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My name is Ramesh. Today I am going to narrate a story which was
happened few days back. My wife was fucked by two of my friends.
My wife name is Kavita. She is 26 now. A superb Bengali housewife. She
is very fair in complexion. 5’5” is height. She was 34 26 34. We
are happily married couple. But she is a shy and conservative type.
She always wear a saree.
Few days back two of my friends suddenly came to my house to enjoy the
weekend with us. One is Vishal and another one is Subhash. They are
well known to my wife. Because they are my close friends. They also
love to share time with my wife Kavi. I know they also lust for her.
After lunch we all were seating in our drawing room and chitchatting
with each other. Myself and my wife seated in a same sofa and they
were opposite to us. We were laughing and enjoying our time. But I
noticed that they were looking at her hungrily with full of lust.
Vishu was looking at her lips and subu at her boobs.
Suddenly visu said,” aaj raat party karte hain. Thik hain?”
Me – ok no problem.
Subu – but food and drinks from our side.
Visu – haan aur kavi tume bhi aaj hamare sath drinks lena padega.
Kavi – nehi nehi main kabhi nahi piya. I can not.
But after some emotional trick they managed her but in one condition
that kavi will take only one peg . They agreed and went to arrange our
party. Before leaving they told ,” please party matlab party so
sabko party wale getup main hona chahiye. Aur kavi tum bhi acchese
tayar hona , aise bhi tum bahut khoobsurat ho.” Kavi blushed and low
down her head.
At evening we all gathered in our seating room. Kavi is looking like a
goddess. She is wearing a red saree, with red blouse and matching red
lipstick. I saw the bulge in their pants. They bring all the snacks
and food. Visu took four glass and and we start drnking . after my two
three pegs, I saw visu and subu were smiling to each other. It was
already 9 pm.

Subu told me yaar please thoda pani le ana kitchen se. I got up and
went to kitchen. Just then I saw kavi was also coming. She said They
send her to help me. I gave the bottle in her hand and go back slowly.
I saw they put some medicines in my glasse. I understood that they Add
sleeping pills in my drink. So that I sleep deadly and they can enjoy
my wife easily.
After two three min me and my wife go back and seated with them. Visu
now insist my wife to take the remaining in her glass. My wife
hazitadely took all the drinks. Vishu said to me ,” are yaar glass
to khatam kar dusra peg banana hain.

Then only my landline phone start ringing. I got up with my glass and
took the phone. I talked with one of my relative and at the same time
emptied my glass in a vas. They did not notice it. After 2 to 3 min I
came back and seated with my wife. I put the glass. I saw the effect
of drug in her. I am acting like I am sleeping. Suddenly I got up from
my seat and went towards my bedroom. I told them I was feeling sleepy
and I was going to sleep.
Kavi also tried to get up but visu hold her hand and said,” aap bhi
ja rahe ho, pls thora hamara sath baithia na.”
Kavi hasitately sat ther with them. Subu told bhabiji aap hamare glass
se to ek ghoont to pijie. Kavi said no.
But ther are not ready to listened. At last kavi took a sip from their
glass. This is the first time she was taking hard drinks. She was now
trying to get up but visu hold her hand and told kavi mere paas thoda
baitho na and pull her in between them. I was watching all these from
a hidden place.

Now my wife kavi was seating in between them. They were flirting and
made her fully drunked slowly.
Suddenly visu hold her head and before she react visu locked her juicy
lips. Kavi tried to protest and freed herself but she could not. After
around 2 to 3 min he leave her. Kavi was not in a state anymore to
react. She just tried to got up from there. But this time subu held
her and said,” kyun visu aapka jada karib hain main kuch nahin.”
And also smooching her.
Already her pallu was taken out. Subu was kissing her lips with full
force at the same time vishu is licking and sucking her entire back.
She was trying to protest but her all effort were gone in vein. Subu
is now kissing all over her beautiful face.
Kavi is shouting,” please aise mat karo, I am married. Please you
are my friends , ummmmmmm plsssssssss don’t do this. My husband will
come any time please leave me. Ufffffffffff ahhhh plsssssss .”
But they were not ready to listen anty thing. Slowly subu down his
head and now licking her neck and chest above her breast. Visu is now
licking her earlobes. Kavi became restless. She could not control her
emotion. She only now told,” pleassssss leave mee….. yeh thik nehi
hain…. Ufffffffffff ahhhhhhh maattttt korooooooo ……..plssssssss
chor dooooooo. “

Now visu moved her hand in her front and hold her both boobie in her
hand. Visu is enjoying her luscious boobs above her blouse.” Uffffff
kavi tumhare dood kitna soft hain.” Slowly he opened her blouse hook
one by one. Kavi tried to stop him but subu hold her hand. Now her
blouse hooks are open. Vishu slowly take off her red blouse. Now she
was wearing a red satin bra. She was looking stunning with her fair
colour and red color bra.