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My Lovely Cousin Kavitha – Part II

My next 2nd experience with my lovely cousin Kavitha let me introduce myself to new viewers I’m just of 5.7” of height with a well build throw my workouts and I got a 6” inch tool which is 3 inch thick let me introduce my cousin she is sex goddess of just 5.3” of height having black curly hair, and has a great body.

She is a bit on the chubby side, but not too much, with a great ass and size 34 C tits, but UN doubly her ass is her best feature. Which I love to fuck whole day. Let me start it was my 12th STD midterm holidays I just returned from my boarding school. We live in a small town I was shocked by seeing Kavitha in my house she just looked at me and gave a naughty smile I to greeted her she was with her baby that hurtled me a lot it was already late so we all slept

I in my bed room and Kavitha in hall with my mom the next day I woke up a bit late at nine they were no one in house Kavitha prepared a cup of coffee for me I asked where my mom went she said they went to Bangalore I was very happy that I would get a chance to fuck her as I only loosed her pussy for 1st time. I just finished the bath quickly and started my breakfast and she was busy in feeding milk to her baby and the baby slept.

After a while she came in the hall and we both started to chat and I started asking about her personal life even she also started to ask about me and asked me do you have a girl friend it was the best chance to approach her I said yes. Then what’s her name I just said I’ll show her photo we both went in my room in front of the mirror I made her to stand I asked how is she. She started to smile I thought it was green signal I just pushed her on my bed and went to close the front door.

As I returned she was just lying on bed by closing her eyes I just moved beside her and me blow the air in her ears my heart beat started to rise we started with kissing each other lips she was hungry like me I just removed her sarry I could see her low cut blouse and the boobs where trying to jump from there I just took her blouse out they were very huge I started to sucking the left one in my right hand I starts to squeeze the other one she started to moan Ohhhhhh! Ash aah. I just closed her lips wit mine and started take out her bra and petticoat now she was only in her panty I could see the wet panty.

I started licking on those panties right down to the top of the pussy. I was in heaven and I slowly took her wet panty I can see fully shaved pussy the cunt was pinkish just started licking her pussy and stared exploring her cunt with my tongue a juice was just coming out and her moan where becoming louder and I just undressed myself I just said about 69 position which I saw in porn movie while she was ready for 69 position

She looked at my cock and said you really grown big and its bigger then my husband as she said her husband will never do like this he will just give jerks for 3 min and he will cum you’re my husband from

I love you so much. We just started sucking each other’s she was really going like hot and wide the pussy was full hot and hot juice was coming out I just started to drink all the juice and I gave a byte to her cunt she just screamed this had gone for several min she just had her 1st organs in my mouth we just exchanged her cum throw mouths. now I was out of control I just placed my cock near her cunt and started rubbing her cunt with my cock she was moaning in pleasure

I just started inserting my cock in her hole I just gave a small jerk she screamed in pain as her husband not fucked for months I just started to move in and out slowly I was in seventh heaven slowly I increased my speed and started shooting like loaded gun she was screaming like ohhhhh! Ash yes fuck my hard more I was just about to cum I just don’t wanted end the show quickly I removed my cock from her cunt and gave her in her mouth.

Again we went to 69 position now my cock was little bit harder than ever I asked her to let me fuck your ass she was worried because she never tried an ass fuck I convinced her and brought baby massage oil and applied at the walls of her ass and to tip of my cock and made her fogy style slowly I explored her ass with my finger It was very tight and virgin ass I placed my cock slowly I started to push my cock which was not going in I hold her west and gave a big push a little entered in she was screaming loudly

I just kept giving my jerks slowly whole cock disappeared in her ass and she was still crying I never mind I was enjoying the fuck later the pain as turned into pleasure and she too started responding to my moves by lifting her ass I fucked her for more than 20 min and released my cum in her ass now her ass hole had became large my liquid was flowing out from there we both where tired.