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My first experience with stranger

Hello. This is Rajni here. This is my first attempt writing a story.
First let me tell you about myself. I am a 29 year old married woman,
married for almost four years now. I am extremely fair with attractive
facial features getting a lot of attention wherever I go. I am 5’6”
which adds to my beauty. I like to maintain myself through exercise
and yoga, with 34C-30-36. I never had sex before marriage, so the
first year was awesome. Then it started to decline, husband started to
leave me high and dry. I used to be this homely marwadi girl before
that but now it was a bit itchy and wanted more, but never expressed

This happened on our family trip to Rajasthan which we go every year.
We were traveling in 3AC from Bandra to Jodhpur. My in laws were there
with my brother in law and my hubby. I was sitting in the corner seat,
with sasu maa in middle and sasur jee in the window seat. We left at
around 3 pm, I was wearing a low waist light blue and pink saree with
a pink short sleeved blouse.

An hour after we settled down, I realised that a guy in the next
compartment in the side lower seat was staring at me. This got me
excited when we stole glances three four times. He must have been in
his young twenties, with good athletic body. He was wearing a body
hugging tee shirt so I could make out the size of his biceps. I could
have exchanged places, but I let him watch me, enjoying a bit by now.
I was also staring back looking directly in his eyes every once in a
while, talking to my family and looking all of a sudden. This went on
till almost 5 pm, we both knew we were looking at each other. He got
up to go to the washroom and smiled at me when he passed our
compartment. I did not react. I wanted to get up and go, but was so
scared. He came to his seat after a while and glances continued, this
time with more smiles. I decided to give him a view now, so started
stretching showing off my waist and side boobs, as he was looking I
smiled at him. He was now on cloud nine. I teased him more by showing
him my cleavage a couple of times playing with my mangalsutra and
adjusting my saree and the bra strap.

I was thinking that this would stop at staring and some fun, but he
had different ideas. At about 8 pm when I got up to go to washroom, he
followed but couldn’t say anything as my hubby was there with me. I
freshened up and came out to find him standing at the door of the
train. I stood at wash basin pretending to wash my hands, my hubby was
standing for me and went to washroom. As soon as he went, this guy
came near and told me that I looked beautiful and would like to talk
later, I just stood there and smiled and he went away to door again.
Without waiting for my hubby I came back to my seat, but he came back
after half an hour, maybe expecting me to come back.

As soon as he came back I adjusted my pallu and gave him a good view
of cleavage smiling at him, and then tying my hair exposing my belly.
He was staring like anything. After a while my sasur jee had to sleep
around 9 pm after we had dinner. I went to washroom as hubby and dever
prepared the bed. This time seeing me going alone he came fast, I went
and stood at the door of train. He came and stood behind me, very
close. I looked at him and smiled. Seeing nobody at the gate, he
kissed me on the cheek, I was taken aback and felt a shiver down my
spine. He held my waist and started caressing as I looked him in the
eyes with lust, and kissed him on the cheek. I just managed to pull
out of his grip and went inside smiling and giggling.

Inside the beds were prepared, I got the middle berth. I went there
and pretended to be sleeping. At around 11, I got up. As expected he
was waiting in his seat. My family was sleeping. My heartbeats started
to increased as he smiled at me. I went to out and he followed me. I
stood at the door with both my hands on the side bars, he came and
hugged me from behind straight away feeling my bare tummy. Ahhh it was
so divine, sent electric currents through my body when he kissed my
neck. The thrill, excitement and fear of getting caught were making me
wet already. I pushed him aside and came back to the wash basin
smiling and looking at him with lust, my boobs going up and down due
to heavy breathing. He looked at my cleavage and moved his tongue over
his lips looking at me, came closer and kissed me on the lips. I just
couldn’t stop him as I responded back to the kiss there itself,
sucking his lower lip as he sucked my upper lip. We both were horny
and rolling our tongues over lips and tasting each other. My hands
were on his neck and his hands were exploring my waist. I broke the
kiss and said someone might come, its not safe, lets sleep. He smiled
and said yes darling, lets go to my berth, held my hand and led me
there to his side lower berth.

From a shy simple housewife in the noon, I had become a slutty wife
who was going to fuck a stranger in train right next to where her
hubby was sleeping. I sat there shamelessly as he came in and closed
the curtains and leaned on me to kiss. That was so passionate as he
held me by my boobs and I was literally chewing his lips, and he was
mauling my boobs over my blouse. He started opening the hooks of my
blouse one by one kissing me passionately on the lips, pressing his
tongue inside my mouth. I was fired up, he already opened two hooks
and his hand was inside my blouse cupping my left boob, feeling my
nipple over the bra. I made him sit with his back against the
compartment and came over him pulling my saree upto my waist and
kissed him wild, biting his lips. His hands exploring my waist and
ass. I held him by his hair and pulled his head on my cleavage, he
started playing with my boobs again. I unbuttoned his pants and
unzipped him and put my hand inside feeling his dark dick over his
underwear. I decided to go down on him, moving back I pulled his pants
down and kissed his dick all of a sudden. Quickly pulled his underwear
down and took his dick in my hand and started rolling my tongue over
tip of his dick, kissing it slowly rubbing my lips up and down over
the tip. I took the dick in my mouth. I started to roll it in my mouth
with my tongue and moving my lips all over it. I kept on sucking the
dick taking it in and out increasing the speed, my hands playing with
his balls. While sucking him I was squeezing his dick with my lips and
teeth at times to excite him more. Licking the dick like a lollipop
and sucking it like a chocobar, I was going wild on him, wanting him
to cum.

After 10 mins of sucking he was about to cum, so I pulled out his dick
from my mouth, but a bit too late. He came all over my face, his cum
rolling down to my boobs, and importantly blouse, I took his pant and
wiped it off. I asked him how much time he needs to get going again.
He said half an hour, so I went to check whether my faimly was still
asleep. After seeing them sleeping, I went straight to the washroom
and asked him to follow me. As soon as we were in I opened my blouse
and kept it on hanger and hugged him. He was feeling my ass over my
saree, kneading it. We started kissing again, smooching harder than
before. I could feel him getting hard even over my saree. With his
dick rock hard and my pussy wet and ready, he turned me around and
lifted my saree up to my waist making me bend against the wash basin.
He then pulled down my panties and came over me trying to insert his
dick inside my pussy. Without wasting any time he reached for my
pussy, it was already drenched with her juices. He just bended me over
and pushed his dick in my pussy, it slide in comfortably. His dick was
reaching the very depth of my pussy, hitting it hard. He just started
hammering me as hard as he could, fucking my brains out till I was
moaning like mad. He increased the pace and was fucking harder and
harder, and pulled out just before he was about to cum. He came on my
ass and pulled my saree and petticoat down just to let the cum cling
to it. I turned around and kissed him again, adjusted my saree and
went to my seat.

This incidence completely changed my sex life. From one man woman, to
a slutty bhabhi who is enjoying dicks in last two years. Will write
more about other experiences if you liked this story. Feedback @