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My second story

Hi all

This is krish from hyderabad,

I am writing my second story with lot of emotion and expectation.

Thanks for the response and comments for my first story, this story
begins with one beautiful lady who writes a mail to me, after read my

One fine morning just woke up with lot of sexual feel, just started
reading the comments and replies for my stories,
One lady was replied that she want to contact with me. Her name is
anitha, staying in Karnataka. I replied to her mail and shared our
WhatsApp number, starting chatting about personal things and all, she
told I am not happy with my husband not having any sex with him, after
reading your story just I shared my feelings like that, after that one
week we had chatted and discussed more about our feelings, I am also
having casual thought because her place is too far away from my place,
Not even think anything about sex with her.

One day while chatting, we went more personal and both started believe
each other and started shared our photos also, Wow what a homely look
girl, she is in chudi only, she was look like angel, it’s good treat
for my eyes,
After seeing her photos my feeling got changed, everyday started
watching her photos and started thinking about her, I unable to
control my mind, I started think about her and started masturbate
every day. It’s continued more than a month.

I am thinking so much inside, after one day just expressed my feel,
first she refused and after she told we are too far, I told her that,
I will come to your place and convinced her, she accepted and finally
the day came which I was expected.

I confirmed the date and started travel to her place with lots of
expectations, I started night and i will reach her place by next day
10.00 in the morning only.

This Is first time in my train journey never observed single girl.
Normally I used to observe a girls lot, I like girls boobs and butts
lot. This time not even noticed who are all in my compartment, just
thinking about her only. Finally with lot of emotions and tensions I
reached her place.

Just ring the bell, she came and opened the door, my eyes was fully
opened, not even thinking to close my eyes, keep on seeing her beauty,
not even seen below her face. Very beautiful face, I never thought
that I am going to enjoy with such a beautiful girl.

She is in pink saree with matching blouse, typical Indian family girl,
beautiful eyes, sexy lips, very good structure and so and so, Just
started observe other than face now, after covering whole body also I
can imagine her a milky boobs size, it’s very big and firm. She has
the very good physique also,

She invited me more than three times, she called me to come inside, I
am not in the mood of listen anything, I am seeing her like heaven,
she pushed me and said still lot is there come inside, I became
conscious and went inside her house.

I told her that you are very beautiful and sexy. She given a cute
smile and went inside the house, well-furnished house. But Still I am
watching her beauty, unable to control myself and i kissed her, she
just pushed me away and told why are you in hurry, still more time is
there to enjoy, but I unable to control and again I kissed, this time
she also responded too, after some time both separated,

She asked me about my journey and everything, after discussing
sometimes, I went for bathing and both had breakfast. While having
breakfast again started looking her, this time I can able see her
boobs size through blouse, what a size it is, started imaging about
other things also, while thinking my brother became huge in my pants,
first time I am feeling something different inside. My penis became
very very huge in my pants.

Never felt like that I am hurry to complete the breakfast and do
further, just completed and she took the plates and went kitchen, I am
also followed her, she put down the plate, I catched her from behind,
touched her boobs and pressed gently, she also in same mood and turned
towards me kissed like hell, I never imagine to kiss like this way,
almost 15 minutes, we were forgotten where we are, enjoyed the kiss
with pressing the boobs. She started moan, I started remove her saree
she told me that let us go
To bedroom and continue.

We went inside the bedroom before I started do something she started
behave like mad, she pulled my pant in hurry and took my Penis out,
she is very happy after seeing my Penis, it’s very huge and girth.
More than 9″ long Penis. She holding in her hands and started shake, I
told her to put it in mouth she denied and I am also not forced her.

She started shake a lot like hell and I started concentrating on her
boobs. Very big boobs that is. Also very firm, not at all hanging. I
also became very aggressive removed her saree in one hand and pressing
in other, now she is in blouse and petti coat, she has the very good
shape, again I admire on her beauty,
She disturbed me and said enough seeing, Do something,

I came closer to her just moved her hair to backside and touched her
neck. She closed her says, I started moving finger to her head and
then her eyes, then moved down to her nose then down to her lips, she
opened her lips and bite my finger, removed my finger from her mouth
and moved further down to her neck she totally enjoyed and closed her
eyes, I still moved down and put my inside her blouse and pressed her
boobs with bra. She removed her blouse and petticoat, now she in Bra
and panty only, her thighs are very huge, I can see her whole body, I
became more tensed and very bulk in my pant,

she removed totally my Pant and t shirt also. Both are semi nude, both
are went to bed, I pushed her towards the bed, I removed her bra also,
I never seen such a beautiful boobs anywhere, no words to describe the
beauty, kissed all over the boobs, started licking, biting and
pressing. She given a different sound. She started enjoyed all my
actions, she Started moaning a lot.

Further I moved down and kissed everywhere, removed her panty also.
She removed my remaining cloths also, now both are totally nude, she
started starring my big dig, she said you have a very big dig and hold
in her hands, started moving in and out, I told her to stop and I went
down her and splitted her legs. Given a kiss on that spot. She given a
jerk move, because she never had a sex in last one year, that kiss
given a shock over her body, i inserted my one finger in her tight
pussy, it’s already wet due to oral sex, just insert and played for a
while, now I went more closer towards her pussy and started licking, I
inserted my tongue inside her pussy, licking and eating her pussy like
hell, she pushed my head towards her pussy very forcefully, I played
almost 15 minutes with her pussy, she came again and again on me, shae
had multiple orgasm, I drunken all her juices, She pulled me out and
took my Penis in her mouth without any hesitation, I was flying in the
sky, I was feeling like cum, I told her to stop the blowjob,

I kissed again with passionate, and pressed boobs gently, she started
moan and told me to fuck, I wore condom on my penis and I hold my
Penis at the entrance of the vagina and pressed, bit went inside, she
got pain and tears also came out from her eyes, because of the
tightness of the pussy, I pulled out my penis and entered again, again
pulled out and entered again, finally went my half of the Penis,
fucked with my half dick almost nearly 10 minutes, after 10 minutes of
fuck, I pushed very hard towards her pussy, all my dick went inside,
almost it touches her womb, she said. she started screaming like hell,
I just given a small kiss to stop the scream and gently I pushed in
and out, she started enjoying the movement inside her pussy, Her eyes
was closed and started enjoying. now I increased the speed of the
movement, she also supported a lot, I enjoyed her boobs movement while
fucking, it’s gave a beautiful moves on my every push. I never had a
sex like this.I Fucked her very hard as she expected, I am feeling
huge pressure on my Penis, its became very big and big, after few
strokes I loaded all my cums inside her pussy, almost more than five
times I cummed in her, I never had orgasm like this. After some time I
felt something wet in my down,
After few minutes I Realized that I was fucked the Beauty in my dream,
my whole bed was loaded with lots of cum, I cummed all over the bed, I
never Had a cum like this. Just I cleaned myself and changed the
bedsheet covers and all.

I was sex with the beauty in my dream, but I enjoyed the whole fuck,
started thinking about the dream and I masturbated one more time and
went sleep.

When my dream will come true.

Waiting for this to happen.

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