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My 1st sex experience

Hi frdz, this s karthi and I’m here 2 share my 1st love…sry sex
experience. I love iss story and met my love here by reading his
story.i mailed him dat I loved his story.we continue to chat.i said
dat I’m new 2 dis wrld.he s d 1st person helped me 2 understand all
thing abt sex.he even taught me hw 2 have sex from lip 2 bottom.And
one 5n day he said dat he loved me and want to taste my pussy .
suddenly, I can’t say anything. As I’m frm tamilnadu I can’t say ok, I
resist him totally. he didn’t say even bye and stopped txtng me.At dat
tme I didn’t feel anything.Days rolled down, I was very happy n my

i used 2 watch many Xvideo.try some stupid things wid my
neighbours.i was njyng my life . suddenly my frd vickey asked me 2
sleep with him.As I drunk dat day I was outof control.i tried 2 sleep
with him.vickey liplocked my I was njyng dat . suddenly some went into
me.i broke up d kiss and ran away from there.i don’t know why I did
dat.i felt like mani(who I met in iss) was kissing me.Afterthat
whenever I saw prone I feel like mani is dng same for me.i started 2
miss him lot and search whether his story was uploaded or nt.i felt
like an idiot. In my bday I mailed him dat 2day s my bday. he replied
me with wishes.10 mints of silence. I asked him did u missed me.he
said ,’no’.

I said, I missed him.No reply frm him.i pleased him 2 be
frdz again.1st he said no after some conversation he accepted 2 be
frdz.i was very happy. slowly our relationship grew day I asked
him to kiss me.he said dat, I want 2 fuck u. I was very happy 2 see
dat.but we r apart frm each other:(.we waited fr ri8 tme untill dat we
had sex chat badly. I lossed my gum daily becoz of his sex chat.dat 5n
day cme.he said he will be free dis weekend so dat I asked him 2 cme 2
chennai. he came through train and booked a rme for 2 days.he reached
chennai at 7.00 pm.i booked for ni8 show so I asked him to be ready 2
njy me and chennai. we had dinner and njyed ni8 view of chennai.luckly
we had coner seat n flim.we 2 hesitated 2 start 1st.i hold his hand
tightly and gave him courage. he smiled at me and planned 2 liplock
but failed:(after tryng 3 r 4 tms he just touched my lips.his hand was
warped around my neck so he easily touch my ri8 boob.he was like
messaging it.

i took his another hand and put it n my pussylips.he
smiled at me and started 2 do handjob.i was started 2 njy it.while we
r dng dis suddenly lights went on.we were shocked like we caught becoz
I was half naked but we managed d sutivation and ran out.bcoz we were
caught by neighbour seat.i asked mani lets walk somewhere.he said that
he don’t want to waste anymore tme and we rush into his rm.while I
entering his rm.he pushed me and started 2 kiss even nt clsng d
door.we closed d door without stop kissing. we kissed like gng 2 die
within 10 mints dat much hard he kissed me.i put my whole tounge in
his mouth.he kissed me very very passionately. guys, I promise u dat
no one can his like him.still his salaiva’s taste is n my lips:) while
kissing he tore my chutti top I was shocked he started 2 behave like
an animal. he carried me 2 his bed and threw me 2wards d bed and he
started 2 remove his black shirt and blue jean.i was already n my red
bra. I stopped me frm unhooking my bra and said dat he will undress dat I remove only my pants and waited for him.he just took mints
2 make him naked.i was stunned seeng him naked.he planned a kiss but
my eyes only saw his tool.he understood my feeling and took my hand
put it in his cook.wowowww dat was amazing. he asked 2 kiss his tool.i
resist it.

he didn’t compel me rather dan he said he will kiss for me
also and suddenly he went under and removed my panties I was only in soon as he removed my pantie he tried to taste my pussy. I
resist strongly he didn’t want 2 miss even a single part of me, mani
screamed.e slapped my butt and forced his head in my pussy.i was just
to make a started little and grewed
gradually he was good at sucking.he made tounge fuck d same
tme his hands were pressing my boobs with bra heavily. we were about
more than 45mints in dat position. he never got bored n my pussy.After
sometme he came up and kiss me.i felt very smelly and salty.he said
these all belong 2 u with a smile. he unhooked my bra and chewing it
like a baby. i thought never had an idea abt I asked him 2
put his tool into my.he smiled and left me in d bed and gone near 2
his case and pick some bottle from his bag.bottle full of chocolate
surp he opened with a smile.i can’t understand any thing wat he was
dng.he said ‘u like chocolates so I bought for u’and pour on my
mouth.i was shocked and can’t understand anything. slowly he went

pouring surp in my boobs…navel..pussy..tits..upto feet.2 say
frankly I was covered wid surp.he started 2 lick it.Now I understood
his plan very started frm my lips and roll dwn.he took nearly
one and half hr to lick me totally. he again went near his bag but dis
tme he took his condem and put it in his tool.i signalled him dat I’m
waiting for dis movement. he smiled and say push his tool in my
hole.but it failed.i broadly separate my legs and asked him 2 try
again. it went little start to pain.he pussed slowly atlast his
full cock went into me.i was really really n pani.i asked him 2 take
out but he never considered dat he went on humping
he humped hardly. we tried almost all d position.he sat on bed and I
sat on his pussy was in his tool control. my lips was in his
lips control. my boob was n his control of his hand.he also bite my
nipple for sometme.we slept by keeping his tool in my main area.we
slept for more hrs.when I woke up it was near by 11am.i saw him he was
sleeping by tightly hugging me.i don’t want to disturb his I
stayed at dat position till he woke up.he woke up aftr some tme.he
looked at me and kissed my forehead.i never asked him dat it was his
1st sex r nt.but he came near my ears and whispered dat dis s his best
season and liplocked me wid his hand playing wid my boob and started 2
lick it wid half sleeply aft some mints he layed n boob and said dis s
d best place I ever see.i want u rest here.i said ‘naughty, I’m
totally urs.

he slept thr but I’m totally awoken.i was thinking abt
last ni8 and smiling like an idiot. he again woke up aftr some hr and
again started 2 have sex wid me.i said we can do aft sometme but he is
nt n mood of hearing me.he again started 2 season. without food we had
sex untill eve.Afterthat, he arranged for candlelight dinner.i enjoyed
dat and got a train 2 his place. REALLY, I njyed a lot wid him.its
very beautiful 2 have a sex wid d loved one.i missed him lot. MANI
will always be a part n my life as my sex partner. This is my 1st
story and I’m sry 2 all who found mistake n my sex life.i will be very
happy have a feedback frm all u guys
support me 2 have more sex.Give ur feedback in
if any tamil boys interest n sex can also mail me.i will soon release
my story hw I had grp sex with mani and wid his frdz.thank u . don’t
forget 2 mail;)