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My girlfriend Shona

Hi, About myself, I am Raj from Belgaum. Karnataka and this incident
between me and my girlfriend Shona. Without wasting time straight to
the story. We had been dating few months We come very close to each
other, now we wanted to feel the touch of each other, but for some
reasons we were not getting the opportunity. Once her family had to
leave town for some emergency and only expected after 2 to 3 days and
she was left alone at home coz of her studies. She called me gave me
the news. I was really happy hearing the news. I told her that I am
coming over. I went to market and got alcohol and on my way to her
house I picked up somepacks of condoms from chemist. As I reached her
place I rang the bell and she came running to open the door. She was
wearing nice shorts with a sleeveless t-shirt. She was looking really
sexy and hot. She invited me inside. She asked me to make myself
comfortable on the couch and she went into the kitchen to get water
for me.

I was thirsty not for water but for her body. As she came with
a glass of water in her hand, I took it from her and kept the glass on
the table, held her hand and pulled her on me. She lost her balance
and fell on me. She understood my intention and was smiling. She told
me to have patience we have got all night to enjoy. I kissed on her
cheeks and released her from my grip. She said let’s not waste any
time and let’s have some fun. She told me she wanted to experience
everything tonight. She played some nice romantic music and I opened
the bottle of Vodka I made drinks for both of us and we started to
drink and chat and have fun. We never realized when we finished more
than half the bottle. We were both feeling tipsy now, more than me she
was feeling it. I offered her my hand and proposed her for a dance,she
accepted my proposal and we started to dance. It was the most romantic
evening that we had ever spent. Our bodies were coming in close
contact We could feel the heat increasing in each other’s body. I
started to move my hand all over her back over her top and she was
feeling the excitement increasing and was trembling slowly. I held her
face in my hand, raised her chin, looked her in the eye and brought
her face close to mine and she closed her eyes. Our lips touched, we
were kissing very slowly in a very romantic way. The heat in us was
increasing and we started kissing passionately, simultaneously our
hands started to do their work. I was moving my hand on her body and
she was doing the same with me. After kissing for about 15 minutes, we
parted our lips; we saw each other in the eye and smiled. She was
blushing; we both knew there is no turning back now. She held my hand
and took me into the bedroom. We went inside the bedroom and started
kissing again.

I took my fingers at the end of her top and started
lifting it slowly, she raised her hands and her top was removed and it
was off her body now. I was amazed to see her 34 size boobs still
struggling to get out ofthe red bra she was wearing. I dropped her on
the bed and started to kiss her on her cheeks, forehead and her neck.
Again going back to her ears and licking her earlobes. She was lying
on the bed with her eyes closed and both her hands holding the bed
sheet tightly I was slowly moving my face down from her neck and
coming close to her breasts. I turned her around and started licking
behind her neck and kissing her shoulder. She was going mad with every
lick and kiss. I brought my hand close to the hooks of her bra and
moving it slowly on her back I then unhooked her Bra. I still went
down kissing her back and reached her waist line. I turned her around,
opened her bra completely and brought my face on her left boob. My
warm breath on her boob was increasing the heat in her body. I took my
tongue and licked her nipple. Her body was vibrating now. I took her
nipple in my mouth and started to suck. She held my head and was
pressing me more on her boob. I started sucking her hard and also
biting sometimes. I started the same process with the Right boob. I
moved my lips below her boobs and nearing her stomach. My tongue was
out and it was licking her body and giving her some tickling

Her belly was vibrating vigorously. My tongue reached her
navel and started licking. She was enjoying too much and was moaning
with sounds like Hmmmmm. Ahhhhhhhh. Shhhhhhhhhhhh.I was getting mad
with her moaning sounds. I moved further down and unhooked her shorts.
Slowly pulling down the shorts I removed it off her sexy legs. I
started to lick her feet and sucking her toes. Moving up I licked and
kissed her clean and sexy legs. Reached her thighs and bit them
lightly. I saw her, she had her hand on her boobs and was pressing
them keeping her eyes closed and still making those sexy sounds. I
reached her love Triangle over her panty and smelled it. The smell was
intoxicating. I was going mad the blood in my body was rushing. My
boner was hard, and the rushing blood was making it harder. I started
to pull her panties down, and it was off her legs in seconds. I
touched my lips on her love triangle and she shivered.I felt she had
her first orgasm. I saw her face it was flushed with excitement. I
kissed her love triangle again and she moved her hand and held my
hairs and held them tight. She indicated me that she wants me to
explore her beauty by my tongue. I opened her Vagina and started to
lick her.

Slowly from down I was moving upwards reaching her clitoris
and she pulling me more deep in her vagina. After licking for about 10
min she had her second orgasm. This time she looked at me and we
smiled. I drank all her juice. Now, it was her turn to return the
favor. She held me my arms threw me down on the bed and she came on
top of me. Started to kiss me on my face, eyes, and ears and kissed my
lips. Slowly moving down she reached my chest played with the hair on
my chest with her fingers licking my nipples. Moving further down she
reached my dick which was already in a saluting position. She took a
good look at it for a moment and took my dick in her hand and started
to rub it. Looking at me and giving me a hungry look, her look told me
she is hungry for that 6 inch cock. She took her tongue out and
started to lick my dick from down moving upwards like an ice cream.
Her tongue touched the tip of my dick and it sent some electric
feeling in my body. I held her open hairs in my hand and started to
caress her. She now opened her mouth ready to take my dick in her

She took it deep till it hurt her throat, she was gagging, and
she was doing it like a professional. She was literally blowing me
off. After about 10 min of hard sucking she got the condoms packet I
had got along with me opened the pack and made me wear the condom and
came and sat on top of me by putting her both legs on each side of my
body. She held my dick and guided it to the entrance of her vagina.
Since it was her first time it started to pain her in the beginning, I
waited for her pain to subside. As her pain reduced she then tried to
apply more pressure taking my dick more inside her vagina. It was half
inside at it started to feel good already. She applied some more
pressure and my dick was all in now. She stayed in that position for 2
min and then slowly started to move up and down. I was on seventh
heaven and so was she. She was also enjoying it too much. She
increased the pace and she was humping on me now, I also from below
applied some strokes and it was hitting deep inside her. She was
moaning louder and louder, I believe all the neighbors could hear her

After some 15 min of hard thrusting I felt I am about to cum, I
told her and she said that even she is about to come and in few
seconds we both came together. She fell on my body trying to catch
some breath, I was also breathing heavily. She raised her head and
looked at me and kissed me again. She then got off me and slept on the
bed and I got up and got my dick freed from the condom and cleaned
myself. Came back on the bed and slept holding her in my arms. That
was the best fuck I had ever had. Let me know how u liked it. You can
write to me I would like to receive your