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My first experience

Hi readers i am Bhaveysh. 19 male from Ahmedabad, I have read several stories in this site & i want to narrate one real incident which happened in my life 3 months back. That was a train journey from egmore to Ahmedabad. I boarded the train at egmore it’s second AC coach, as it is special train no one might have known it, so only few seats got filled, that night around 9.15pm the train started, in the complete compartment only 6 to 8 people were traveling, in my cabin a beautiful married girl of age 28 sat beside me with Tight jeans and T-shirt, I was surprised that she was traveling alone, I started chat with her and she completely told about her family, husband and her studies, she is well educated (MBA) married to a person working in USA.

She spent with him only one month after her marriage, saying that he went to USA for job and she didn’t get VISA suddenly so she could not fly. I listened all his commentary and said I wanaa sleep so I slept on the opposite berth, actually I have to sleep on upper berth as no body occupied, I asked TC to give that berth and he obeyed, while I was sleeping she was reading a book I think its swathi magazine. She might be reading sex topic, I smiled at her at slept, and after 10 min she also put off the light to sleep. It’s after 1 hour I was in deep sleep I felt some body is touching my body and my penis, I woke up and saw around I noticed that she is watching me secretly by acting as if she was sleeping, I noticed that she is really hot and she is pressing her boobs and making small moans. While I was sleeping again she said she want to have sex with me, I was shocked to that desire, but she some how convinced me that she has not been fucked by her hubby for 10 months, I slowly accepted her wish and we started kissing and I opened her T-shirt and started sucking her boobs and pressing she slightly moaned, as it is bit noisy due to AC blower I think no body might have listened it, then I completely kissed her body, after that we get down and arranged a bed sheet in between the berths and we started undressing, I closed the curtain and she sucked my penis after that I took a condom from my purse (As I have purchased two condoms long back and put it in my purse bcoz I have one girl friend beside my house, iam waiting for a chance to fuck her if she agrees suddenly I should have condom so those condom is helped here) I wore it she guided my penis into her pussy and I started stroking in her pussy she said its pain so I removed my penis and started licking her pussy to become jousy so that its easy to insert, she stretched her legs and I licked her pussy till it gets wet, then inserted my fingers into the pussy and stroked her pussy, now she said she want to insert my penis into her pussy, this time its inserted loosely as the pussy lubricated with white jouse coming out from her pussy.

We had sex in almost all the angles and also some special angles we tried by placing one leg on berth and both legs on the berth like that after that I gummed in my condom and at that time she also gummed, her gum spread all my thighs and also the train we cleaned with the blanked. After that we kissed each other for few min, and I asked her that I want to fuck her back hole she said that her hubby also tried but could not make it, but I take my condom and applied Vaseline on my cock and a bit of Vaseline in her back hole and slowly guided my cock in her back hole it went tightly but some hot it got free after 10 -15 shots I enjoy her back in a doggy style and gummed after 20 minutes, we got tired and cleaned our body in the train bath room, that’s around 1:30 in the night. After that we slept one above other by kissing each other an took rest for 1 hour and again as we get charged and we don’t want to waste time I take remaining condom and put it on my cock and had sex for half an hour, we enjoyed a lot like new married couple and finally took rest by till morning 6:00 clock. When I woke up in the morning I saw that the bed sheet remained down and is in dirty position with our gum so I folded it and throw it on the above berth, its at 9:00 clock another person joined us and while we are reaching our stations in an hour we cant control our feelings, we went to bath room and had sex, this how we enjoyed like honeymoon couple. Finally we exchanged our phone numbers we met twice in a week, this how it happened. Wait to hear comments from readers. Mail me on  Hay guyz im Bhaveysh from ahmedabad nd im 19yr old..If any girl or women wantz to have fun wid me so plz contact me on mah email I love to njoe wid aunty so most welcome guyz…. Waiitin for the rplyd sweetyiezzz….haha