & lsitening to radio. The evening scene was still on my mind & i was thinking when will i get such chance.The train was moving fast. As we were getting jerks, i also thought why not try my luck. I started leaning on my bhabhi. She didnt respond so i moved more closed & kept my hand on her thigh. I knew she would be shocked but i closed my eyes & pretended i was asleep. I knew she would never like such thing.

Due to trains movement i moved my hands slowly up & down her thighs so she might think it is due to trains movement. My elbow was touching her breast & it was wonderful feeling. I kept doing it & pressing gently her lefft breat with my left elbow. I was feeling so good & thought she would also feel the same. Inmeantime i didnt notice our stop was approching & the crowd had built up. Sudddenly my bhabhi shook me & told me we should ruch out or wont be able to get down. I opened my eyes & saw compartment jam packed & told bhabhi ” Its impossible for us to get to the gate. We will reach the last station & get down there & take auto to reach home” . Bhabhi said ” No its already late & bhai is waiting for dinner at home, we should get down at our stop only”. I agreed to her & we got up & started moving towrds the gate. I saw eyes feasting on my bhabhi . I told bhabhi to hold bags in her hand.

She covered her boobs with the bags & started moving forward. Since it was jam packed i moved behind her with no space between us. I tried to push ppl on way & make way for us. My dick became hard on feel of her smooth & soft ass. I was purposley pushing myself to her. I mooved my hands many times on her shapely ass & being crowded she didnt bother & didntknew what was happening & she was getting pushed from all sides. I became bold in my efforts & cupped her buttocks & kept pushing her. This is first time i was feeling gals ass & it was rocking. We almost came near the gate & stop before ours was approching . I told bhabhi to get aside to the left near the entrance to let people get in as ppl just rush throught the door. Bhabhi agrred & she positioned herself to left side. i was standing on her right side.The stop approached & people got in like mad cows running.

The force & push was so hard i was crushed against her. I really enjoyed it. her boobs were getting squeezed against my chest. Due to tremendous push here & there, i heard the word ‘oh fuck’ popped her from her mouth. This is forst time i ever heard this word from her & never expected it. We couldnt move till our stop came. I was crushed against my bhabhi completely & couldnt move an inch.She also couldnt move a bit. I moved my hand on her waist & pretended as i was avoiding guyz next to us come too close to her. I was thoroughly enjoying & hope our stop should never come. unfortunately our stop came & there was sudden release of crowd which created space. I, hesistantly removed my hand from her waist.

The force this time came from behing & we were automatically being pushed to get down. I told my bhabhi to hand over the bags to me. i moved my left arm around her shoulders to guide her down. While moving down i slipped the hand purposely below her shoulder & pressed her left breast. This feeling was HEAVEN. I have no words to describe it. I kept pressing her till we got down & then had to retieve my hand as i had no futher reason to do so.

My bhabhis hair were totally dishelved & she was looking slutty. We started walking towards our home. I told her ” Bhabhi im sorry”. She just smiled & said ” For what? ” i told her ” It was so crowded i couldnt make you feel comfortable”. She said ” Its ok dear. But i swear we will never travel by local train again”. I simply smiled back her but deep inside my mind i was thinking i wish we both should travel by local train every day. I wish i would be able to get her someday but i dotn know when is that day.

This is not based on any fanatsy or imagination. This is my real life experience which i thought to share with you. Please do let me know if you found it interesting.