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My aunty my sex slave

Hi i am rocky well i like to share my experience with you all .I am 32 years now .Married and have 2 wonderful kids .I am tall , handsome average guy , very aggressive and broadminded .I belong to rich family .the story i am telling you is about 10 years back .I had my first sex with my aunty .Vanitha (name change) .because of privacy .I was studying in my college and wanted to go for a vacation always in my aunty place .Because i like her very much .I visited my aunty place at 9:00 pm in the night she was happy to see me and smiled at me .I was also happy and smiled at her.When i entered she was putting a fall in her saree in which i can see her cleavage somewhat .i stared at her cleavage she knew about that ..Well my aunty is 5 “6”,Good figure 38 30 38 Fair ,long hair .she wears saree always below her navel.and no doubt in that i always see her navel.That day i was very tired .My aunty she gave me a cup of tea i slightly pressed her palm and took tea cup.She knew that i am damm crazy about her.she gave a cunning smile i understood that.She have 2 kids and they were small .boy was in ukg and girl was in 2 std..she stays in rented house which was in ground floor ..And in that there was a bathroom which is other side ..

So i told aunty ill have bath she told its cold here ill give you hot water i told no problem aunty.i ll take bath.Then she told ok, as you wish.She slowly gone in front of me to bathroom.And told to use that soap i told ok.i went inside she was standing beside me i can feel her.smell and the hotness.i came to know she is horny.while she going out i pressed her ass.she thought it by accidentally ..and went after i came from bathroom i dressed up i usually wear shorts and t-shirt .I dont wear underwear at night .And my aunty she know about that. she told me ill cook food .I told ok but i dont want to eat much..I went upstairs for a aunty she know why i went .She didnt stop me..I went up and started light my smoke..suddenly i heard something when i saw my aunty was standing behind me..I threw ciggarette my aunty told you did not quit i said no.She came beside me and started asking me .How is my mom my sister and other formallities i said everything is all goin fine..I got a chance to press her ass again.I raised my hand and pressed her ass..

She told me tu kabhie nahin sudrega.i said you know about me..She laughed ..and told me ok chal chalenge bachon ko sulana hai..My aunty got a call from my uncle who is a manager in other city ..He is a govt employee and he was transferred..I answered his call and told him when are you coming he said he dont any plan to come..i said ok..ill b here only for 15 days.He said he ill try to come if he can..Then i went outside again and started smoking..I went to kitchen and aunty she was cooking food..i can see her side boobs ,waist navel..was staring she saw me and she smiled ..she got up and lifted her saree (the kitchen is small and she have to cook by sitting on floor ) i can see her fleshy legs..i became crazy..i knew ill get a chance ..I waited for that hour.I had dinner and even my aunty ..My aunty kids they slept soon ..they have to get up early for school..I then told her did my mom called she told did you informed her.i said no..She told ok we ill call her after dinner i said ok.After finishing My aunty went to were sleeping in varanda..She took a landline phone and dialed my mom.She slept back..her ass was on my face side..and she as talking to my mom..she was shaking her legs..and even her bulging ass was shaking..i was crazing..i told aunty i need some medicine becoz of my head pain..she told its in a table..I said ok the table was backside i have to through my aunty..i put my one hand beside her thighs and took a medicine..

