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My sex’s experience

Hey readers I m here to post one of my sex experience its all real
stories, but all names changed
Its my second sex experience with my uncle and his son, as my first
sex is not much interesting to read I start with this and also will
post my other experiences…
Let me get into the story now:

I m 18 yrs at that time in my 12th vacation…but I m very well built
than a normal 18 year girl…..I m milky white in colour with big
sizes of 34D 24 38 and 177cms tall and 64kgs weight looks a bit like
actress hansika. As its vacation in our family we decided to go for a
tour with my uncles family I always had a grace for my uncle is tall
white in skin and perfectly fit he is 42 at that time and his son is
19 years studying first year in college. both are smart but uncle is
very smart among the both……we decided to go to any hill station
and finally decided to go to simla me, my mom and dad and uncles
family(his wife, son and daughter) went in two cars and when we
reached simla we took two rooms in a hotel and setteled there as it is
night already, we had dinner and slept……the next day when I woke
up and saw my uncle chatting with others, where to go today. I got up
and wished every one and went into the bathroom and finished my
regular works(pissing, shitting and masturbation thinking of my uncle
that day).

then came out…and my dad decided to go to boating, on
hearing that I was shocked as I have fear of water…but I never
exposed it to any one…I feared how to escape and finally I said I
not interested in boating so I stay room….but they refused as I will
be alone…..but I said damn I m not coming……my mom started to
scolding me, my aunt interrupted and said that she will take me to
their guest house at the top of the hills……mom accepted it…..but
i m not interested in going to that small bamboo house where there is
no entertainment…..but no other choice to escape from boating…so I
accepted and then when getting to leave my uncle said he is also
coming to hill top instead of boating as to accompany us….now I got
happy… we(me ,uncle, aunt and his son ) started to drive towards
hill top after 3 hours driving we reached a parking garage, parked the
car there and started climbing by foot as car cannot go
there…..after 30 mins climbing we reached the place, the old
isolated bamboo hut surrounded by forest……we entered the

it has two rooms with bamboo tables….full of dust we cleaned
it. we settled in and aunt asked who are coming to lake to bath as we
are dust….i refused as I do …….aunts son is ready to go….so
aunt and his son got ready to go to lake…..aunt asked me to give me
my cloths to wash I said “aunt I dint get any spare cloths to change
as we return today evening”….aunt laughed and said we will be
getting only after 2 days….
me: why u dint say it to me….
Aunt: sorry dear but it’s rare we come here, so lets spend some time
here baby…
Me: its ok aunty, I shall adjust with it, as its cold out there ,so I
can maintain with this single dress and sweater…
Aunt: ok dear then atleast give your inners, as u cannot wear it
without washing….
Me: I said ok….and went to the next room and removed my inners and
put the sweater and jeans back…..and gave the inners to wash….
Aunt said byee and went offalong with her son …after few mins uncle
came in and saw aunt missing and asked me where is aunt…?
Me: aunt went to wash cloths and bath…
Uncle said ok and sat on the table I m sitting opposite to him reading
a book….after few mins uncle got up and starts leaving out….i
stopped him and asked where r u going?,,……he smiled and said some
personal works by showing his little finger(indicating as to
piss)…..i asked where uncle , there is no toilets here…..he said
no separate toilets here, all in bushes….i said I too want to piss
uncle……he said to follow him we went in some distance inside the
deep bush. He asked me to piss here and he went some more distance in
to piss……but I dint piss and slowly followed him as I wanted to
see his cock…..and it’s the right chance……I slowly followed
him…….and stood at a distance to see him piss he stopped and
opened his shorts and started to piss I cannot see his cock
fully….so I further went near him…… it’s a great view to
his cock from side……its 6 inches long and good thickness too even
when semi erect …….on seeing it I got wet and wanted to see it
full erect…..but I got back to sense and went to the place where he
said and when he came ……we walked to the house and washed our
hands in can water we bought to drink…..while washing I
intentionally got my sweater wet as shape of my boobs will be visible
clearly…..and then I sat opp. to him……and reading book…..after
some it gets too cold due to the weather and my naughty work of
pouring water…. I started to shiver…on seeing me ….uncle found
out that water is poured on me and I m bra less and he asked me why r
u not wearing your bra baby and not changing your wet sweater…. (I
got happy that he noticed my boobs and frank to ask about my

i said uncle “aunty took my inners to wash” as I
didn’t bring any other cloths I cannot change it……uncle said u
can use your aunts clothes and inners… saying this he took aunts
bag and took a bra, panty and aunts sweater n gave me…..i took it to
another room to change……I tried a lot but cannot wear it as aunts
bra is too small for my bigg boobs…….as it’s a bit long uncle
came inside to that room……I m surprised and happy too… he is
very much open to now than before as he came in while I m

I m just in my bra(not hooked)and jeans…..uncle asked
any problem I turned my back n said I cannot hook it……he came
forward to help even before I say……he tried to hook the
bra…..but cannot do it… its too tight….he asked whats ur
size baby I said 34D….he’s exited on hearing it and said your aunt
is just 36B so its too small to you……(I decided its time to take a
big step) I removed that bra covering my cups and gave it to my
uncle…….he got turned, on seeing my big white and round
boobs…….he said u really have a nice and big boobs priya baby…..
I smiled naughtly (thinking that u too have a big white cock
uncle)…… he asked why are u smiling? I said nothing uncle…..he
replied shall I tell why u smiled?…..i m bit confused, but said yes
eagerly…..he said “u too have a big cock uncle” is that

I m frozen on hearing it……how did u find it out
uncle…..he said I saw u spying me while I m pissing…….I noticed
u many times looking at me in a different manner……today I got
clear that what your intentions are……I said sorry uncle…..he
said yes u must be sorry for not telling this to me for these many
days and wasted a lot of time……. I m confused and looked at
him…..he smiled and came near me and touched bottom of my boobs
smoothly and said I too have much sexual attraction dear…..i got
totally exited and kissed his mouth immediately….he hugged me
tightly …..of course me too( real mans hug)….then he took my right
boob in his hand started sucking, licking and chewing it slowly…….
I put my hand into his shorts and gripping his cock and pressing
it……his cock is too hot feeling good for the cold weather out
side…..he suddenly stopped and said aunt would return at any time so
we shall make a plan to get alone and have fun……I
Read Part II how and where our fuck took place…..