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My mama’s daughter

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Coming to the story..this is a real doubt about
that..between me and my mama’s daughter radha.. she lives in a
village in Allahabad..tall fair..perfectly shaped booobs to match her
age i.e 18 years old.. n a perfect ass..u would love to grab n lick..
i went to her house when i was in class 11.. it was a 2 bhk flat..we
shared the same bed in her room.. at first i was hesistant to share
the bed.. n told her tat i will lie down on the floor.. she said
don’t worry..we will manage.. i had no bad intentions for her at
that time.. she was wearing a top and a Capri.. i was unable to
sleep..she used to change her position alot.i noticed tat she was
sleeping on her stomach n her legs were apart.. what a perfect view it
was … perfectly round ass.. suddenly i started having wrong
inentions about her.. her top was raised a little. I took my hand n
placed on her butt..she didn’t reacted i slipped down my fingers in
Capri.. guyssssss it was so soft i felt like pressing them badly. Sh
took a turn .. i got nervous n movedaway n slept.

After that night i came back to Raipur.. she was chatting in a
different way.. but thn i cut her off n concentrated on my studies…
After 2 years she cameto Raipur alone.. at thst time only i and my
sister were in house.. it was a golden oppurtunityfor me..
At night we 3 decided to watch movie in m room.i have a single bed..
after one sister felt sleepy n went to her room.
It was just me n radha now..lights were off.. i saw her .. her eyes
were closed.. ithought she slept.. i shutdown thesystem.. n tried to
sleep.. after few minutes..she hugged me.. n gave a kisss on my
cheeks..i was shocked..i chekd her.. shesaid.. mjh yaad h sab jo apne
kia tha raat m .i was so wet n wanted u badly.. she said that there is
nothing wrong in having sex wit mama’s daughter..muslims m to dono
shadi b kar lete h.. i asked her k pehle lia h.. to usne kaha ha 3 bar
kia h ek friend k sth.. she said that she likes me alot.. n my body..
i said thn lets make out.. but she said we will not have intercourse
as it will pain n she will shout.. n my sister might wake up..
I said okkk..

N we both hugged each other.. i kissed her on the lips n she took my
whole lips in her mouth.. wewere smooching around for 5 minutes n i
inserted my hand in her top.. her body was like hot sponge.. i
massaged her belly n stomach n removed the top.. she was in a pink
bra.. boobs were tightly packed in it.. what a sexy cleavage she had..
got on top of her n started licking everywhere on her face.. i took
off my shirt feeling her cleavage on my chest was making me crazyi
bite n licked her ears n neck.. she said my neck is my weak poit.. i
said ye to aur achi baat h.. n started rubbing my hairs on her
neck..she holded my head and forced it in her neck n was moaning badly
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh..bas karo..rape kr dungi tumhara itna excite mat
kro.. i said kar lo na..
She smiled n i removed her bra.. her nipples were of dark color n very
erect.. i pinched them wid my thumb n she left out a loud
moan..aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh.. n pulled me n hugged.. i kissed sucked her
every where on the boobs.. took her whole boobs in mouth n flicked the
nipples wid my tongue. She started scratching my back.. now i parted n
got off from the bed n removed my pant..i was in my underwear..
shesaid ise b utaro na.. i said khud hi utar lo.. while removing she
felt the bulge n said m kaise lungi ise.. itna bada h.. mre friend ka
itna nahi tha.. i said try this one..i will show u heaven.. she kissed
on my belly..n again lied on bed.. i forcefully removed her shorts ..
she was in a black panty n again hugged me.. i asked can i lick u down
der.. to usne kaha mre firend ne ye nahi kia tha..

I didn’t listened to her non sense.. n pulled down her panty.she was
shy.. n closed her legs.. ikissed heron belly i moved my tongue to her
pubic region..she was less hairy..n the smel was really sweet..she
started parting her legs..i got down from bed ..pulled her to the
corner of the bed.. spreaded her legs n gently kissed her pusssy.. she
moaned a little..n said come back..i was mad looking at her
dark pinkish in color..with very thin pussy lips..i rubbed the clit
wid my thum..she started shivering.. in a second i took both the lips
in my mouth.. it was ooooooooooozzzing juices down der..she was
moaning loudly..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh aur karo..dheere dheeere
karo..n was pushing my head further to her pussy.. i flapped my tongue
all over her was really sweet.. ladies..i must tell u..I M A
GREAT LICKER..N i knw what pussy licking cn do to u.. i continued to
part the pussy lips n rolled my tongue up n down..from her hole to th
clit.. i asked her to move to 69 position.. i explainedher what to
do.. i took her clit in my mouth .. her boobs were on my stomach n the
nipples were tickling me badly..she took my dick in mouth..i was in
7th heaven

She was new to couldnot give a nice i continued to
drink her juices n play wid her pussy.. she said ab nahi raha ja
rha..andar dalo.. i said lie down n don’t shout..i spreadded her
legs n got on top of her n tried inserting my dick.. the hole was very
small i pushed a inch went inside..n she started
shouting..aaahhh nikalo isko..pls… i said just calm down.i pushed it
further..tears were rolling down her eyesn she hugged me tightly i
stayed lik that for 30 seconds…n started moving in n out ..she was
hugging me tightly all the while..n after2 odd minutes she started
enjoying alot..she made noises..bhaiaaaaaaaa dheere
karo..aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bht bada h.. lag raha h bht.. bt i ws in
full mood..n increased my pace i came in about 10 minutes inside her..
it was already 4.30 in the morning.. i huggedher..she wore her clothes
nslept wid me…

Next morning my sister went to school.. we both decided to stay naked
th whole day.. i told her that last night i cummed soon cos it was
after 2 months that i was having sex..n got excited..
She said bt now u r cool right..fuck me hardly today…tht day i
fucked her in all possible poses doggy,,,,cowboy,,, standing ….in
shower.. i slapped her ass so badly that it was all red n was rather
making me hard everytime i saw it..she is the most lovely girl i had
sex wid.. she was complimenting my dick n m stamina..tht made me

She was even ready to take in ass,,.. we tried bt she was unable to
take the pain.. we r still very good. She has now turned horny..n we
share our nakeds wid each other.. she also said tht her friend is also
interested fr a night stand wid me..i m looking forward to it..
Thanku guys.. If any married lady, divorcee,single women or girl needs
a one time sexual affair in Raipur , durg or bhilai.. please mail me
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