Later it was 11:30 pm..I told aunty that ill sleep alone in bedroom..she told y you sleep alone sleep with us in veranda..i told ok..i knew that becoz even she needs something..I the told her that can i take that pillow i like pillow which is having a great bunch..because i have a headache..i was sleeping near the wall.beside me was a boy kid .after that aunty and after that girl kid..after few min..i started  I knew that aunty wont sleep soon.I took my hand long near her if i am sleeping.i can feel her hotness..she saw me and did not say anything ..Actually she was seeing her kid may be ..whether he slept or not.. Then..i removed my hand from navel..i kept on her upper boobs..and tiggling trying to feel her nipples but could not feel i rolled my finger and finally got her nipples below ..and started pinching..  She did not mind..I was feeling happy suddenly the boy child cried and i took my hand off.My aunty she was saying me let him sleep ..i told ok..and few min again..i started doing the same..thing..i slowly tried to remove her blouse button but could not..and removed my hand..and stated thinking how to remove it..and few min later when i kept hand again..the lower button was removed..i was happy that my aunty is supporting me.and pressed her boobs..pinced her nipples..i went near her and started licking her nipples i was little..not comfort because the kid was i told aunty to go in bedroom and she told toda sabar kar..nahin tho dono hut jayenge ..i said ok..and told her ill wait for her..and suddenly she came along with me..i hold her tight and stating kissing her boobs no lips kiss..i removed her blouse and torn somewhat because of hunger..and bite her nipple harder and harder..

she was moaning ahhhh..i said dont moan louder..she said tik hai..  I then took my finger and lifted her saree from below and started tingling her asshole..she said me y that i told i wanna lick it..she told nahin who nahin..choot mein..mein bola try karte hain..she was very supportive and told teek hain..  I went down below her saree and licking legs thighs and then her smelling panty…i put my saliva in her panty and licked it..i came out..and told her to stand so that i can suck and lick her asshole..and i has a nice smelling ass crack..i licked her ass hole…she told chalo ander..we went in bedroom..she was on my top..i told her to suck my cock…She told nahin mein nahin karti ganda hota hain..I think she doesnt have idea..I said kuch nahin hota hain..ek baar try kijiye..woh boli nahin..i told her ill lick your pussy and asshole and you to lick and suck my cock..she even said no..i then forcely took her hair..and forced to suck my cock..and opened her mouth..she starting lick my forehead and removed her head i again forced her..she slowly doing i felt very good..she then lick and sucke d my cock ..has if she is an expert in it..she was happy and started sucking harder..until her throat..i got some semen out..i told her to lick..she did the same and licked it..and said awk..yeh kaisa taste hain..i said take it full …she said no..i said ok….i told her now my turn..made her slept..and removed her lower saree removed her panty..and put my saliva in her two holes and started sucking…..she moaned good..and told mmmm..mmmm…ahhahah…i told her ill fuck you in such a way that you ill never forget me….she told chod mujhe ….aahhhhh i licked her pussy and and fingered her asshole..slowly……she got 3 orgasm..and i licked again and again…..i told her can you suck my cock…again..she readily got and sucked my cock…and i gave a very hard…fingering in her pussy….

she spread her legs..and i started fingering…her…i told her…to come in 69 position she told me woh kya hai..i told her to lie like this..she sucked my cock..i sucked her pussy and fingered her asshole…her hole was opening little bit…i took my saliva and applied her asshole…and told her to lie like a doggy style…i took my 7 inc cock nd slowly inserted in her asshole..she was crying ahhh duk raha hain…even thought i did not hear..i applied my saliva in her again..and started giving stroke…slowly it opened widely..and gave a pump…she enjoyed it..and told chod madarchod….i said raand..main tujhe bola na…acha choddoonga…le ….raand..she told ahhhhhhhh  mmmmm…..oyiiiiiii chod iiiiii i then told her…sit..i took her boobs..and put my cock in between her…boobs and told her cmon abhie tit fucking….she enjoyed that….told her to suck my cock like that…she did what i said…i was enjoying it ..again i inserted in her…and atlast i gave a blast ….in her whole semen was in her asshole….i took little from my finger and i told her to lick it….  I fucked her nearly all days…i a different position..i made her my bitch..i dont make a call her..whenever she visit my hometown..i have little bit of lick her nipples press her boobs…even now..i try to make chance to have sex with her..   I am sorry dear reader my english is not so good…and its not a story i am sharing with you all…my sex experience..hope you all liked it..   Females want sex.but the thing is you guys must have guts to approach it..   Take care all of you  I Hope you all liked it…thanks for your time..